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03 December, 2005

Green dream

Al Ain was Sheikh Zayed's most beloved city. Already an oasis, he made it greener and more verdant than anywhere else in the UAE.

From the peak of Jebel Hafeet, the city is an impressive expanse of emerald in contrast to the rolling red sands around it.

It may have been an expensive project. It may be environmentally unsustainable. But it is a place of great peace and beauty, and somewhere to remember Zayed and how very greatly we miss him still.

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Blogger _sublime_ said...

Ah, the thinner air at altitude does wonderful things for the mind...

...seriously, the Mercure hotel at the top of Jebel Hafeet is a hidden gem, after a couple of days there you'd be all misty eyed too ;)

04 December, 2005 08:58  
Blogger CG said... many others were in AL Ain this National Day holiday....

04 December, 2005 09:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Emarati's offline...

04 December, 2005 10:07  
Blogger CG said...

he is attracting more attention to himself this way....which he says is what he is avoiding. Funny that.

and he called himself emarati when everyone else was calling him emiriati, so he changed it to emirati and everyone has just got used to emarati....
have i confused you? not as much as emerati will.

04 December, 2005 10:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this marketing move will not work or will it

04 December, 2005 12:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I first saw the forestry geen belt on the between Abu Dhabi and Dubai and read about Sheikh Zayed's green vision I was really impressed.

I have always said that planting trees will have a positive climate change effect on this part of the world.

However, what I have heard is that this vision has come to a halt.

04 December, 2005 12:48  
Blogger secretdubai said...

The forestry green belt is a lovely idea, but unfortunately - from environmentalists I have spoken to - sadly misguided and environmentally unsustainable. Water should be better preserved and used here: no amount of forestation is going to change this place from being a desert environment.

This obviously also goes for all the massive development and human water use too - particularly the use of groundwater which is seriously depleting the water table.

04 December, 2005 12:56  
Blogger Slagothor said...

The Mercure Jebel Hafeet is a wonderful facility in an amazing location, but last time I stayed there, it was woefully understaffed.

Speaking as somebody who toiled in hotels as an undergrad, it should take at the most 3 minutes to settle one's bill, not the 30 minutes it took me. And I don't much care to wait 15 minutes before the lone waitress/barista can even take my order in a coffee shop.

04 December, 2005 13:36  
Blogger Tim Newman said...

I had a superb stay at the Mercure during Ramadan for 250dhs per night.

04 December, 2005 14:04  
Blogger Al Ain Taxi said...

Al Ain: home of expat freaks who work in academia and Al Ain Taxi.

04 December, 2005 16:22  

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