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21 May, 2006

Poisoned waters

A poisoned pomegranate juice thwarts this weekend's plans for a jailbreak, but thank god for Dewa, who - unlike its Sharjah counterpart - actually manage to keep water flowing in the pipes:

Sharjah: The shortage of water in densely populated areas of Sharjah has become acute, with no advance warning from the authorities, residents said yesterday.

Most residents around Rolla Square have been using drinking water to flush toilets for the past month, while others are forced to drive to friends' homes in other districts to shower and bathe.

Enjoying E Coli with no flushing lavatories is beyond imagining.

Water is the scarcest resource in the sandlands, yet the UAE boasts one of the highest per capita consumptions in the world. Read this and weep; see this and think twice about any Dubai retirement plans you were entertaining.

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Blogger DirhamDad said...

Perhaps worth noting that water storage tanks (and pipework), often exposed to the extreme temperatures, with no/low flow are absoloutely ripe for germ and bacterial growth and activation. Constant flow and aeration is essential. Most tanks and pipework are already filthy (check inside your own tank to see) ...a blip in the supply could be all it takes.....

21 May, 2006 10:25  
Blogger John B. Chilton said...

Obviously the story about Sharjah is false. Look at all the green spaces around. Surely if residents are going without water the authorities would scale back the grassy parks and green spaces around the various highways and roundabouts.

Wouldn't you think?

21 May, 2006 11:28  
Blogger CG said...

are you kidding Mr.C?
Why on earth would they want anyone to know that the residents are parched beyond reasoning?

21 May, 2006 13:03  
Blogger Alex said...

This reminds me of a wonderful Australian remark: Don't look in the tank before you drink the water.

21 May, 2006 13:15  
Blogger archer14 said...

Look ma, I flushed the toilet with a jerry can full of 'drinking' water. 3 Dhs. a flush is bloody cool, I tell ya!

21 May, 2006 13:40  
Blogger dubaievileye said...,,2098-2185750.html

21 May, 2006 16:03  
Blogger Tim Newman said...

SD, that image you link to is highly suspect, despite its apparently authoritative source.

For instance, I am supposed to believe that Turkmenistan, which consists almost entirely of the Karakoum Desert, possibly the most barren in the world, is not expectecd to experience water shortages along with Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan in 2025 - despite all these countries currently having serious water shortages, albeit localised as yet.

Yet on the other hand, New Zealand which is covered in snow and pisses with rain daily will apparently be under drought conditions, along with tropical Malaysia!!

I'd file this study under "Politicised Bollocks" along with most of the global warming scaremongering pseudo-science.

22 May, 2006 10:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buddy of mine gets grey/brown water out of the taps in Sharjah. Guy lives in a 2 year old building on the Corniche, not sure if its SEWA or the building...
This is the first place I have lived in where the people are discouraged from drinking the tap water. Not sure by whom, though...

Disclosure: I drink bottled water too, apparently I fell for the whole drink-tap-water-and-die message when I came here. Guess am gullible

waiting for the The UAE Bottled Water Conspiracy Theory to come out soon.

23 May, 2006 19:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


30 May, 2006 14:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sooner or later water shortages will affect us all. Whether in the UAE or in the UK we can not ignore the fact that it is a resource that should be used wisely. So just a few suggestions from a wise water conserver;
No power showers
No lawns (bloody pointless unless your cattle)
No car washes(unless with a bucket)
No water features in the garden(ie olympic sized swimming pools)
No water fights with the kids

Hopefully you get the idea.

15 June, 2006 03:00  

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