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16 May, 2007

Twisted firestarter

Fantastic! A pyromaniac genie is up to wicked tricks in Fujairah:

"There is no other reasonable explanation but the genies are doing this,” Sulaiman, a colonel in the Civil Defence, said, adding that he did not believe that genies (Spirits with supernatural powers, known as ‘jinn’ in Arabic) were responsible until he witnessed the stange events unfolding in the house for himself.

"I saw with my own eyes my colleagues' hoses becoming tangled up with each other to prevent the water coming out to extinguish the flames. It was so strange." This week, terrified by the series of strange events, the family had an exorcism performed inside the property. "Furniture and clothes began flying as the ceremony was taking place. The genies were not happy,” Sulaiman explained.

Wasn't there another genie some time ago causing electrical fires in a villa somewhere?

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Blogger DubaiSalsa said...

hey SD... genies can be very messy... hehehe.

well, my friend used to see them all the time, since he was a little kid, but the ones he saw were strange they only appeared to play with him... behind him on the bycicle , when he is watching TV ... before going to bed... sometimes they didnt let him sleep,, i read something about this , it says that there is some kind of people who are more transperent to the other world.

get off me you xxxx !!! lol


16 May, 2007 02:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what the insurance company will say to this claim.
This could lead to GDW "Genie damage waiver" clauses in all policies.

16 May, 2007 12:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

7 days has become such a tabloid.
I used to read it seriously earlier. I hardly bother to pick it up now.

16 May, 2007 12:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be so narrow minded.

16 May, 2007 13:30  
Blogger Sex and Dubai said...

Well the existence of jinns has long been accepted and even recorded in the Quran,with an entire chapter dedicated to them - Surah Jinn.

It's not entirely unheard of for the evil ones to wreak havoc in a home and for alternative exorcisms to be performed - the same concept applies in Christianity.

What's weird about it is that 7days ran it as a cover story knowing full well how controversial it is. Tabloid journalism at its best. Maybe the evil genies should teach their editors a thing or two.

16 May, 2007 14:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

H in A says:
so finally the truth is revealed, sex and dubai. there is one god, but many jinns, wonder why. if jinns are more than one, by the same logic there is a remote possibility there is more than one god? maybe our overpowering desire is to limit good, and set free evil. wish it was the other way round, many gods, and fewer jinns. i do believe there are some religions like that. but of course, that would be out of syllabus, and punishable by death wouldnt it be.

16 May, 2007 15:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recently an undisclosed spokesman believed to be a high ranking person within the Dubai secret RTA panel a division of the much respected Dubai roads police stated that a new tactic of a high tech nature will be deployed soon on Dubai's roads to curb the number of needless deaths.

"We need to establish some form of corrective control without appearing to be too heavy handed" he/she said, " with this in mind we are pushing ahead with the IPMM - Inflatable Police Monitoring Mechanism. We are proposing to put an inflatable police patrol jeep and car at all major points that have caused problems in the past, in order to add to realism we are also adding flashing lights and a voice command system which will say for eg, stay to the left, stay to the right and you there! pull over and wait for police" .

He/She also stated that plans are in motion to deploy inflatable guard dogs for shop owners who feel particularly at risk in low policing areas. He/She said " even though this is outside of our control we can still recommend our findings to other divisions of government that oversee certain areas within our communities such as and in this case the retail sector. Early testing though has found some stability problems especially if the owner has to run after the thief with the dog as it tends to rear up and act more like a balloon, however we are working on it, security for these owners is a big big issue.!

16 May, 2007 16:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had a gin in my tonic for years, I have been terribly affected, this is a real issue I am glad the senior policeman (god help us all) has raised this most important issue!

16 May, 2007 17:09  
Blogger DubaiSalsa said...

Anonymous 16 May, 2007 15:18 ..... i dont know if i got your right, but correct me if i am wrong.

Your coparison is really irrelative...First of all, you are putting God and Jinns in the same level to be compared!! which is wrong ... Jinns are creatures just like humans...but of course of a differnt nature....they can be Christians, muslims, juwish ...or any other reliegion...

They are not all evil, just how SD just explained... ( thank you SD for being fair enough to quote something from Qura'an)

Now, the misleading thing here is just like when you make a chair ..and i start comparing you to this chair ... Do you think its fair to do so ? Or lets say, would you like to have other chair makers to even exist ? i am sue the answer is No even if you try to say:yes...

Imagine A company with Two Chairmans .... i guess its obvious...

Two Gods ?/!!!! Two Paradises , Two Hells ???!!!! Naaa ,, i dont even want that, One Hell is enough to suffer of.

17 May, 2007 03:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Belief"... that's what it all boils down to. I'm waiting for Christ to come again. Who's gonna believe it's really Him?

17 May, 2007 09:54  
Blogger DubaiSalsa said...

Correction.... i thought it was Secret Dubai quoted.... sorry Sex n Dubai :) hehe... you know my my mind was working on what i wanted to write... hehe...

17 May, 2007 09:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the previous article you had in mind was the front page story of the Emirates Evening Post last year about a jinn...the story was 'The Hand That Rocked The RAK house'..

22 May, 2007 14:12  

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