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12 July, 2006

On the birdwalk

Forget Ascot, for the ultimate in stylish headgear there is only one place a bird can go. To the Nad Al Sheba veterinary boutique, where tiny, exquisite helmets featuring ornate plumes and hand-crafted leatherwork sell for hundreds of dirhams.

Go online and the designs become even more elaborate, as prices rocket into hundreds of dollars. Does a falcon know if its hood isn't the latest, most expensive model? Can it sense the scorn from other other birds, and be distracted from catching its prey?

Sadly, these beautiful avian hoods only fit larger birds. The thimble-sized head of Pippin-the-tiny-green parrot remains bare and unadorned.

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Blogger The Image Village said...

thanks for the tip...i am addicted to buying small, unusual adornments.

12 July, 2006 09:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

6 Days newspaper puts one of the worst terrorist attacks in the world on page 8, while some coked up rapster is front page news.
What a world we live in...

12 July, 2006 09:56  
Blogger Insipid Chagrin said...

Aye, But six days is primarily a tabloid. Decent coverage of international politial events and disasters seems to lie outside of its Jumeirah Janesque remit. I wonder, does driving a Peugot automatically numb awareness, or does one have to try really hard?

Mumbai is another stop in the line of train bombings and utter debauchery. I have friends still trying to get through to Mumbai from Dubai, but the telecomm system is log-jammed ala London 7/7.

Plumed falcon helmets sound like fun. But no big surprises - falconry is a showy sport, and the teedy beedy helmet will at least gratify the owner. I think its the ornithological answer to chrome alloys on cars.

12 July, 2006 10:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the news editor at 6 Days needs the stylish headgear SD blogs about for his thimble-sized brain. The News section has some guy who traded a paper clip for a house. While the terror attacks are in the Life section...
Of course these are 171 Indian lives that were lost, and Indians are not the target audience for this rag.

12 July, 2006 10:52  
Blogger Blogger said...

poor falcons lol

12 July, 2006 11:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sickening what happened in Bombay.

99.9% of the terrorism in the world is committed by evil power hungry people of a certain group, but I guess killing
innocents is ok cos they are doing it for the glory of and "cause" of their way of life.

I would like to see what the hell that Whore Debbie Menon will now write to KT. Bet you a 100 bucks she will somehow link the US to this as well

- Dubai Dave

12 July, 2006 11:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for all those who do not have a proxy....

p.s: SD feel free to delete if you think this will cause troubl

- Joe

12 July, 2006 11:48  
Blogger Al Sinjab said...


Those hoods are awesome! I wonder how much it would cost to get a human size'd Moridian Indian Style Hood. Might have to make one for myself.

How'd you discover them SD?

12 July, 2006 11:49  
Blogger al-republican said...

99.9% of the terrorism in the world is committed by evil power hungry people of a certain group, but I guess killing
innocents is ok cos they are doing it for the glory of and "cause" of their way of life.

I agree! What is sad though is that this "evil power" champions itself as the "land of the free and the home of the brave"!

12 July, 2006 11:52  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Al Sinjab - I was taking Pippin to the vet (he's fine - yay!) and there was a whole cabinet full of them. I felt kind of envious that I couldn't buy one for him.

Also there was this massive great falcon thing sitting nearby, and it made poor Pippin look a bit pathetic by comparison, and I felt really sorry for Pippin.

12 July, 2006 11:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats right Al-Republican,

The land of the free is the one who detonated those bombs,

The land of the free is the one that stones women to death for adultery.

The land of the free wipes out other religions in their community.

the land of the free lashes you if you happen to have music plaing loud during prayer time.

The land of the free puts you in jail cos you didn't fast when they were fasting....

etc etc etc

I totall agree with you al Republican - the land of the free is the cause of all the problems, in fact I have a pretty nasty pimple on my ass which I am pretty sure is a biological attck by the land of the free.

12 July, 2006 12:07  
Blogger al-republican said...

anonymous @ 12 July, 2006 12:07

The land of the brave may have not detonated the multiple bombs in Mumbai, but I hope you didn't forget the atomic bombs they detonated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that led to the death of over 200,000 (boy, the dishdash terrorists you love to hate couldn't reach that figure in the next 10 years!) people and its aftermath are still evident. Also I hope you dont forget the bombs they are detonating on a regularly basis in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The land of the free also has the patriot act where no ones' privacy is respected.

