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01 July, 2005

A sandy cesspit

Ask any Gulf Arab what they think of Saudi Arabia and their answers will be more consistent than if you asked an academy of mathematicians the answer to 2+2. Despite the fact that KSA is "guardian" of the two holiest places, there isn't a non-Saudi that can stand the place. Businesses trips to the Kingdom are loathed and dreaded by male arabs and expats alike.

Now Saudi Arabia is objecting to a causeway that the UAE plans to build to Qatar, to make travel easier. One could already travel between the UAE and Qatar by land, if the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wasn't so backwards, restrictive and uncooperative as to make it impossible for anyone to pass through a tiny bit of its land.

According to one report, Saudi Arabia is also totally against the building of a bridge that Qatar and Bahrain are currently planning to build. “This is because Riyadh fears this kind of bridges would enhance the affinity and rapprochement between the small member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council."

“Relations among the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain are currently witnessing improvement, making the kingdom to see how their relations develop within the Gulf environment. This follows the distancing of Bahrain and UAE from the kingdom in recent times, while Oman is closer to the new Gulf bloc of the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar. As for Kuwait, it is now keeping a close eye on the developments before it decides where to align itself”, the report said.

But who would want to travel through Saudi Arabia anyway? Its own interior minister admits that the Kingdom is a hotbed of terrorism, unlike the peaceful Emirates and Qatar, where educated men and women can work together without fear of stoning, women can drive, and mad matawas with sticks don't beat up the populace and force young girls to burn to death rather than escape a blaze in their pajamas.

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Blogger John B. Chilton said...

See also An Emarati's Thoughts.

03 July, 2005 00:24  
Blogger Keef said...

So you don't like Saudi-land then? I spent a jolly year there before moving to the UAE to get corrupted. I have a theory about the Two Holy Mosques - make it an independent statelet like the Vatican (same for Jerusalem also) - could solve a lot of problems. When I am World President I will make it so.

03 July, 2005 19:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I checked the news and Saudi Arabia is supposed to be bombed by the terrorists, who were carefully monitoring the American hurricanes. This would lead to even hihger oil price. Dubai was also rumoured to be on target.

For one, I think you would much enjoy the experiences in the Middle East if you were a man, even in Saudi Arabia?

26 September, 2005 10:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have not a clue what the expatriot life is like in Saudi Arabia. There is a lot of freedom of movement for us (women) and on the Western Compounds there is a full plate of activities including PORK DINNERS with WINE!! I much prefer the shopping here in Saudi than in Bahrain and our bookstore downtown is far superior to the one in Bahrain!! Please do not speak or write about a life of an expat or business person here in the Kingdom that you know nothing about. We are not beaten with sticks and I have talked personally to MANY Saudi women that are very content with their lives here.

11 December, 2005 10:59  

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