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15 January, 2003

Chicken Lollipops

Very carefully managed to miss one of the more tedious work-social events on the Dubai calenda: The MEPRA "PR versus Media" debate. There is nothing to debate. They give us disappointing gifts and food of inconsistent quality, in return we attend crucifyingly boring press conferences and cut-and-paste ill-written media releases into our various publications.

According to SHAC II Presenter II, who declined a panel place due to the woeful calibre of the other panellists, the event aimed to justify the usefulness [sic] of PR people to their clients. Apparently there is much unhappiness among the various incomprehensible Korean electronics bosses and Arab hardware distributors about the waning interest of the media in their rivetingly boring corporate releases. (Give. Better. Presents).

Lola LebCan PR Princess rings again encouraging me to come. Very luckily, SHAC II doesn't go off air until 9.30pm. Then it's back yet again to the Royal Madge for the belated post-launch celebration party. Canapes - perfectly adequate. 7/10. Perhaps scraping a 7.5 for the spicy chicken lollipops. There were pashminas available for ladies feeling cold, so we obliged. Given how long one is kept shivering in the cold outside the Madge waiting for the valets we also felt obliged to keep them. Sadly, Rent-A-Wreck Toyota Corollas are afforded no special privileges when it comes to the Golden Valet Rule of parking all non-sports cars twenty kilometres away. Shiver and suffer in stolen goat's fleece.

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