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04 January, 2007

Sex in the City

What a Carry On in the Capital: hordes of angry Abu Dhabi residents chasing naughty nymphettes from the Qasr to the Corniche. Act I - SMS by sex - furious Dhabians are being spammed with text messages advertising "girls of different Arab nationalities" for sexual services:

"I wonder how etisalat allows such messages to reach people. They should monitor all messages and block indecent ones," [one resident] said.

"It is against our traditions and religion. Even in Europe and other countries which allow such companies to operate, these kinds of messages will not be allowed to reach people's mobile phones," he said.

Another irritated woman said her husband had received these messages inviting him to have sex with young Arab girls in Abu Dhabi. "I tried to contact the company several times but no one is responding," she said. "Etisalat should prevent people from sending these messages and they should monitor the content of them."

Act II - air ho-stesses - Dhabians are up in arms over the comings and goings of female flight staff in "half-dressed attire":

One resident said: "I don’t really care about their social life, when we see them getting picked up by flashy cars, but when these cars cause inconvenience to the residents… it is of significant concern." They added: “I have no issues with Etihad Airlines but if they could teach their staff how to behave when they are not flying it would be greatly appreciated.” Etihad refused to comment.

And we must also refrain from commenting on the possibility of any connection between these two stories.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think taking offence at Etisalat is totally wrong. You know the word Etisalat in Arabic means connections. So, this is part of the scope of work: “connecting people”. Do you think with this almost-free communication costs we enjoy, with the cheapest end user Internet bandwidth available and with all the cutting edge voice over IP technology provided for us to communicate, Etisalat is left with any budget to employ more people to scan through SMSs and hell, this is an invasion of privacy.

Have you ever called Etisalat help line on 1AM for technical problems? Poor guys are so busy that you always hear this: “due to high volume of calls, we are unable to answer your call immediately” and then you have to wait for 45 minutes so one of these poor engineers pick up the phone and tell you that you need to call tomorrow. Do you know how much it costs for Etisalat to make Internet a safe place for us: An arm and a leg. Blocking thousands of sites, unblocking sites after three years, etc. etc. needs an army of underpaid locals to do so.

It’s a free community out there and everyone should be allowed to carry out their businesses with the same opportunity either inside the clubs or alongside the streets or through sending SMS.

Certainly Dhabians need a cultural exchange with Dubaians to learn how to deal with business diversity in their living environment. At the end of the day, they will understand that one business will support the other, all part of a big nice family.

04 January, 2007 04:00  
Blogger Photograph Abu Dhabi said...

Ironically sent from one of my Etihad mates which is quite apt for this post...



04 January, 2007 04:03  
Blogger snow white said...

Screwed_mind : your comments would be valid if I couldn't pick holes in almost all of them... It's a good job I can detect a note of sarcasm throughout, so for those people that took this comment at face value, let me explain.

- Etisalat manage to find the time to censor everything else under the sun, so you would think they could concentrate on SMS obscenities rather than Flickr and Google caches.
- As for VOIP technology, this is irrelevant as it is blocked by Etisalat.
- Etisalat's budget is larger than the GDP of most small nations and is one of the largest profit-making companies in the Gulf.
- Almost-free communication? Is that like being almost pregnant?
- High volume of calls at 1am is more likely to be a case of just one operator working those hours.
- And I won't even go into the underpaid locals argument.

04 January, 2007 13:26  
Blogger click_310 said...

SD: This post is kinda boring without pix of said Ethiad chicks. Where is samuraisam with his trusty camera & the big ass lens? :p

04 January, 2007 16:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Snow White for explaining me and a bunch of blonde friends we very confused. thank you very much for shedding light on Screwed_mind post. I am glad to see that there are people out there you care about other people who don't get sarcasm. Can i ask you to explain Liam's post as well please. There might be someone out there who didn't get that one either. ....

04 January, 2007 18:41  
Blogger aussie70 said...

They should all be locked up in "air hostess city" located near Jabal ali, It can also have unblocked internet. A shuttle bus, in house night clubs (several of them in order to make more money) own beach so no one complains that they wear bikinis on public beaches. Own shopping mall - so that the locals don't complain see a good looking girl at zara while his wife was in the changing room. service station for peugoets 305's
it should have several gates that close at 4 am and no men are allowed to stay overnight in the city unless they prove that they are gay.

04 January, 2007 18:47  
Blogger secretdubai said...

I didn't realise it was sarcasm either, though now I re-read it, it's rather obvious ;)

04 January, 2007 18:48  
Blogger samuraisam said...

click_310:"Where is samuraisam with his trusty camera & the big ass lens?"

I am in your country taking photos of your wommenz!

04 January, 2007 22:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol delicate souls....the whole emirate is full of good time girls....nearly as bad as dubai

05 January, 2007 02:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have noticed a conciderable decline
in rowdiness and violence among young Abudhabi males, since the Etihad girls showed up.

al that testtosterone is bieng channeled somewhere else. LOL

God Bless those girls.


06 January, 2007 03:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite frankly I am inclined to agree I also get sick of this disgusting behaviour and I might add I am male.
I don’t live in your country but have visited it.
But my e-mail boxes from several addresses I have also get this type of thing as well as my my mobile or cell whatever you wish you call it
There is in my humble opinion absolutely no need for this.
It is something we can all do without I think

06 January, 2007 06:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now i know where to hangout, look out Etihad building on Sh.Zayed Road, here we come. Thanks Liam.

