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22 September, 2004

Arab humour

A Lebanese woman, a Syrian woman and a Sudanese woman are in hospital due to give birth. Each gives birth to a baby boy. But there's a disaster: before being tagged, the babies are mixed up.

Hospital staff decide that each "mother's heart" will know which one her own son is. So they put the three boys in a room, and tell the women to go in and pick their correct baby.

But the Lebanese woman insists on going first. "I cannot wait a minute longer to hold my son again," she says. She goes in, and comes out with the Sudanese baby.

"What on earth are you doing?" a nurse asks her. "That baby is clearly not yours - looks at him - he's clearly a Sudanese child."

"Yes - but one of those other two is Syrian," the Lebanese mother tells her, and rapidly makes her escape.



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