The land of the free captures and jails anyone they wish to on mere suspicion taking away basic rights for these people to even have an attorney represent them.

The land of the free goes around wiping other religions (they try to be smart and end up fooling gullible folks like you by using the term "ideology") and are actively engaged in it as we speak.

Jailing for not fasting?? How about bombing for not subscribing to American diktat? The former at least falls within the jurisdiction of the law of the land. What would you call the latter? Law of the jungle?

Bloody the list is too long and it's pointless reproducing it time and time again! Albeit, one thing is crystal clear and perhaps is the actual reason for the frustrations you exhibit: Even with all the mayhem and carnage the US has been pursuing for a good 50 years they havent been able to achieve much, have they? Those has-beens (British) were much better than you guys, frankly.

Regardless of who started the fire and what is the source of the pimple on your ass, the ground realities are that those "dirty terrorists" seem to be thwarting the "sole superpower" with consummate ease!

Be proud of the pimple in your ass! At least it doesn't make you look pathetic!

12 July, 2006 12:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al Republican.

That is the most stupid argument in the world. Bringing up Hiroshima.

Let us go back to pre Hiroshima. If you didnt realise it was the Japanese who attacked USA. They started the war. The japanese were responsible for some of the worst racial atrocities.

They refused to surrender, so the US bombed them. This is totally justifed. If they didnt want to face the consequences of a atomic bomb then they shouldn't have attacked.

Do you think your privacy is respected more or less in the Middle East??

Do you think you have more or less rights in the Middle East??

Do you thin you could get away with openly practicing another religion in some of the Middle Eastern Countries.

Fer gads sake, Saudi Arabia keeps jailing non-muslims who have ceremonies in their houses?? Is this ok???

What makes you think people here are not jailed for no reason at all??

You can atleast speak up against the govt in the west (how else would you hear about all their mistakes), but try going out in public and saying something against the ruling families here.... Didnt think you would have the balls...

As a non-muslim, I feared for my safety when I lived in Saudi and elsewhere in the Middle East. I never felt fear in the land of the free.

So I did the smart thing, left the Middle East and moves somewhere else.

- M

12 July, 2006 12:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Falconers tend to be wealthy Arabs. What better way to snag a few of those royal bucks but to pimp-out their falcon?

12 July, 2006 13:02  
Blogger grinch said...

Ah, Al-Republican seems to have returned with his usual insipid and unrelated anti-US diatribe.
At least try and link it to the discussion that's going on at the moment!
Anon seems to be having fun replying to your arguments so I won't waste my time going through each of your puerile and unresearched points.

12 July, 2006 13:02  
Blogger al-republican said...

Anonymous @ 12 July, 2006 12:52

Oh shut up and put a sock in it! Why do you Westerners cry so much? Stop trying to defend Hiroshima and Nagasaki! The Japanese attacked military installations (Pearl Harbor) unlike your cowardly response. Then again that is what you lamers are all about - cheap shots!

Keep crying; the American dream will come to an end and the beginning of the end is already being witnessed.


12 July, 2006 13:04  
Blogger al-republican said...

OK grinch, let me try linking it to this thread...

Oh, wait, this thread was about falcons and their head dresses! Did you bloody notice who diverged from the topic and started the anti-Islam hate machine?

What a bunch of hypocrites! I can understand your frustrations though, so it's OK :)

12 July, 2006 13:08  
Blogger secretdubai said...

I think some more poetry might be on the way tomorrow, seeing as the West is yet again being blamed for terrorist atrocities.

12 July, 2006 14:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuuny hwo people are blaming AL-R for bringing the West into it, yet they themselves are bringing Islam into this event even though there has been no claim by any group for theh Mumbai attacks.

Its ok for anon to move away from the topic and bring Islam & Debbie Menon into the discussion, but Al-R is not allowed to bring irrelevant subjects.



12 July, 2006 14:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

al Republican,

I am not a westerner.

Fact: Terrorist attack in Bombay.

Fact: Looks like it is being done by the usual suspects.

Fact: In all the relgious conflict around the world there is one common participant.

Draw your own conclusions.

