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27 November, 2003

Monaco of the Middle East

Which Arab city could possibly fit the above description, awarded by the CEO of a certain international airline? Could it be:

(a) Beirut - a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a 24/7 party scene and ultra stylish nightlife, packed with Beautiful People flaunting Parisienne couture, scattered with fashionable restaurants, on a "breathtaking sweep" of Mediterranean coastline

(b) Dubai - a glittering city of gold and rich people, where "seven star" hotels spring up by the day, frequented by the international jet set, a hyper luxury lifestyle of Arabian princes flying around in million dollar sports cars to the world's richest horse race, international golf and tennis, and endless record breaking developments

(c) Sharm El Sheikh - the golden sands and glamour of the Red Sea, a modern and fast growing playground for the rich and famous, featuring luxurious resorts and hotels, world class diving and water sports, shopping and entertainment

Guess again. The correct answer is "Abu Dhabi". Let us compare Lonely Planet's description of these two capitals.

MONACO: Most of the people who live here come from somewhere else, drawn by the sun, glamourous lifestyle and - most importantly - tax-free income. This is the playground of Europe's elite, a country where lady luck might clean you out at the casino one day and put you on the Grimaldi's guest list the next.

Lonely Planet suggests gawking at the limos outside the Casino and surrounding yourself with "topless wannabe starlets on Monte Carlo's beach. Live it up."

ABU DHABI: The United Arab Emirate's capital is often accused of being a rather soulless place, but that's going a bit too far: it's not exactly buzzing but it does have its attractions.

Lonely Planet lists these as the National Archives, the National Library, and the Women's Craft Gallery. Note also that gambling is illegal throughout Abu Dhabi and the UAE, alcohol is available only in hotels, and topless sunbathing is against the law.

Abu Dhabi, the Monaco of the Middle East.



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