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14 September, 2003

Last of the Famous International Goldiggers

Expat Anna-Nicoles, farewell. The Federal Government is passing new laws to prevent young foreign women snapping up eligible geriatric UAE men.

"The draft law states that a UAE man aged 60 years and above will not be allowed to marry an expatriate in her twenties, because it was found that such women marry old local men to get residence visas or for their money," an official notes.

The move is to prevent increasing numbers of UAE women ending up as spinsters. The Government has failed to realise two very obvious points. Firstly, that allowing men to "marry out" but not women is obviously going to create an imbalance. Secondly, that the average Emirati woman would rather die a virgin than marry most Emirati men.

Expect now to see a rush of 59-year-old rich elderly dishdashes hightailing it to the imam with their 21-year-old filipino maids.



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