- M

12 July, 2006 16:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok lets link this post... send all the falcons to US with a peace msg tied to their legs.... fly away .. my children.. make us proud

12 July, 2006 16:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

opps and yeah remember to take em hoods off.. dun want them flying to china... and become dinner

12 July, 2006 16:26  
Blogger BrainSyke said...

nice ! These are actually beautiful

12 July, 2006 18:32  
Blogger 1234dsfs said...

Coward Anons!!

12 July, 2006 19:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

al republican.

Again your arguments are stupid, pointless and you end up making muslims look stupid. Anyways one by one all these terror leaders are being killed so we have something to look forward to. However, i cant understand what kind of a human being (forget muslim because i am ashamed you consider yourself that) would justify killing poor indians.

Anonymous @ 12 July, 2006 12:07 asked you some very good questions can you answer them?

Also - can you tell me when was your euphoric Islamic ummah ever successful? The prophet's own grandchildren and freinds were slaughtered by muslims (and in the most barbaric way). Instead of people learning a lesson from that- muslims are still preaching hate.

You know who i am :)

12 July, 2006 19:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Al Repub;ican comes here to get some much deserved attention. So the only way he knows how is to stir up some cheap controversy.

12 July, 2006 19:05  
Blogger Al Sinjab said...

Am I the only one who is imagining Al Republican and Anon. in battle right now, swords raised and wearing these beautiful feathered hoods? I can picture it so clearly. I've got a Hur Hawker Hood for Anon and a black Khan Original for Al Republican.

SD- glad Pippin is alright. The hoods look a bit heavy and uncomfortable anyways. I think mine will be made out of paper or watermelon.

12 July, 2006 21:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hail Al Republican, the only one who remembers what the land of the free and the brave and the rich and the cool have done to this world.

We must commend Al Republican for staying here on guard at this blog day and night to delve into the topic at the drop of a hat. Something up your ass- its America. Something coming out of it? What else.

Al-Republican also loves to keep reminding of injustices by this cruel nation while completely forgetting the injustices propagated by other nations on their own citizens.

Al-R only believes in conspiracies and primarily watches Afghani DVDs which depict the truth behind everything - even that pimple in your ass. Didn't you sit on an American chair the other day? Serves you right. It's time you understood the basics and brushed your teeth with pure sand n spit.

Trains, planes and cranes were all made to propel you to your doom. Live in a cave and nothing can hold you back from bombing the whole world when you haven't even seen one in the first place.

Al-R believes the truth will liberate that giant pimple lodged in his ass, the one which is his real brain. Unfortunately, no Afghani remedy has been able to cure him of this disease. An RPG seems worthwhile, but thats only when its time to become a martyr.

here is AL-r cuaght red handed buying bollywood DVDs for a change.

12 July, 2006 21:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always find it encouraging to see ppl like the al republican attempt debating. Now the key to a good debate is to rationally evaluate what the other person says and then make a valid counter-point. Getting angry or losing your cool is a sign of weakness. Al republican I would strongly suggest you read the transcripts of the Doha Debates, perhaps again you will learn something about an art I am keen to improve upon myself.
Now to your points basically in my view yes the U.S system isn't perfect. I will start with the press and then I will move on the government. The U.S press for example shouldn't be seen as the holy gospel of truth. Some of the U.S press is arguably biased, mainly to pander to their political bases. (The NY Times to the Dems and the Wall Street Journal to the republicans). Here is the KEY thing. Their editorial boards choose to do that.
That said the U.S press is still allowed to criticize its government like with Gitmo, NSA Wiretapping, Abu Ghraib the list goes on. There are 1000s of Gitmos here in the Middle East and you will never hear about it. Look at what happened to this guy on . This is one source I believe this blog even covered the unaccountability of the UAE police at some point.
Focus on that in your own backyard before quoting the U.S press criticizing its own government. Do you ever see the Gulf News or KT do that? They cannot because they will cease to exist.
So now to whether 9/11 was a U.S sponsored event. If the CIA came up with 9/11 it would have be leaked. Someone with a conscience or someone politically savvy would have been sure to take advantage; Deep throat is a famous example this. Also consider it was in broad daylight with all the various independent media outlets focusing their cameras on there. There are plenty of reputed scientists who have studied this. The 9/11 commission had some of the best scholars across the country evaluate all the evidence, you think they would go along wih the conspiracy? The secrecy of governments that you assume happens in the Middle East. This give arise to conspiracy theories. Like Gen. Ghazi Kanaan in Syria you think he really committed suicide?? Carefully read what I have said and make valid counter-points. I have presented my views and have nothing against Muslims. Do not take things personally.

