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18 June, 2005

Stellar skyscraper

A gold titanium-crystal-covered skyscraper is certainly an innovative way of commemorating the UAE's still greatly missed ruler, Sheikh Zayed.

"An amazing building is set to dominate the Abu Dhabi skyline as a tribute to the late Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

"The 255-metre Stellar Tower in the centre of the city will house shops, offices, a restaurant and a 300-bed hotel."

But the architect's impression is somewhat alarming, showing the tower on a vast and empty stretch of seaside sand. Exactly what are they planning to do to Abu Dhabi's existing city centre - blitz it?

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Blogger Keef said...

U on holiday or what?

21 June, 2005 21:37  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Nah, just having a quiet time. Time for some blasts from the past, I think.

21 June, 2005 23:42  
Blogger Keef said...

Seen Emirati's blog lately?

22 June, 2005 06:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, my blog got me a visit from some ID carrying Dishdashes, so I took the step of deleting it, will carry out another type of blog if capable.

23 June, 2005 18:41  

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