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11 April, 2004

Slipping away... slipping out...

Interesting snippet tucked away in the Sunday Mirror's gossip pages that The Palm is sinking:

POSH has been through hell and back this week after allegations that hubby David has played away. And I'm afraid I've got more bad news for Posh, who celebrates her 30th on Saturday - their £1m holiday palace built on a palm tree-shaped island in Dubai is, erm, sinking.

My mole tells me: "It's a slight hiccup for the developers. The island is going under because rocks laid underneath are sinking. They are very confident they can sort it out, but are way behind schedule."

This is of course hardly news to many in Dubai. Significantly, only a couple of weeks ago Gulf News reported that speculative property buying at the world's largest artificial island has fallen drastically. But not a hint - not a peep - of the fact that The Palm allegedly needs to be raised a further two metres, effectively another fifty percent of its current height.

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