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05 January, 2004

Falling in Love Again

It is surprising that in the Middle East, where rosewater and orange blossom are flavours commonly added to food and drink, jasmine has not also been tried. But now it has. White Chocolate Jasmine Tea Mousse Cake at the new Lipton's T Junction cafe is now the only thing worth living for in the entire world.

A brainwave has occurred: for an innovative new service from Dubai police and Etishite - registration plate phone dialling. This service would allow motorists to call people in neighbouring cars on Sheikh Zayed road, by entering the car's number plate in their mobile. Friendly greetings and a greater sense of harmony would abound.

"Indian man driving Sunny at the pace of a crippled squid, MOVE OVER."

"Dishdash, flash me one more fucking time and I will slam my brakes on."

"Pajero Jane, get off your fucking mobile or change lane or I will ram your "Baby on Board" to Sharjah and back."

Sheikh Zayed road was recently widened to up to six lanes in some sections. It is no surprise to see the Nissan sunnymen now ambling along in the fifth lane at 80kmph, with four empty lanes to their right hand side.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too late I came upon this, I fear ... but what a dickweed !!

15 June, 2006 18:31  

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