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23 May, 2004


Nature red in tooth and cliche strikes again, with a vicious territorial war among Guantanamo's illegal feline population. Cats are banned here, but a few mean and lean beasts slink around the bushes, scavenging where they can.

The loudest wailer of them all is Moon-Cat, who appeared on the balcony of Cell Block G on the night of the lunar eclipse. Moon-Cat has a brood of rather large kittens, who she keeps badly hidden under some bougainvillea behind the palm trees. After a night of unparallelled shreiking, wailing, hissing and yowling the day dawns to a tragedy: one of Moon-Cat's kittens has been murdered during the night's illegal incursions.

Moon-Cat stands over the lifeless fur, nudging it and yowling, trying to make it move. Eventually a neighbour removes it from her and gives it as dignified a dustbin-burial as possible. Moon-Cat spends the rest of the day searching for her dead cub, confused and distressed.

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