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23 May, 2007

Tigers, tigers, burning bright

A ray of hope for two of the crowded, caged inmates of Dubai Zoo:

The tigers, the national animals of India, were transferred from Dubai Zoo almost one year ago and live within a 420-square-metre, air-conditioned compound with tempered and bullet-proof glass at the 180,000 sq ft headquarters.

A worker at Dubailand said: “The enclosure was built to ensure the highest quality of living for the two tigers, who are brothers aged four and five. We pop around to see them most mornings. They are really beautiful and seem very happy.”

Sadly it doesn't look like the other zoo inmates are in for similar breathing space:

"There are no plans for any more live animals to be kept there."

Why not? How hard would it be to build a couple more temporary enclosures for the other big cats, the giraffes, and those great big sad brown bears?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to see an enclosure for some ex-pat Brits - they would make as much an interesting sight than some wild animals, and be equally unintelligible in their language and vowel sounds - a bit like seals. The overly bright clothes, of minimal covering for a Muslim country, would make them appear more wild but provide an interesting focal point for discussion and the British, being generally pretty overweight, if placed next to a walrus or hippopotamus enclosure would offer an interesting counterpoint.

23 May, 2007 15:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Mr. Anonymous

what was the need for such a comment. what is with Dubai and this kind of stupid banter that seems to creep into each and every reply on the blog.

thank you

have a nice day

23 May, 2007 17:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the first anonymous (me being the second) : your comments were "spot on" although not only brits seems to be overweight, the overall dubai population seem to harbor some winter fat.

More seriously, I refuse to visit Dubai Zoo for those exact reasons, overall animal rights should be established in the country but then, let's get workers unions first, consumer rights...

One step at a time.

23 May, 2007 20:23  
Blogger secretdubai said...

"some winter fat"?!

Try vast swathes of all-year-round-brunch-and-laziness flab-cladding.

23 May, 2007 20:37  
Blogger screwed.mind said...

I guess the next animal to bring them in is Polar Bear.

If they can create artificial skiing ramp with "real" snow, making an Iceberg floating in Persian Gulf would be as easy!

I'd love to see Polar Bears in the same place with penguins.

23 May, 2007 23:00  
Blogger Forsoothsayer said...

for a second there i thought you meant actual people residents by "the poor caged animals of dubai zoo" :)

27 May, 2007 08:50  

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