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26 June, 2004

Nemesis cruise

Up the misty Musandam on a dhow, a welcome escape from the sandy confines of Cell Block G. Less relaxing for the PR representative, horrified to bump into not only her ex's ex ("he dumped her for me") but also her ex-boss ("after one week I told him to stick his job up his arse"). Very nearly a cruise of of doom.

The Musandam is bleak but beautiful. Rugged, arid mountains rise starkly from the ocean, dead from the surface up, but with a rich forest of coral and marine life flourishing below.

We managed to buy the world's most amazing mangoes from a roadside stall in Fujairah. Excellent mangoes do not taste heavily of mango - except for a faint aftertaste - instead they taste like oranges, sour apples, mangosteens and passion fruits rolled into one, with a hint of banana. Fresh, scented and sharp.

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