12 July, 2006 22:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al Republican,

Don't remember the land of the free ever blocking this blog...

13 July, 2006 08:35  
Blogger ssosw said...

Anon @12 July, 2006 16:12 said

Fact: Looks like it is being done by the usual suspects.

Fact: In all the relgious conflict around the world there is one common participant.

LOOKS LIKE??? How is that a fact

As for your second fact..Its your stupid mentality that makes it a relegious conflict.The conflict is political.Motivated by the greed for power,to control Kashmir( assuming it was the "usual suspects" you intended who actually did it)

Strangely enough these kinds attacks and unrest happen when the BJP (+ allies )seem to be out of power.A very effective way of stirring relegious sentiments of dimwitted people like you. This will most probably continue until they come into power...

13 July, 2006 10:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hey I am not the one quoting passages from religious books while killing innocents.....

- M

13 July, 2006 12:45  
Blogger ssosw said...

And ur not the one smart enough to understand the motive behind all these terror. You think a group of Muslims walk around killing innocents for no reason at all. U do not understand that these are politically motivated killings planned by people who have nothing to do with Islam.They use the cover of Islam to obtain funds and support.Moreover it has become very easy for anyone to do anything nowadays and blame Islam for it . People are ready to believe it thanks to worldwide propaganda against Muslims.

13 July, 2006 15:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are right, it is all a conspiracy.

I mean all the human right abuses that happen all over the middle east are all false as well, right?

13 July, 2006 16:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey ssow,

If you are going to have a debate with someone, stop resorting to name calling "And ur not the one smart enough to understand the motive behind all these terror."

You sound exactly like those nut cases who have no real point but always accuse other people of not having the intellectual capacity to understand the "truth" behind everything.

13 July, 2006 16:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I understand the exact reason these killings happen.

Maybe it is time you woke up and smelt the coffee.


13 July, 2006 16:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I do agree that the western media and to some extent their governments have been harsh in their criticism and stereotyping of Muslims. The U.S's current administration is a disaster from a PR perspective. However be careful not to extrapolate this to random conspiracy theories to acts of violence.
Sections of Islamic society are not good at taking criticism and lash out. In my view this fuels the western media to get harsher. This anti-Muslim sentiment provides great propaganda material to extremist. Currently it is a vicarious cycle and needs pragmatic leadership to solve this. Its up to people like you who have credibility with your Muslims brothers and are willing to listen to the other point of view to take the initiative and start the discussion. Instead of feeling like a victim, address their criticisms. If SS permits us we can start it right over here. I challenge you to summarize in your view the themes that bother you about the western press and then how you believe that they are mistaken?

Oh on another note if any of you haven't checked this out already- Great stuff!:

13 July, 2006 18:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Point of clarification. vicarious was supposed to mean vicious..damn spell checkers

13 July, 2006 19:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with Al Republican here. Readers of this blog seem so ever-ready to blame Islam and Muslims and crib about the lack of freedom they have in the Middle East. Poor Al Rep gets torn apart simply because he's on the unpopular side.

Certain readers seem to always notice when the West gets blamed (AGAIN!), but not really notice when Isam and Muslims get blamed (AGAIN!).

Al Rep's arguments are usually presented in a balanced intelligent way. This is the first time I've seen him lose his cool and frankly, I'm not surprised. Go Al Rep - you do have some supporters here - and they're not all Muslim.

There are actually thinking people who try and justify the nuclear attacks on Japan?

13 July, 2006 20:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have only one thing to add.

Think about it...

which is the only country in the world that prevents the visiting/staying non citizens or even its own citizens from practicing their own religion/set of beliefs (to the extent that there are punishments attached to it)?

which is this country, guys? Doesn't this country also claim that they preach respect for all people and their beliefs?

13 July, 2006 23:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The japan attacks can be justified.

You have to look at it in a logical way in the context of the times.

US was attacked.

They fought back.

