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15 May, 2005

Slippery customers

How does one go about provoking a sea snake - swim past it in a revealing bikini?

After claims of people being bitten by the swimming serpents, Dubai municipality officials are trying to reassure bathers that they need not fear the deadly beasts:

"Sea snakes are poisonous but they are also harmless unless provoked. They will not harm anyone if they are left alone."

Somewhat less than reassuringly, Dr Saif Al Ghais, Head of Marine Environment Research at UAE University, describes sea snakes as "more poisonous than a king cobra" and warns that "just one bite can destroy the central nervous system" and kill the victim.

"They stay near the seabed mainly, but do come to the surface to breathe. If there are strong winds or currents they may drift towards the shore as they come up for air, but once out of the water they are completely helpless and cannot move," Dr Ghais said.

He added, "I cannot see anyone getting bitten and surviving."

Suddenly the shark-infested seas of Australia, the polluted pool of the Mediterranean or the freezing murky waters of the English Channel seem greatly more tempting as a holiday choice.



Blogger snow white said...

makes a change from red-backed spiders, terrorising The Greens ... I think I had a locust in my kitchen this morning, though maybe I've just been watching too many episodes of David Attenborough.

19 May, 2005 21:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah right ! Has anyone actually confirmed these "bites" and spoken to the person ? Sea snakes are curious but will not attack a human, and if you stood on my head, I'd probably bite you as well. I have encountered many sea snakes while diving in the gulf and they have left me well alone !! Stop forwarding JUNK emails until you actually confirm it... you have more chance of a red back bitr than a sea snake bite and even red back's have standards - they don't attack humans - wake up people...
- qualifications - a Dive Instructor and Marine Biologist ...

21 May, 2005 19:13  

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