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10 May, 2005

Second wife, double strife

"Yes, darling, of course the children are yours. I know you don't remember having relations with me for years, but I have actually been drugging your Lipton and taking my wicked way with you anyway."

Such is the excuse of an early-twenties Pakistani woman to her late-sixties Emirati husband. He left her (his second wife) but still visited their three children, and became suspicious when she got pregnant again.

When the man asked the woman about why she was pregnant so often so long after he left her, she always said he was the father.

"She told her husband that whenever he used to come to see her, she would put something in his tea to make him sleepy, and then she would take advantage of him when he was knocked out, which is how she became pregnant," the social worker said.

Any pensioner marrying a teenager deserves all he gets.



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