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09 April, 2005

Cool for qats

It must be immensely disruptive for embassy staff in Sanaa. Unpacking one moment, packing the next. Barely a moment to put up one's feet for a qahwa and qat-laced Ferrero Rocher.

"The British embassy in Yemen has been closed indefinitely due to fears over the security of its staff.

"The embassy's work would be suspended "in the light of a current, credible threat to western interests", the Foreign Office said in a statement."

According to the Surveyor in the wild northern outback, information is fairly scant, save for reports on "ongoing fighting with a local tribe on the Saudi border some 150 miles from here".

No wonder the locals are so irritable, with their constant chewing on catha edulis:

"The devil grew from the earth to consume the nutrients of other innocent plants. He made the Yemeni people lust after Him, and is fighting in their stomachs against valuable nutrients for the human body. Then He runs in their veins like Satan, and enters their pockets to steal their money. Satan can bring them in the morning as far as the mountain peaks but in the evening will not let them sleep, leaving them in the nightmare of their imaginations. The Yemeni people live half of their lives in His magic. He consumes their strength and heroism. He is our governor, this accursed tree."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a quote! Like Hafez on Qat! Actually, I tried this stuff a while back, and it's not that bad, in moderation. The buzz is like strong coffee. The problem is that some people lay around all day chewing and spitting. Imagine how you'd feel if you drank 20 cups of coffee every afternoon at the Bean and Leaf, every day. What a buzz!

12 April, 2005 05:41  
Blogger Samawel said...

Wait a minute, isn't Qat illegal here in Dubai? Or is the one I'm thinking of a bit different. Either way, both are disgusting to me.

29 January, 2007 12:17  

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