They bombed Japan when Japan refused to surrender.

13 July, 2006 23:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anon above,

that way every act can be jusitifed by saying it was "retaliation" for something or the other. The only reason you are justifying Hiroshima is because the USA did it.


14 July, 2006 00:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Al Rep gets torn apart simply because he's on the unpopular side.

-- Onpopular side of which ass cheek?

Al Rep's arguments are usually presented in a balanced intelligent way. This is the first time I've seen him lose his cool and frankly, I'm not surprised.

-- u watch movie dvds and he watches afghani dvds, thas why u not suprised.

There are actually thinking people who try and justify the nuclear attacks on Japan?

-- but I'm non thinking people. please help. what are nuclear things. zhuuuaa-pan? is zhuuuuaa-pan caled japan?

14 July, 2006 00:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think of Hiroshima as a less of evils during a time of catastrophic world war. Loss of innocent human life can never be justified. Hiroshima did end the war however. I could argue the Americans did make up for their mistake by looking at where Japan is today; an economic superpower. They are one of the world’s most pacifist societies, shark contrast compared to their world domination imperial phase. This is mainly due to America's Marshall plan. We could disagree and in fact we could keep going forever. Let’s not get stuck on debating historical perspectives. Where will that get us? The lives have already been lost. What we can do is apply these lessons to present day issues; like the divide between the west and Islam. My take on it is that the U.S and Arab governments need to start appealing to the large moderate Muslim community in a manner that they understand. I am thinking like quote the Islamic texts to prove how unislamic terrorism is, every time it is proven that extremists were behind it. Get these extremist clerics who preach terrorism and know nothing about the religion to be exposed. In my view that would do a lot to bridge the divide. What do you guys think as this as a solution? I will concede the current Bush administration is not capable of this or anything related to international PR but perhaps the next..

14 July, 2006 01:29  
Blogger al-republican said...

Wow! Look at the kind of reaction coming out here! Frankly, I am amused at this pusillanimous rhetoric of the usual Islam-haters.

A lot can be said, albeit there is no point in talking to people with perverted and constricted minds. Someone rightly pointed out here that I lost my cool - I indeed did!

The only reason I ever decided to contribute to these blogs was because I saw for way too long how much hate there is in some Westerners and how all this hate is based on false notions. I chose to use this screen-name (Al-Republican) as an anti-thesis to the popular notion of Westerners of all evil things rooting from an "Islamic" enemy, which they choose to label as "Al-Quaida" so that they remain politically correct while bashing the daylights of a religion of 1.2 billion human beings!

To the anonymous contributer whom I am supposed to know: Yes I do know who you are, and as usual you are an apologetic Muslim who has very little knowledge of history. You question as to what have Muslim EVER achieved, but the fact you asked such a ludicrous question points to the patently flawed reasoning you possess! If you cannot turn back and look at the history of a nation, which is 1400+ years rich and has survived and overcome some serious challenges throughout then it shows how incompetent you are with rudimentary history of the Islamic civilization!

But, you may revel in your ignorance as it is a convenient way for apologetic people to prove to the almighty westerners that they subscribe to their twisted outlook on life. You yourself know how your brown skin and your faith has made you a damned target of "white" hegemony. sorry for being personal, but I hope you are not going to keep lying to yourself for long, in sha Allah.

Here is some unsolicited advice that you may find handy: Stop being ashamed of who you are and putting up a big act. People like you often end up on the wrong side of history where you end up becoming the punching bag for both those whom you tried to put up the big act for (in your case, the almighty westerners) and also by those whom you pussy-footedly are a part of. Shed the hypocrisy!

15 July, 2006 03:06  
Blogger al-republican said...

ex dxber:

The solution you give is actually something that the Cheryl Bernard of RAND corporation had recommended tp the Bush administration some time back. It is being actively implemented and finds a lot of takers amongst Western think-tanks.

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, we Muslims already know what this is all about! Unfortunately, what you and others won't understand is that it is not the bearded mullahs preaching and selling hate to the "moderate" Muslim masses, but the unjust and biased foreign policies of the West (US being the chief in the last 50 odd years) that does the bidding!

