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05 May, 2006

Dishing dirt

The ultimate UAE culinary mystery is finally revealed by Gulf News:

"The six victims were rushed to the hospital after they fainted and suffered from severe pain in the stomach as they ate kababs (a meat delicacy) from this particular restaurant."

Thanks greatly for the clarification. Not a single person in the entire UAE had a clue what kebabs were until now.

"The municipal official stressed that laboratory tests conducted on the kababs and other dishes served in the restaurant showed that they were not fit for human consumption."

Mmm... delicious.



Blogger samuraisam said...

I'm just an ordinary everyday kebab salesman

05 May, 2006 07:54  
Blogger Alex said...

Kebabs wouldn't be kebabs if they weren't a menace to public health.

05 May, 2006 14:44  
Blogger kingfisher said...

"delicacy"?.. aren't they pretty common around here?

05 May, 2006 19:57  
Blogger Shaper85 said...

I think shawarmas pose more of a health threat. I've had my fair share of food poisoning from them.. but they're so addictive that they're worth it!

05 May, 2006 22:33  
Blogger Tim Newman said...

Wot Alex said, and the same applies in Manchester. I didn't think anyone ate these things sober, anyway.

06 May, 2006 00:25  
Blogger ironcurtain24 said...

he he.. i like that one... "Kebabs wouldn't be kebabs if they weren't a menace to public health." ;-)

06 May, 2006 06:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Not fit for human consumption". Damn, I wonder what happened to those kababs.

06 May, 2006 08:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it should have said "not fit for consumption (period)". it's all entirely disgusting.

06 May, 2006 11:24  
Blogger 1Desi said...

Quick question... how does one go about rolling dough with telephone cards?!?! Makes me wonder what the reporter was rolling!

06 May, 2006 15:04  
Blogger Tim Newman said...

I roll my dough with a vodka bottle, swigging from it occasionally.

06 May, 2006 16:08  
Blogger samuraisam said...

they have to spread the dough out upon the hotplate, in which case I don't think they're talking about kebabs; but anyway, in ramadan (or at least most of the time in ramadan + eid) lots of roadside groceries in dubai have little stands out the front after iftar, and they're sort of like crepes, but with just egg and cheese inside. Fucking tasty.
anyway, once I saw one of the guys spreading the dough out with the plastic lid from a cassette; didn't change the fact that the end product was damn fucking tasty though.

Really, if people are realising that these shawarma stands and the like have just about 0 health standards, you should be ashamed.

06 May, 2006 16:12  
Blogger archer14 said...

Did you all know that there was a time in Dubai when dough used to be 'treated' with feet? That was before the health ministry got more stringent...

06 May, 2006 23:55  
Blogger Harsha said...

exactly! how do u thik pedicures found their way in Dubai...

07 May, 2006 09:42  
Blogger al-republican said...

Chicken Chukka, Chicken masala, chicken 65, butter chicken, mutton chukka, mutton masala, mutton rosht (roast), paroda!

Try going to one of those small malabari food outlets (where you guys have your chai karak) for dinner. Ask for the menu and I bet you my bottom dirham that the above will be the menu and he will say it in the EXACT SAME order!

The food is pretty cheap though, which always rocks!

07 May, 2006 12:20  
Blogger Anon said...

Was my take on this, and I used to have the same problem whenever I had a kebab on the way home from a night on Stella!! Some things never change!

07 May, 2006 15:00  

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