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07 February, 2004

Kinder Kuche Mosque

Surprise surprise: women doing a degree in sewing, cooking, household management and childcare can't find jobs. Why anyone would want to spend three years training to be a housewife is unbelievable enough, let alone expecting someone to employ them. What a relief that this degree in domestic drudgery has been scrapped at last.

But yet women themselves can't seem to make up their minds whether they should be chained to the kitchen or actually use their brains past the age of 21. Dr Munira Fakhro, Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Bahrain, "says while prevailing rules in the region are no longer appropriate for the modern woman, refusal to comply with her traditional role results in ruined marriage and family life" according to Gulf News.

Does it? Or could ruined marriage and family life also perhaps derive from cheating, lazy, apathetic, disinterested and even jealous husbands, unhappy with their wives' professional status and independence?

But this is the crux of the burqa-mentality. Make the woman hide her face, for she is the corrupting force. Make the woman stay at home, because it's her fault if the family falls apart. Make the woman live a lesser life, and give her less inheritance compared to her male siblings, for she is of less worth.

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