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31 October, 2004

"Deluxe sandpit"

One cannot really fault Observer journalist Lynn Barber's description of Dubai:

"Imagine an expanse of dusty desert beside a greasy sea, sweltering under a pitiless sun. Now cover it with six-lane highways, flyovers, spaghetti junctions and all the nastiest buildings you have ever seen. Think Birmingham without its beauty, Las Vegas without its culture. Dubai is unquestionably the ugliest city in the world - there should be a socking great sign at the airport saying 'Abandon all taste, ye who enter here.' "



Blogger adnan said...

Can you believe it? They blocked the article. :D

20 March, 2005 18:11  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Ooo lookee here, I found another link:

Observer Dubai article

20 March, 2005 18:37  

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