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09 October, 2003

Matrimonial Mishaps

Things truly aren't looking happy for UAE marriages. After efforts to ban foreign goldiggers from snaring aged oil sheikhs, it seems many Emirati men are marrying solely for the 70,000dh government bribe to make them pick a local wife. No less than two hundred UAE bridegrooms have cast aside their wedded ones the day after tying the knot.

But at least these brides enjoyed twenty four hours or so of deluded marital bliss, unlike the tragic Emirati bride-to-be who was dumped by text message just seven hours before the ceremony.

Reconcliation efforts failed as the 24-year-old ex-groom confessed to "several illicit love" affairs before becoming engaged to the 20-year-old woman. Unable to forget his past loves, he decided to jilt his betrothed.



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