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31 July, 2008

Expat wives

The intro says it all:

"Jennifer plays a wife whose husband moved the family to Africa, who was used to a relaxed, laid-back lifestyle, whilst Dawn plays a woman who lives in the United Arab Emirates, and is used to a nouveau-riche lifestyle just treating the locals with a racist stereotype."

Scroll forward about three minutes in for the real gems in this French & Saunders video. A sample:

"Pete... went off to a goat grab at Abdul's. And do you know what a goat grab is, Margaret? Have you heard of that at all? They all sit around all the men with big plates of rice and they just grab for bits of goat to eat. With their rights hands obviously because they wipe their bums with their left hands.

"What else can I tell you about the culture out there? Well, don't try to go into a church or a temple or whatever they call them in a bikini. So I did try and they wouldn't let me in. This bloke stopped me and I said: "I don't know what's wrong with you Abdullahwallah or whatever your name is, if it's because I've got my shoes on I will take them off." But he wouldn't let me in."


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Blogger Pecos Blue said...

Being seen as the wife seems rarely a good thing from that perspective.

01 August, 2008 02:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear from my Lebanese colleagues that she had three or four men on the go.
Jealous lover?

03 August, 2008 12:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, wrong topic

03 August, 2008 12:34  
Blogger vagabondblogger said...

Funny, and the #2 Expatriates Wives video is absolutely hysterical! Thanks.

04 August, 2008 05:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For someone who has lived in dubai for quite a while you (whoever you are) seem to be inconsiderate. However i can imagine you sitting in your home which you probably share with your mom spending hours on writing these blogs or whatever and i cant help but feel genuinely sorry for you. I seriously hope you find another way of grabing attention...

10 August, 2008 05:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when the bikini was first invented, the inventor couldnt' find any decent women to model them so he hired prostitutes to model his wonderful invention. I'm amazed that you think a place of worship and humility should accommodate such lewdness

29 August, 2008 21:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Insulting other cultures and traditions and places of worship is frankly NOT amuzing nor funny!
You should be grateful that you are living in the Emirates and have the luxury of wasting your time posting such crap on the net!!
If you're so bored and have so much free time on your hands, why don't you try volunteering for a Charity instead or getting a decent job!
Better yet, why don't you go back to where you came from and insult your own culture for a change!!

08 September, 2008 11:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

secretdubai, can you please update the link to the video?

15 February, 2009 07:44  
Blogger - jj said...

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26 March, 2009 17:49  

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