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14 May, 2004

Flaming fools

In normal regions weather reports boast a wide variety of flavours: sunny, snowy, rainy, windy, hail, sleet and fog. Here there are just two main choices - "clear" or "dusty". There is also the mysterious "BL Dusty" (=bloody dusty?)

Doing its best to make year-round sunshine exciting and newsworthy, the UAE has apparently been having a heatwave, meaning that instead of hot, it is BL Hot. BL BL BL Hot.

At such a time as this, one would expect flora and fauna alike to batten down the hatches and await a more temperate clime to put out their delicate blooms. But no - not the perverse poinciana. As soon as the mercury passes 40c, these mad trees burst into fiery blossom, burning brilliant red-orange all over the Emirate.

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