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12 December, 2006

Vote for Dr Meshgan

"Dr Meshgan Al Awar, the director of the Research and Studies Centre at Dubai Police Academy [...] said there was a need to enhance the cultural understanding between Emiratis and expatriate communities in the UAE.

"Suggesting an "open hearts and open minds" policy, Dr Meshgan said that she would propose legislation that would encourage a cultural exchange between the communities. According to her, such a policy would also help maintain the Emirati identity."

About time.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freakin finally. Someone who CARES :)

12 December, 2006 21:43  
Blogger SIN said...

I hope she is genuine when she says this...sigh...when will the day come when a candidate will say that native expats (living in the country for over 10-15 years) will be given rights and level of freedom (a debatable subject) like the Emiratis.

Our family in the UAE dates back four generations, that's well over 100 years and there seems no light at the end of this tunnel for us....

13 December, 2006 15:45  
Blogger Sex and Dubai said...

Why the surprise?

This initiative is stale and dried. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding already does a pretty good job. The facilities for information sharing and cultural exchange are already in place - it's just getting people on both ends of the spectrum to care enough about each other's cultures to make the effort to learn more.

13 December, 2006 15:51  
Blogger LocalExpat said...

Vote for Dr. Meshgan...hehe you gotta be kidding right SD. How do you expect most of your readers to vote when they are expats?

13 December, 2006 16:35  
Blogger Keef said...

she would propose legislation that would encourage a cultural exchange between the communities Eh?

13 December, 2006 23:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cultural Exchange?
I thought they always pointed out to us that their culture was better than ours. So what can we offer ...

14 December, 2006 07:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only cultural exchange this place ever sees is down The Cyclone or the Arif.

Not that I've ever frequented either, ahem, establishment, m'lud.

14 December, 2006 15:31  

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