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09 January, 2003

Another Royal invitation

Gave the Royal Madge another chance last night and it came through, scoring a healthy 8. Then again, this was in-restaurant food (albeit a set menu) not a buffet. Points lost for choice of food - all spicy, all Indianesque - and a truly ghastly jellified white mousse dessert thing.

The UAE enjoys "high cultural status in the Arab world", according to Sheikh Mo quoted in Gulf News. Not according to my associates from the upper Gulf. In their view it's a 30-year-old semi-civilisation of Bedouins and pearl fishers. Must forward the article to enlighten them.

Alarming to read of the plight of a French woman visiting Dubai who reported being drugged and gang-raped to the police, and was forthwith banged up for "adultery." French consul have now bailed her but can't find a lawyer for love nor money willing to represent her. One must wonder exactly how much wusta her attackers have.

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