So you may try marginilazing, and, as Mr. Anonymous whom I am supposed to know suggested, killing all the Usama Bin Ladens and Abu Musab Al-Zarqawis you wish. It will get you absolutely NOWHERE! Change the hegemonic foreign policies and constant meddling in the affairs of Muslim countries and you will see all this end quicker than you could say "American Cheese"!

For all those interested in looking at the RAND corporations report (and I recommend it as it is a really good read) try reading RAND Corporation's Cheryl Benard small booklet titled Civil Democratic Islam: Partners, Resources, and Strategies. For your own convenience, you can cut/paste this on google.

15 July, 2006 03:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a problem.

If I am reading you right, Al-Republican, then:

Brown = Muslim

White = Westerners (cause of all the evil in the world, including when "brown" people blow up other "brown" people.)

If you (Al-Republican) decide to hack to death a helpless baby, then blame and responsibility can be justly placed on American policy. If America had different policies, you would not have killed the baby, so you are really a good person, a very good person who is FORCED into all this by the Americans.

Muslim = nation (that has achieved so many things in the past 1400 years.)

The Arabs didn't achieve anything. The Muslims did.

The Indians didn't achieve anything. The Muslims did.

People of a particular region achieve nothing, count for nothing. It is of no consequence. They are identified only by their religion.

There are no brown Christians. They don't exist.

There are no black Christians. They don't exist.

There are no Arab Christians. They don't exist.

Colour = religion.

Language = religion.

Ethnicity = religion.

...As I was saying, there is indeed a problem. Are we beginning to see what it is?

- Not M, but Brown.

15 July, 2006 10:42  
Blogger al-republican said...

Not M, but Brown-

Short and quick answer to you: No you are NOT reading me right.


15 July, 2006 12:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a shame al-R has to see the world thru his rear end. It's always gonna be dark from down there. Learn to look beyond your ass into the wide world out there, where everything isn't about the brown and the black and the white. also some contatcs could do some good, apparently you're horribly myopic after being in your pimpled ass for far too long.

16 July, 2006 00:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al Republican,

Thanks for responding. It seems we are either with you or against you there doesn't seem to be in between. I recognize the achievements of Islamic society; my favorite being the unprecedented compassion and humanity shown to Christians during the times of the crusade by their great Salah al-Din. The list goes on but hopefully you see that I do appreciate a lot about Muslims and their history. Most importantly do not take my objectivity as hostility.

Due to the infiltration of the Bush administration into RAND, a lot of what you see come out of it maybe against you. The organization however has had a great history including its role in the creation of Artificial Intelligence and many Nobel Laureates. While its impressive that you found out that this was a position of RAND’s, you didn’t really give us your thoughts on it. The approach that I suggested may actually benefit the world, and could be one of the rare gold nuggets from the current RAND. Your solution of simply saying "get out, we did nothing wrong it’s your entire fault" is not realistic. You don’t ever look introspectively at your own society. There are shortcomings in Islamic society as there are in western society. Perhaps you don’t want to go through this exercise and feel that its nobody’s business but yours. The reality is that the world needs the Middle East for its oil and the Middle East doesn’t mind the revenue. With every economic relationship comes a political relationship. Here comes the need for cultural understanding, that is not there. America and the Middle East need to find ways to work together. The only way we can do that is if people like you tell the world how. This relationship is not of one equals as America is the current superpower, when it is your turn to be a superpower it will be the same way. What was it like dealing with Ottomans or Mughals at their peak? This discussion should be one where we both should come out understanding each other better. While its good to talk about how each side has wronged the other, we should also move forward with solutions in the spirit of compromise on both sides. By doing this we can be the sort of cultural ambassadors that will prevent situations such as these in the future. Right now I am honestly at a loss to what exactly bothers you about America and the west apart from the usual rhetoric Iraq, Israel an the jews etc. Iraq is a mistake and the manner in which the Bush administration deals with Israel is also questionable. I personally don’t like the carte blanche given to Israel by the Bush administration. This is another debate so lets not go there yet. As you can see here I am openly criticizing some of my own position in this debate. I challenge you to this to yours and move this forward. Responses like “you don’t understand me” or “I am not going to get into this now” really do not move this forward. Be innovative and feel free to against the grain.

