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07 July, 2003

A Right Royal Knockabout

If the aeroplane is going to crash, one may as well expire in style by being in First Class. Fortunately it arrived safely, so fellow hack Hoffle-Jones and I enjoyed the full benefits of our premium-class seats, menu and service.

Entry to Qatar was in full royal style, whisked off in shiny limos straight from the plane to a special VIP lounge. No clambering on to a crowded cattlebus to stand in line awaiting luggage, and passport control, and immigration in a dingy terminal. Just a quick, cool, easy reception and cups of sweet Arabic tea in a large and beautiful room while invisible elves dealt with passports and baggage claim.

The Ritz Carlton Doha is a god of a hotel. Vast, labyrinthine, splendid beyond imagining. Tucked away indoors in its spacious depths are two full sized tennis courts, a 25-metre swimming pool, huge men's and women's spas, racquetball courts and squash courts, and doubtless a fully turfed cricket pitch, had we looked hard enough. Outside is another sprawling, palm-tree-scattered oasis pool, with a wealth of empty sunloungers. No germans wielding towels at dawn here.

Everyone in Dubai describes Qatar/Doha as "small", "boring", "dull", or roll their eyes with a look of pity. They are either lying or stupid. Doha is beautiful by day, glittering by night. It is an endlessly spacious, growing city, spread along a vast stretch of turquoise water, with palm trees, walkways, and very little traffic. Qataris are outstandingly hospitable and speak excellent English. Desire to ever leave Qatar is currently about nil.

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