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26 January, 2006

Steamy windows

Driving past the alarmingly concrete-gold-fish-bowl-esque suburb that Jumeirah Beach Residence is rapidly evolving into, one wonders if residents will be forced to adopt sheikhmobile-style tinted glass to preserve their privacy?

Otherwise every evening, the view (for those that couldn't afford "ocean views") will be of a thousand domestic soap operas taking place about ten feet from ones window. As if the Young & the Restless and Bold & the Beautiful weren't tedious enough, endless "screens" of MiddleEastEnders and Helldorado will be playing out nightly.

Or perhaps they might consider Bahrain's cunning plan, and force landlords to install one-way windows preventing residents from looking out?

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Anonymous Anonymous said... would be the perfect way to also protect the Bharaini's from this:

26 January, 2006 07:38  
Blogger Krishna said...

One-way windows? What happened to good old curtains for privacy issues??

26 January, 2006 09:27  
Blogger nzm said...

This is not meant to be a negative comment, just an observation:

If the tenancy rate in the JBR will be anything like the present rate in the Dubai Marina 1 towers (after about 17 months, it's about 40% from what we can see), there'll be nothing to fear.

All they'll see will be mostly darkened windows from the neighbouring empty apartments.

26 January, 2006 09:35  
Blogger John B. Chilton said...

SD - I trust you submitted that cunning plan to

26 January, 2006 09:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the Bahrain idea is quite stupid, really. Can't you open your windows?! Ok so most high rises dont allow you to completely open your windows but you could still manage with whatever little gap you have, particularly if you are such a desparate voyeur.

And it is completely unfair to the tenants. As the tenant of a high rise apartment, I must wonder why I dont get the view I deserve from my window? Why should I have to stare my own face living at the 29th storey when I should be enjoying a great view of the entire city?

26 January, 2006 09:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw, I completely agree with you, SD. In fact, I would say the same thing about people who've paid a fortune for "Ocean view" apartments...your ocean view is guaranteed only until another developer comes along and builds another tower right in front of your window! The whole marina concept is a massive con-job if you ask me. Just look at the ads they publish in the papers. No ad ever shows you the surrounding buildings, every developer shows you a utopian view of the property as if it was the only building in the area. In the UK these people would have been sued for wilful misrespresentation and false advertising.

26 January, 2006 10:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why cant the windows be tinted so no1 can see inside instead of not being able to see outside- just like u do for cars..

26 January, 2006 10:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon @ 10.58
I was wondering the same thing.

They could easily ensure that windows are the reflective type when looking from the outside in. and in the evenings or nights, as krishna mentioned , USE CURTAINS.

all this reminds me of an old sharon stone movie called 'Sliver'... :)

26 January, 2006 12:57  
Blogger Garthicus said...

Exactly, my wife used to live in 21st Century Tower on Sh Z Rd. and you can see out but can't see in, I suppose the sitting room or whatever isn't too bad, but the bedrooms is where the problem is at.

In my apartment block in Dublin, the ground floor apartments are literally fish bowls, you can see directly in to peoples dining rooms etc. as you walk by (the footpath is inches from their window) People sitting watching tv etc with the curtains wide open.. bizzare.

26 January, 2006 13:18  
Blogger Balushi said...

what will happen if there is an earthquake in you seaview area?

Its better if you pay a part of that money to some poors! and earn something that no one will ever take from you.

think about it.

what will you get from all this conpisious spending???

The WowWow of others?

26 January, 2006 14:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

really?! the signs are in English and have pictures

26 January, 2006 19:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got WowWowd when i payed money to the poors by conpisious spending in area of earthquake with seaview.

26 January, 2006 20:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's more the sheikh-wannabes that have tinted windows. I saw Sheikh Mo the other day in his no. 1 merc, on his own, clear glass.

27 January, 2006 19:36  
Blogger Balushi said...

Why are you using my Nick Annon 20:44??? for a while I thought its me saying that!

Secy, this person has stolen my nick!!! why Are u allowing thieves on this site??

27 January, 2006 20:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

balushi (the real one): mate, ur funny! No really. U are!

27 January, 2006 20:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You're an idiot with no self respect! Nonthing you ever say makes any sense and therefore nothing you ever say will be taken seriously - please feel free to respond with your usual nonsense... noone's gonna give it a bother!

Avid SD reader

28 January, 2006 01:24  

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