After all this you may think I am “against you” but remember how I started this discussion…

16 July, 2006 02:24  
Blogger al-republican said...

ex dxber-

A couple of clarifications are in place here:

1- My objective was never to attack you. In fact, my annoyance was with people who are usually bashing Islam at every given opportunity. I do not mind people bashing me and my opinions, though. Life is pretty massive as compared to my ownself. The Universe is huge with countless galaxies; amongst those many galaxies is one galaxy; in that one galaxy there are many planets; in those many planets is planet Earth; in that huge Earth there are many continents; and in one little continent is a small country; in that small country is one tiny city; and in that tiny city is where I am. Just a tiny little being in the very very large picture so I wouldn't want to fight over my ownself! Indeed, debating for one's own ego is major sin in Islam that will earn the Displeasure of God Almighty!

2- I had never meant to make races an issue - far from it! That piece about races and being brown and "white" hegemony was directed towards a friend of mine who had commented in these blogs. He had gone through an experience that I wanted to remind him before he started counting Muslim shortcomings.

Now that these are out of the way, I can talk to you more about the RAND corporation. As I had noted, the suggestions you give is what Cheryl Bernad has explained in length to the US government. As for my opinion on these "findings", no, Sir, I do not agree with them. Not only are those findings patently flawed, but they do not hit the core of the issues at all. Plus, I hope you can agree with me on this, those solutions are Yank-centric. All those "solutions" are to serve the interests of America and clearly the intentions of those strategies does not take into account of how the population in this region would react to it. I don't smell any good will in that document.

Allow me to put a few things in perspective for you to understand better this strategy and the reaction of the people in question. You may have read how the Islamic spectrum is broken down into a few categories and how the Americans want to actively help two of these to serve American interests: (1) Scriptural Traditionalists (to some extent); (2) Modernists (to a large extent).

In light of recent events, there are 2 names that come to mind that represent the 2 categories names above:

1- Dr. Amina Wadud (Scriptual Traditionalist, although please note that she has many qualities of a modernists as per the "spectrum" model a.k.a. overlapping of different categories). She is the lady who led the prayers in New York as opposed to Islamic teaching of only men being allowed to lead congregational prayers of mixed genders.

2- Irshad Manji (clearly a modernist with lots of secularist tendencies as well). She is asking for a complete revamp of Islamic Sciences to suit modern times. She wants to achieve this through the process of IJTIHAAD, which although is permissible in Islam is completely misunderstood by pseudo-protagonists such as Miss Manji. She is also openly lesbian and a close comrade of the infamous Salman Rusdie.

As a person who has followed politics very closely for the past 5 years or so, I was expecting such occurrences. But, just to make this exchange more useful and relevant, I am going to leave out all details and cut to the point. America (and western think-tanks in general) supported these 2 ladies to the teeth in disseminating their beliefs (as per the RAND plan). What was the reaction of the Muslim World to this? I leave you to decide how popular this exercize was.

Clearly, the overwhelming majority (and in Dr. Wadud's case the entire islamic spectrum) denounced these acts of rebellion. Sure, these tactics of changing the spirit of Islam in the name of "empowering" women and tweaking Islamic principles serves America's cause, but are the Muslims happy with it? Will they EVER accept it? Isn't this a futile exercize? It were these events that actually led to Muslims reading up about RAND's recommendation, which is waking lot's of Muslims from their slumber. Obviously, there are many Muslims still who do not know about these things. The very friend I was responding to here being one of them!

Finally, where in this entire report do you see RAND recommending the US administration of solving geo-political issues facing the Muslim World today? Unfortunately, all of the geo-political issues facing us today involves Muslims and hence the frustration and anger. Our reaction is compounded by the fact that some of these issues very directly a cause of Western policies (such as Kashmir and Palestine) and then to add insult to injury we have the infamous US high-handedness against Palestinians in the mother of all geo-political issues!

I hope you understand a bit of this and how this can lead to extreme frustration as we see today.

16 July, 2006 10:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you Moron Dubai Dave, before you call people names research the subject matter. Or is your brain full of hamburger, fries and coke to understand what human suffering the Palestinians go through on a daily basis? See this video you uniformed moron. Anyone with half a brain will support the Palestinian cause. And you know what?I live in Mumbai and I lost a friend in that blast. So do not use that that tragedy to justify what happens in palestine!

21 November, 2006 11:22  

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