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15 October, 2007

Booze losers

An associate reveals a worrying tale for those who like to use a "Johnny Booze" to procure their daily dose of haram-juice:

"A friend recently got a call from the Johnny Booze he used to use before said JB got caught. JB explained that he was now out of nick and ready to accept orders again.

"My friend thanked him for the heads-up, but took it no further. Which was fortunate, because those of the JB's other previous clients who weren't so cautious - and immediately placed orders - found themselves being visited by Al Plod shortly afterwards..."

From booze to grass.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

:( I have seen the same thing 3 times already with drug cases. Btw what happened to your colleagues' friends?

16 October, 2007 05:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

some clarification needed... booze delivery is punishable with jail time and fine??

16 October, 2007 09:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sorry but I do not understand. What is Al Plod? So what you are saying is that the police made the person to call his old customers to see if they would make new orders so that they could catch the customers as well? Thanks in advance for the clarification as my English is not so good.

16 October, 2007 09:42  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Yes - that's pretty much it, from what I can work out. And to the anon before you: delivering booze is illegal in the UAE - you have to have an alcohol licence to be able to buy it, and then only from official distributors, and only a fixed amount per month.

Many people go to the hole in the wall in Ajman to get round this: you don't need a licence, and you can buy an unlimited supply. So entrepreneurs such as Booze Johnnies buy in bulk and then sell on to people in Dubai, saving them the car trip (and the risky drive through dry Sharjah).

16 October, 2007 12:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, the Ajman run. Only really, really fun when you buy a six-month's supply (enough to kill a small Winston Churchill) after a rather boozy lunch, and decide to spend the rest of the afternoon mostly lost, moving like treacle through nasty Sharjah traffic with a backseat full of uncovered, unrelated females of Eastern European origin, in an ancient, unregistered, uninsured car with no working indicators and a broken headlamp.

16 October, 2007 13:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ ano 13:57: yeah - and you can boost the thrill by making explicit gestures with your middlefinger to every landcuiser with tinted windows....

16 October, 2007 14:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I prefer the barracuda run myself. Best time is to head out early friday morning. Then you get a nice drive through some relatively unspoilt areas/beaches (although Emaar has started to spread their tentacles there too) and no traffic.

The best bit: they have a 24 hour section where a limited selection is available in a drive-thru format.


Make sure you check out the cordoned off garden next to the barracuda. It is the party place for our lesser priviliged friends. You will see many of them sitting around drinking cheap liquor and snacking on some biryani. Quite easily in my top 5 bars in the UAE - just for the real factor. :-)


16 October, 2007 15:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He who provides/drinks booze shall be punished by god the almighty.

Got Kidney ?

17 October, 2007 00:45  
Blogger MuFi101 said...

Johnny Booze....Al-Plod..


17 October, 2007 16:55  
Blogger Debbie does Dubai said...


Has anyone seen Sh Mo's interview in English on 60 Minutes?
If anyone is interested its linked on my blog.

20 October, 2007 21:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a good documentary to watch.

22 October, 2007 16:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get cought in Sharjah and you are in for serious trouble, might as well kill yourself and save the police the trouble.

25 October, 2007 05:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon with the link

so what? these guys are loser nationalistic morons. The women are professional hookers and they like the money which they make off the construction workers, Omanis, and Saudis. Have you ever been to say the Netherlands?

25 October, 2007 05:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sharjah is not Dry..I do not know booze is available in 5 star hotels or not..but any one staying in Sharjah want to have a liquior license he may go to the Police station near Fire round about and go to Counter No 10 and ask for assistance..

If Sharjah Police issues the Permit I feel it hard to conclude how sharjah is DRY...

31 October, 2007 09:36  

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