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10 October, 2003

More Marriage Meddling Fun

Another spicy story of UAE marital woes - surely fit for a bedishdashed version of Ricki Lake or Jerry Springer - where a UAE mother wrecks her daughter's marriage, allegedly because she covets the groom herself.

Adding a pinch of trailer trash (tent trash?) spice: the offending mother is just 32 and her daughter 17. According to the son-in-law, aged 20, during the engagment his future mother-in-law "would wear a lot of make-up and jewellery" and "fill her daughter's mind" with fears that he would be a bad husband.

They barely needed to heed the bizarre "reconciliation" advice of one UAE marriage expert, who suggests a husband first try and buy off his angry wife with a gift, next give her the cold shoulder, then have a go at her, and finally involve the in-laws. Arguably the best ever directions to Splitsville.

This marriage-wrecking mother is herself four times divorced by the age of 32. Way to go. What's the Arabic for "WHATever"?



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