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07 December, 2002

The One and Only

Failing to find a cheap chair in The One is frustrating but not exactly surprising. It's not quite Ikea. As usual the shop was crammed to the gills with Jumeira Janes carrying out Seasonal shopping, filling their vacuous undertasked lives with overpriced cushions and floating candles. Is is a visa requirement for all White Expat Wives to have dyed blonde hair, designer clothes and dreadful children?

Karaoke at Emirates Towers: the usual medley of Elvis, Spice, and a seasonal touch with "White Christmas". Why don't Muslims sing carols? It might be fetching to have a small band of sheiklets singing hadiths every Ramadan, cheeks rosy from the desert heat and dishdashes shining angel-white in the villa floodlights.

One of the buyers from The One was at the karaoke, sharing the horrid tale of two Jumeira Janes' relentless hunt for "bathroom accessories." We left with the image of a dust-gathering dish of falsely-dyed seashells sending shivers down our spines.

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Blogger k2b said...

loooool i love ur old posts just as much as the new 1s and ive noticed ur riting style improved IMMNSLY over the years for the best ofcourse ;)) but still ur posts r nuthing less than amusing

13 October, 2008 04:00  

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