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01 July, 2005

Yemen: Bride required

The Surveyor drops into Dubai en-route from Yemen to the Antipodes, solely to pick up a special consignment from City Centre. Not sandalwood camels, pashminas, Omani silver, saffron or even the Burj Al Arab in a plastic snowglobe, but three crates of Heinz tomato soup.

He has another, far more taxing mission: to find a twenty-something white british lady for a Yemeni colleague wanting a third wife. Forty-something Hassan, described as a "bearded Leonard Nimoy", already has twenty children. He earns US$200 a month and lives on a small farm.

The Surveyor admits that Hassan has absolutely no concept of what life is like for the average woman in the UK, nor what her marital expectations might be.

"But on the upside, he doesn't spend all his money on qat," he notes.

Applications on a postcard to

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