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17 July, 2004

The Menacing Spinsters of the UAE

Single women - divorced or spinsters - are apparently the greatest social evil the United Arab Emirates has ever yet faced. Spinsters are "dangerous" - they "threaten families" and "weaken the social structure", according to a new study carried out by two national university students.

The study does not specify the devious means used by spinsters to subvert society, but clearly, they are very, very evil. There is of course no mention of the evils of men - married or single - who systematically cheat on their wives, girlfriends and families with air-hostesses, whores and any expat skirt they can get their hands on, neglecting their families, drinking themselves senseless, and contributing to the burgeoning STD matrix in the Gulf.

Because of course these men are still far, far less evil than Spinsters. Wifebeaters rejoice:

"The study said that women were meant to be housewives - not spinsters - and it was better to have a decent man rather than be choosy and remain single."



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