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11 October, 2005

The Mile High club

If the beautiful Deathspire wasn't ambitious enough, Dubai very nearly ended up with a mile-high tower, five times the height of the Burj Al Arab.

According to building boffins a super-tall tower is structurally feasible, just not financially or logistically practical. The fastest lifts in the world would take at least two minutes to reach the top, assuming people didn't get on and off at various floors in between, and no one suffered motion sickness or vertigo.

The mile-high miracle was supposed to be built by Japan's Taisei Construction, who should have found it no sweat since they previously planned a 4,000 metre, 800 storey tower called X-Seed 4000:

"The current status of the project is unknown, but it is understood that the mile high tower may have been mothballed following the appointment of James Wilson as Nakheel’s chief executive in February, who arrived at the company from IFA — one of the biggest investors in Nakheel’s Palm Jumeirah and Waterfront projects."

It's quite obvious why the mile-high tower never got off the ground: as previously pointed out, Dubai has simply run out of names. After Emirates Towers, Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower), Burj Al Arab (Arab Tower) and Al Burj (The Tower), there is absolutely nothing left to call it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting! As an engineer I'd quite like to see stuff like that built.. but like what the article says it's not economic.. however my objections to it are also on a sustainable level there is no justification AT ALL to have a mile-high building when land is so readily available (the same applies to the palms, but that's food for another discussion). Tall buildings consume much more energy during construction and operation than a building of more modest size.

I was told by someone working on Burj Dubai that the top third of the building was apparently changed from residential to offices because as a result of a survey the client found that people are not comfortable living that high up. So why raise it even higher?

I reckon that Dubai should stick to Burj Dubai as their main 'cool' tower that is used for touristic and marketing purposes and have all other buildings at a more sustainable mid-rise height of around 20-30 stories.

A city with more than one icon sends a confused message.

11 October, 2005 02:16  
Blogger black feline said...

i dont think so..what confused message? its as clear as still water..the more the merrier..and do u know when u take an aerial view of the Burj Dubai resembles a desert floral..simply brilliant. I know because i work there.

11 October, 2005 07:01  
Blogger John B. Chilton said...

Don't forget Krystal Towers.

11 October, 2005 07:49  
Blogger _sublime_ said...

i think they should start naming then alphanumerically like the japanese. dubai will become a base jumpers' wet dream in no time!

11 October, 2005 09:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aerial view looks like a desert floral? simply brilliant?
woopedy doo!
I don't work there and I knew that and I still don't give a
The falcon project in Dubai land looks like a falcon when viewed from 3000feet up in a plane....a position i find myself in alomost daily! NOT.
Creative? - maybe
Simply brilliant? hmmmm

11 October, 2005 09:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Burj Burj?

11 October, 2005 11:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about

...just a suggestion ;-p

11 October, 2005 13:06  
Blogger samuraisam said...

nice site anonymous, you are so talented.

11 October, 2005 13:50  
Blogger secretdubai said...

do u know when u take an aerial view of the Burj Dubai resembles a desert floral..simply brilliant. I know because i work there

Where? Suspended in the air above Burj Dubai?!!

That must be the best office in Dubai.


11 October, 2005 14:53  
Blogger Emirati said...

she could be an airhostess....

11 October, 2005 18:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Samuraisam, I actually thought anon's link made a telling comment on Dubai's ideal of: 'the bigger the better even if it's beyond all practical reason'.

11 October, 2005 23:01  
Blogger black feline said...

dear sista SD..hate to say this..your brilliant brain is not functioning too well this of helicopter service midway..a good biz opportunity as well...look at the al arab hotel..the circular runway protruding out of the blding? or have u try google map? in no time..u can view it at the comfort of your home..

12 October, 2005 08:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's Google Earth.

12 October, 2005 08:26  
Blogger _sublime_ said...

is dubai even on google earth?

13 October, 2005 00:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not! I typed Dubai and it went to Days Inn somewhere in the US. And Dubai, UAE is apparently really close to Omaha. Interesting, because the last time I was there and said I had an Omani driving licence, they asked if I was from Omaha. So I said, "No, Oman". And they asked, "Which state is that?"

13 October, 2005 02:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

any comments on the trump deal?

13 October, 2005 12:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well he's probably just come here so he can say ' your fired' many more times a day than he does back home in Manhattan.

13 October, 2005 13:28  
Blogger 1Desi said...

In the engineering world, only the japanese could be considered to build something like this... I remember talking to some folks from Kajima Corp. ( back in the day (during the golden Clinton era) and they were big on a mile-high concept called The Kajima Towers.

What's funny is, the building almost got built! I still have the building brochure somewhere - It consisted of 3(or was it 6?) tubular interconnected buildings and kinda looked like a downgraded version of our Boorj Doobai. They had Otis elevators (fresh from their Petronas installation) on their bandwagon and many others were said to be excited about the project.

Last I heard, the project fell through because of feasibility problems (duh!). But that was meant for Tokyo (where space is an issue)... don't fancy ever needing one here!

13 October, 2005 15:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And so castles made of sand
fall in the sea,eventually"

Jimi Hendrix

17 October, 2005 13:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont live in Dubai anymore, but trust me the whole planet is on google earth, you can just move and zoom in on where you want to go, and I tried for Dubai, they havent bothered uploading any high quality photos as they did for the US or the seven wonders of the world or God knows what. They dont even have new ones. The photos dont know any of the islands . . .!

23 October, 2005 01:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They actually traded that project for the mile long Slave labour protest que's down Sheik Z Road. Free Advertising is the key ;)

04 November, 2005 20:25  

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