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31 July, 2005

Sad saga of Dubai Zoo

Across the world, safari and wildlife parks attract millions of visitors every year, making huge money for the conservation of endangered species as well as plenty of profit for their owners.

Which makes it all the more mystifying that despite spending millions to promote tourism, and after years of promising to build a new facility for the poor, cramped animals at Dubai Zoo, the authorities still haven't managed to spend a single fil:

"Dubai Zoo is a blight upon the emirate. When so much is done to extol the city's virtues, the conundrum persists: Why do officials allow such appalling conditions for animals?"

Even more embarrassingly for Dubai, the usually less progressive emirate of Sharjah boasts a world-class wildlife park. It even features an internationally acclaimed breeding centre for endangered Arabian animals, closed to the public to give the animals peace and quiet to breed.

Many of the animals at Dubai Zoo are rescue animals: confiscated at Customs, or saved from maltreatment at shows and circuses, and even seized from the homes of private individuals. Zookeepers do their very best for the animals: but the space is extremely limited, and in the height of summer the animals stink and suffer.

Would it not be possible to at least have some inter-emirate cooperation, and rehouse some of Dubai Zoo's inmates in Sharjah, at least until more spacious homes are built for them?



Blogger Bu3askoor said...

The last time i was there .. hmmm .. maybe when i was 15. I am having difficulty remembering because when i was there .. i passed out lol and no not the sight of the lion that caused it :)

We are spending money on every damn thing, it is time for the world's biggest zoo?

31 July, 2005 05:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never been - knowing how gooey I am about animals, friends have warned me that it's too much to take. Cramped overheated conditions, and a bit distressing.

31 July, 2005 09:49  
Blogger Female Chauvinistic Pig said...

Is it a private zoo?
If yes, it will remain where it is and in a same appaling state for years.

31 July, 2005 09:55  
Blogger El Sid said...

One alternative is to just close it down for good and relocate the animals. Maybe Dubai doesn't need a bigger zoo, regardless of it's standards?

No zoo...and no dolphin show.

31 July, 2005 11:05  
Blogger Once the Conman said...

Get your facts right, Secret Dubai Diary.
Don't just read something out of somewhere and then begin giving your opions on it passing them off as facts.
It's pretty putting off...

31 July, 2005 13:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been in Dubai for 12 years and I have seen at least one news item every year about plans to build a bigger enclosure / Zoo / safari in Dubai to re-locate the Dubai Zoo.

The ZOO must be closed down if the Dubai Municipality can not build a Zoo as planned.

31 July, 2005 17:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But anyways these Animals are far better off than the Poor Labourers (humans) here!!!

31 July, 2005 17:48  
Blogger black feline said...

i suggest they donate the entire place to us..the feline clan..we need more space...and canine is out

01 August, 2005 17:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I was there last year. And it is pretty sad. Anminals in general are not being treated very well in the U.A.E. And it is definately something they need to work on. They seem to spend money on so much other crap.

02 August, 2005 14:20  
Blogger Joan said...

This zoo is a disaster. I've been there only 1 time and I think I will never go back. Animals are in the worst conditions you can imagine. The striped hyena and all the big cats are more than mad. It is incredible how the giraffes can breed, the cage is really poor and small. The bears and the wolves are also in poor cages. And all the zoo is dirty and old. A very sad experience.

If you want to see a good zoo you can go to Sharjah (Arabian Wildlife Center) or Al Ain (Al Ain Zoo).

22 September, 2006 17:57  
Blogger wildcat said...

Dubai Municipality has been promising a new Zoo for 22 years now; I know, I have been here for 25!! If the authorities could decide on its location finally (Is it Dubailand or not?)and from which budget the money will come, we may see some progress.
The current zoo is below acceptable standards even for the poorest countries and Dubai can't use that excuse! They don't care - that's the only truth.
But we must show that people DO CARE and what's more tourists care too!
But please don't tell me Sharjah is world class- its the best we have here but way below the standards of Jersey, San Diego or Sydney - to name a few. And AL AIN????? You are joking! Its almost as bad as Dubai!

29 September, 2006 11:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if this was europe or america this zoo wouldve been closed down in a second. I dont have a problem with the size of the zoo even but the lack of care provided for many of the INMATES notably the chimps, bears and cats. Disgraceful.Atleast admit defeat and relocate your animals and have some dignity for your country.

13 April, 2007 18:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is no zoo. It's hell for animals. I wish I'd never seen it. Conditions are atrocious. Animals suffer intensely on the dry concrete slab in a small cage in the heat of the summer. You can feel their pain when they look at you yet you're so helpless. It makes you want to cry out against the injustice of having all these magnificent hotels and lavish theme parks while animals are tortured to the point of insanity. What a stain on Dubai. What I saw was deeply disturbing. Thanks for letting me vent. It still affects me to this day.

03 September, 2007 00:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

having visited dubai zoo today, 1 october 2007, i found it a disgrace to mankind. not everything in life has a designer label.after witnessing the massive scale of building works under construction i ask how long it would it take to put things right?

02 October, 2007 23:26  
Blogger Peter Dickinson said...

I have no axe to grind here. I am a zoo professional who knows and has visited Dubai Zoo on numerous occassions. Please read my article 'Dubai Zoo' for a truthful assessment of the situation.

14 May, 2010 13:08  

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