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08 April, 2005

By choice, not by proxy

"Personally," confides a senior dishdash from the highest echelons of the UAE's monopoly state telco, "I'm against the proxy. I think internet filtering should be by choice."

"Me too," his colleague agrees. "But you know how the culture is here, the tradition. And besides, we're not responsible for the proxy, it's a government directive."

Sidestepping the obvious fact that the monopoly state telco is the government: owned by it, run by it, and staffed by it, the issue of uncensored internet access is raised. Currently, residents at certain new housing developments are able to get 100 per cent unblocked web access. "How is the property developer able to do this, and get around the Federal law?"

"Ah, well," the dishdash explains. "They're mainly middle and upper class people living there. Educated people. You know."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed true. Life is grand in the Emirates Hills behind the golf club...

08 April, 2005 16:20  
Blogger John B. Chilton said...

Good information.

Come visit me at Emirates Economist.

08 April, 2005 18:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have money, you can buy anything you desire in Dubai. Proxies are for the poor.

10 April, 2005 12:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real crime here is that they charge for dialup service by the minute. The meter is ticking as we wait for these overloaded proxies.

12 April, 2005 05:30  
Blogger injinuity said...

its the same here in Qatar as is in all other parts of the Gulf... I dont mind the porn filtering but when they filter out my warez and hacking sites thats when I get mad .. grrrr

12 April, 2005 14:58  

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