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25 June, 2005


Telco whizzes designing innovative services such as Push-To-Talaq or MMS Multimedia-Marital-Splitting are crumpling up their masterplans in research centres Emirates-wide, as the UAE Federal Court reportedly bans divorce via SMS.

ABU DHABI — The country’s highest judicial authority, Supreme Federal Court, has ruled that using SMS service seeking divorce cannot be validated. The interesting observation came about in the Court’s judgment on a divorce case filed by Ali Abdulla, a Fujairah resident, who sought separation on grounds that his wife, Tahani Abdul, had deserted him for no valid reason.

The story is scant in detail, but good news for Muslim wives.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a shame the Dubai Courts don't take the same views. One expat woman hose husband left her for another woman has just been divorced by the Dubai courts.
Reason she abandonded the matrimonial home,one year after the husband left!!!

26 July, 2005 23:54  

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