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15 November, 2003

The Sun no longer rises

A dark and evil conspiracy is afoot. The very day the Dishdashes That Be decide to block access to The Sun website, door-to-door delivery of the execrable 7DAYS rag begins at Cell Block G.

Lest we forget, this is the sub-student-standard horror that only a couple of weeks back headlined a minor boardroom spat at UK TV company Granada as its front page lead. Such a story would barely merit half a paragraph in a broadcast trade magazine. Yet 7DAYS chooses it as the main weekly lead for a predominantly Indian and Pakistani English-speaking expat community in the Middle East.

This week's edition is little better, but soon the light dawns. This is not a newspaper, but a kindly thought out Ramadan gift: a convenient weekly disposable doormat for the shoes of the many guests visiting for iftar and suhour. After Ramadan, it can provide a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to Andrex, all the more necessary after the copious amounts of dates, figs and dried apricots consumed.

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