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18 March, 2004

We don't want no Education

Some bizarre spat has erupted between journalists and the Ministry of Education and Youth, with the hacks boycotting Ministry functions due to being banned from its premises. Is it not a blessing to be blocked from this institution?

According to sources in the education industry, this same Ministry recently decided to prevent any local child from ever failing an academic year. By some obscure law or statue, pupils allegedly have to be passed, regardless of attitude, attendance, academic performance or capability.

Local media would be far better to turn their attention and camera lenses to more important issues, such as the new baby giraffe at Dubai Zoo. And start a full-on campaign for the Zoo to get off its arse and either speed up its move to a new, spacious location, or temporarily rehouse its animals in a facility less akin to a cramped Victorian prison.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

aww. come on , some of this is plain propoganda. please quote your scources before misleading so many...

14 April, 2005 11:59  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Which part do you object to? I cannot name every personal source for reasons which, if you live in the UAE, you would be aware of. The fact of the matter is that at one time, local schools were instructed that they could not fail pupils. That may well have changed since, given how progressive Sheikh Nahyan, the current education minister, is. He was originally only the minister for higher education, but has since taken over the (primary and secondary) edcuation portfolio as well, quite probably over concerns that the sector was lacking. Talk to any educator in the higher education sector here - either state universities or foreign/private - and they will express the same concerns about the quality of secondary education.

14 April, 2005 12:49  

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