08 January, 2007 15:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

firstly, i think the PC term is "flight attendant" or "cabin crew" or "flight stewards/stewardesses" but i forsee someone coming in here with smarty pants on and go, "a rose by any other name is still a rose." oh well. if that.

secondly, please do NOT confuse Etihad with Emirates. Etihad=Abu Dhabi=Grey Hats (and frm what I've seen, fatter girls!). Emirates=Dubai=Red Hats (some fat girls but not as many as those in Etihad) -how DO you go down the aisles with such girth?-. So since Shk Zyd Rd is in Dubai, Anonymous, u were referring to Emirates, NOT Etihad. Don't be blonde, please!! And I'm not even going to bother explaining anything should there be ANYONE (anyone at all) who has confused Etihad with Etisalat. Heh.

thirdly, i think the only reason Etihad's crew were shoved into the limelight is because Dhabians are still very uptight and easily fazed by these kind of things whereas Dubains...have now seen everything and are now conveniently jaded enough to be blind. anyone seen the cafes at UP tower and 21st century tower on weekends?? hello boobfest!!

fourthly, frm wat i hear, Etihad crew have recently been subjected to pay cuts and already, as it is, their pay is a LOT less than Emirates go figure.

finally, i think we should all not be so judgemental. showing sum skin doth not mean selling sum. ive seen them russian ho's clad in abayas and such and making eyes at any male that looks their way. and no, none of them are cabin crew. they dun hv to be...what they get in a month (apart frm ramadhan) is equivalent to a thousand flights a stewardess needs to operate to India. :P

live well,all!

13 January, 2007 17:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just like to say Fly Qatar Airways! Flights are half empty and as a result managed to achieve a lifetime ambition to join the Mile High Club with a gorgeous and welcoming hostie! Its the closest to heaven Ive ever been!

18 January, 2007 21:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rosie Palm?? The famous Irish QA Trolley dolley? Me too - she was great!

21 January, 2007 23:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not local but I live in Abu Dhabi and have done for 4 years.

Etihad girls? Well, sure I can see that they are at best a little bimbo-like, I know many but I am generalizing as one of them is a good friend. And yep she's a little bimbo-like. But if that's an issue with locals, then don't scrutinise the minority, there's a lot more of that going on and they ain't cabin crew for any company. Just hang around the bars/clubs to see what I mean! That sort of behavior is not offensive to me being from a western culture, but it's all sorts acting this way.

I am surprised no one has mentioned the HORDES of Chinese hookers that make up 90% of the pedestrians on Hamdan Street (amongst other places) at night. If cabin crew showing skin and acting a sassy is offensive to local culture then how do they view these gangs of chinese woman hassling anything male that walks past with "Harow, where yooo goo?"
If that indeed is offensive, then weird how most of their customers tend to be locals. Every night when I walk home from work, I watch them pull up alongside these women in their expensive 4x4's, BMW's, Mercs etc and often in national dress too!

To each is own!

12 March, 2007 02:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came across this blog by accident. I have to say , it is such a shame that you have all seen the nagative side of the UAE indeed, what you may have seen is alien to the UAE people themselves. Lets share some pointers.

1. You only get bad sms if you have someone in ignorance accepting an unknown message that creates spam. Also, each person has a responsibilty to the proper use of their phone HELLOOOO OUT THERE!! The mobile sms can be DELETED and indeed IGNORED if you choose to ignore it. Also, you can have your operator arranged for the texts to be stopped.

2. If you want to see the best of the UAE, go out at decent times ( again be responsible for your decisions) and look for the good not the bad.

3. I think the UAE is quite moderate and a lot of people visit it without even reading up on the local culture, or even having the decency to dress moderately. BUT as the saying goes: "Give them an inch and they take a mile."

16 May, 2007 15:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For centuries authorites are trying to stop prostitution. But it has grown up to a multi million dollar industry world wide. Let us analyse this. Any industry to grow , there should be demand. Apparently there is a great demand for prostitution service. This service will thrive as long as there is demand. That is it.

27 October, 2007 17:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

emirates as in easy- moneymaking- involving- racket- attracting- tarts- encouraging- sex :)

07 February, 2008 05:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell me one thing ...

what about all arabs with flashy cars roaming around and picking prost. all the night?

some arab's wife can call a company not to send sms to her husband but what when her husband is roaming around the big mosque on Hamdan Street to pick the girls? can she stop him or y dont she complain about this?

What about all the arabs who have tinted their car's windows and u cannot even see the driver's face? what they do inside those cars?

And about etisalat ... its just sucking the blood of poor residents who cannot even call their families and their companies does not allow them to go on yearly one month vacation.

Then these arabs call themselves muslims and they think they are the greatest muslims while treating other non arab muslims like slaves.

if any one disagree then mail me at

19 April, 2008 16:37  
Blogger Jimddddd said...

Having lived in AD for a year, I think the Moslem world should be ashamed. I have lived around the world, and for numbers of Hookers, booze, AD is around or at the top. My wife and kids (teenagers) certainly have a new perspective on what being a Moslem really means. I can only think that with money being so important in AD, that the powers are all on the take and enjoying entertainment.

20 June, 2008 22:05  
Blogger Ulugbek said...

It's really corrupted country, in terms of sex, cuz all all tourists come here to enjoy, as to say to have sex, some with partners and some without, the ones who are without partners would probably seek one from here. And I think all these deeds have their bad consequences, like in Turkey, after the earthquake so many people died.
Etisalat was sole monopolized company since Du joined. But still everyone preferring Etisalat, and I think if they stop emitting that kind of SMSs, all clients will go to Du, that's why Etisalat keeping silent about that case.
I have no idea about Etihad cheeks but I saw a video where Emirates airline girl sucking someone's dick. So my general impression about air hostesses is not positive.

08 July, 2008 13:11  

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