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22 October, 2005

Pirates on the Coast part I

Some time ago, a peddlar with a large black bin-liner of DVDs did the rounds at Cell Block G. There are many films one doesn't want to waste too much money on or even download, given their atrocious reviews. Most pirated films come in cellophane-wrapped printed cardboard, conveniently slimmer than a shop-bought plastic boxed one. They look like copies of the real DVDs, but a closer glance at the text soon reveals that they are Chinese copies re-translated back into English:

"The Charlie is a little boy of docile, he was born in a poor family of a large chocolate factory neighbourhood;A person with peculiar character of the Willy Wonka, own an equally peculiar chocolate factory. The Wonka of solitary one person held a the field draw prizes, deciding to choose for own chocolate factory an inherits the person."

Despite these minor inconveniences, a healthy stream of pirated wares continues to flow through the sandlands:

"The business is flourishing all over the country. In Sharjah there are fake CDs and DVDs of the latest movies while in Ajman one can even find pornographic films available for sale.

"According to a Sharjah Criminal Investigation Department report, between 2003-05, the amount of pirated CDs and DVDs confiscated totalled 65,965, including 8,089 pornographic movies, 56,905 DVDs and 971 CDs containing fake programmes."

No wonder. They are cheaper, uncensored, and far more rapidly available than at cinemas.

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Blogger CG said...

I have a bag of wonka movies that don't work. The trick is to ask the maid to watch it first, if it cuts out half way through then you havn't wasted your time or strained your eyesight (some of them are camcorded from a cinema seat).
I don't like to encourage the sale of illegal items but the wait for the movie can take a long time.


23 October, 2005 09:54  
Blogger Parv said...

At my previous job, we used to make Mr. Li (our DVD king) wait in our office whilst the "serious" buyers tested the dvds for sound, quality, etc. He was more than happy to sit in the reception with a cup of chai, as this inevitably meant more dvd sales from a whole office of pirated movie fanatics.

And then horrible big boss man banned poor Mr. Li.

I miss Mr. Li. :(

23 October, 2005 11:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no shame to admit that I buy pirated DVD's whenever I'm in the mood (which is usually once every couple of months or so). I don't usually buy brand new movies, since the quality is horrid. I go for movies that I would have liked to see but never came around here.. and cannot find anywhere else to buy.

Instead of going around confiscating movies, solve the root of the problem and the black market will self-destruct. As it is now, I'll do what any bored expat will do.. buy the fake dvd's.

23 October, 2005 12:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

with cinema ticket prices quite expensive, its no wonder the average joe decides to buy a pirated DVD.. yes we hear the same cliched arguments from cinema management "prices are cheaper than in the UK, USA etc" BUT these einsteins fail to comprehend that the standard of living is generally much higher there as is the disposable income. and whats with the prohibitive prices of cold drinks, popcorn and even bottled water. there is no incentive for younger viewers or special days for 'school kids' etc.. AS WITH ALMOST EVERYTHING IN DUBAI, ITS JUST A BIG MONEY MAKING RACKET... but don't buy a dvd from the poor chinese man for Dhs 10 OK

23 October, 2005 13:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never bothered to buy these DVDs. Frankly i preferred to use eMule to download my fill using my highly overrated DSL. Saves me 15 Dhs as far as i'm concerned!

23 October, 2005 14:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon @ 13.45. When I visited Malaysia I noted that cinemas there had offpeak viewing times. Movie tickets were cheaper on weekdays since most people would be at work. They had discounted tickets for students.(like morning shows for school kids during their vacations).

23 October, 2005 15:11  
Blogger black feline said...

for a change its nice to know there are many cheapo expats guess pirated DVDs are cheap alternative to fill your missing S.. life..LOL

23 October, 2005 16:50  
Blogger Garthicus said...

Well, seeing as the alternative to buying these DVD's is to actually have to sit through a nightmare screening in one of the cinemas with mobile phones going off, people chatting, shouting etc. I think I'd rather buy a fake DVD and put up with the odd head walking by the picture or the 'thinny' sound. I'm not a cheapskate, I just don't want to be accountable for assault one of these days in the cinema..

23 October, 2005 18:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

black feline... and you have a full S... life?? i mean whoever touches you even with a 2" errr barge pole deserves an award... and some disinfectant immediately thereafter...

23 October, 2005 20:04  
Blogger black feline said...

20.04...stick to your pirated DVDs..the world will be safer that way..not as if u have much to offer down there...LOL

24 October, 2005 05:40  
Blogger black feline said...

come on dont exeggerate..mine big screen encounters here so far were a breeze..of course it helps if u have claws..shut up is a good phrase to use always..
dont get me wrong..i do watch pirated dvds once in a blue moon..but the weasel looking office boy will do the errand...when i finish viewing..he keeps the that way, nobody can call u a last note..the bollywood fare seems ok even in pirated dvds..

24 October, 2005 06:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

black feline said " I do watch PIRATED DVDs...weasel looking office boy... nobody can call you a cheapo..."


you are a cheapo with a capital 'C' .... and whats more you are a hypocritical bigot too.

24 October, 2005 10:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said... feline ...

gal last time around i gave you some friendly advice. Go get laid or sumthing..all that pent up drive cant be too good for u.

say hi to the neighborhood dvd lady. did u finally pay her ?

24 October, 2005 11:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Black Feline has a neighbourhood DVD man and she pays him in kind...not cash. Rumour has it that he refuses .

24 October, 2005 14:38  
Blogger black feline said...

10.45, 14.38...i suggest both of u can share a cosy threesome with that nimkmpoot passing thru...all of u seem to get no satisfaction from pirated dvds...passing thru can teach both of u? (could be similar bum)how to kan li lau bu chow chee

24 October, 2005 15:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the good old days when Hobo and Thomsun were also 'pirates'? Now they're respectable businesses? Hypocrisy rules...

25 October, 2005 20:35  
Blogger Kaytee said...

Recently visited a cinema in Florida and I was in for a surprise to see the prices of the tickets to be at a mere Dhs 20 ($5.5) for a main prime time screening. I could also get the ticket for Dhs 17.50($4.75) on presenting a student ID.
Ask the cinemas owner in Duba to get their facts right when they say that the ticket prices are cheaper that US and UK.

I still buy Pirated DVD's and will continue doing so coz if i need to visit the cinemas with my family of 4 I have to shell out a whopping 120 Dhs which doesnt even include the 10 dhs Coke ;-)

Long Live the Pirates...

26 October, 2005 12:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am shocked to learn that you get pirated DVDs in the UAE…I was shocked to see them being sold for AED 10. About piracy itself, if there were no pirated DVDs you would not really see so many DVD players getting sold. I’m not for piracy…but the cost of DVDs and movie tickets are so high you are tempted to get the pirated stuff. Especially when you get them so cheap…I think something should be done on the prices of the DVDs…have you seen the price of a PSP UMD movie…..its ridiculous!!!

16 December, 2007 14:05  

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