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13 June, 2005

Divorcing dimwits Part I

More ludicrous tales of Middle East marital woe - this time a Lebanese cretin who divorced his wife in a fit of anger, but "didn't really mean it".

"Although he admitted before the court that he had divorced his wife by pronouncing the divorce word three times in Dubai, and once more in their native country, Lebanon, S.K.M. was still praying to the court to order his wife, M.S. to return to him because he did not intend to divorce her and that his pronouncements of the divorce word were made in anger and loss of control over his temper."

One of the issues with Islamic marriage is that it allows a man to divorce his wife by just saying "I divorce you" - the talaaq - to her three times. This has even led to some men divorcing via SMS message. A Dubai court even approved the practice - it's not available for women of course, only men. Divorce is much harder for women to obtain in Islam.

The whole thrice-talaq matter is under continual debate with varying opinion among Islamic scholars:

"According to the Shaafi’i madhhab and the majority of other madhhabs, giving three talaaqs at once counts as three separate talaaqs and is irrevocable, and the couple cannot remarry until the woman has been married to and divorced from another man. Other scholars say that three talaaqs given at once count as only one talaaq."

Despite fatwas that invalidate talaq said in uncontrollable anger, SKM lost Primary, Appeal and Supreme Court rulings. One can only imagine the courts sympathised with his doubtless long-suffering wife.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Islam really does seem like a backwards religion. It's a shame that it plays such a huge role in Middle Eastern politics.

21 June, 2005 06:02  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Like all religions, Islam has legacy issues that aren't appropriate for the modern age. And things that have been wrongly interpreted. Like Christianity and female priests, for example - some churches now have women clergy, others don't. Or the Amish, who effectively live in the past.

21 June, 2005 08:13  
Blogger a casual observer said...

secretdubai,im a huge fan of your site because im a fellow sufferer at the hands of the creepy kandooras.but i wanted to mention that the word 'talaaq' said thrice does not constitue a divorce in this case.the rules for divorce in Islam are as follows:
1) the word 'talaaq' has to be said thrice,but on three SEPARATE occasions with an interval of 30 days between them
2) The 'talaaq' is null and void if said in a fit of rage,even if it is spaced out over three months
3) The man cannot pronounce the statements for divorce unless he is completely calm and collected, and definitely not under the influence of any substance.
4) The rules for divorce are the same, i.e. as easy (or difficult) for women

As you pointed out SD,like most other religions (but more so than other religions) Islam is (sometimes willfully) misinterpreted. Thats another reason the people of this country disgust me; they send the worst possible,inaccurate messages about Islam to the non-Islamic world

31 July, 2006 14:14  
Blogger a casual observer said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

31 July, 2006 14:16  

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