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11 January, 2005

The great evil of pop music

It is more than irritating when the day after Dubai's visionary leader calls for a more fearless press in one of the most intelligent and groundbreaking speeches ever made to the region, some dimwitted "academic" steps out to demand greater censorship while lamenting and bewailing western youth culture.

It is even more irritating when one realises that this "academic" comes from a UAE university's College of Communication and Media Sciences.

And more irritating still that despite the fact that his own research showed that survey participants' core identity, values and culture did not actually seem to be compromised by "regular images of women, suggestive dancing, premarital relationships, and even hugging and kissing between males and females", western popular culture is still the Great Satan of the tender Arab youth:

"The success of Western-style videos and the content they promote contradict the UAE's values, culture, and identity."

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