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10 February, 2004

Bring on the ladyboys

The UAE Marriage Fund is spending a million dirhams to find out how many local marriages end in divorce. This is the same Marriage Fund that already wasted several million dirhams funding 200 fraudulent matrimonials.

According to the Fund, average wedding ceremony spend is 170,000 dirhams, with many Emiratis taking out bank loans to cover the cost. This is small beer (or Bateel Date "Champagne") compared to royal weddings. One of the Maktoum family's wedding cakes cost US$25,000 for the sponge and icing alone, and was then studded with real emeralds, as gifts for guests. One imagines the little Bangladeshi maid of a particularly greedy guzzler forced to sift through her employer's sewage for days after the feast to retrieve an accidentally ingested gem.

Emirati weddings are interesting in that they are entirely segregated by gender: they consist of two separate parties in separate locations, finishing when the bridegroom finally gatecrashes the bints' bash claim his bride.

Apparently the big rage now at the female marriage parties is ladyboys, ''so they can secretly break with segregation customs.'' With silicone tits, snipped-bits and glitter-whore tranny outfits, they are presumably indistinguishable from the actual guests.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi ill be in dubai for two weeks from 17th september and am looking for sexy ladyboys, can you tell me where i can find any??

12 September, 2006 22:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im a lady boy... add me or email me at

31 August, 2008 12:59  

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