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16 September, 2004

Come into my parlour

In a bid to outdo the infamous Ajman Bluebeard, a Black Widow in Dubai is trying to wed her eighth husband, after disposing of the first seven through a cunning mix of illness and accidents.

"Should a man who is infatuated with a woman who has been married seven times - and whose husbands have all died - marry her?

"This is the dilemma facing a 32-year-old Asian in love with a 35-year-old woman, who has been married seven times. Three of her husbands died of cancer, two drowned and two others died in car accidents."

The dilemma surely facing the wedding-hungry widow is that divorce is much harder for women to get in Islam. So while Ajman's most prolific "Dad" can rid a spouse in less than ten words, considerably more effort is required for a lady to shed an unwanted bridegroom.



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