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14 August, 2005

Of gropers and groupers

Two freaky fishy tales: firstly, the iconic Gulf Hammour may be swimming towards extinction. The sweet white fish, a type of grouper, is beloved of dishdash and expats alike:

DUBAI - A recent study conducted in various parts of the world including the Arabian Gulf has revealed that 'Hamour,' a favourite among the nationals, might be facing extinction.

In more successful fishing news, Dubai police netted a large shoal of ogling males that beached on the shores of Jumeirah:

DUBAI — About a score of loitering young and not-so-young men were rounded up from Jumeirah beach by the police patrol yesterday.

There was no police explanation on the incident. It appears the action was aimed at ensuring no nuisance is caused to families and tourists, who land up on the beach in sizeable numbers.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dubai scores another goal.....what is the crime of going to the beach and taking time out....a walk maybe, time spent with friends??? I am assuming these people are labour class coz they have nowhere else to go coz they stink, they dont fit into the luxuries of walkin about in a shopping mall. Now they are causing a nuisance to families coz they cant afford to have their own family out here. Wow!!!

14 August, 2005 11:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a bit unfortunate, but the way they behave is a bit gross - even going on the beach fully clothed with only my feet showing, its quite off putting the way they flock around like they have never seen a woman before.

14 August, 2005 12:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The beach had a larger presence yesterday, it being a holiday. Many families turned up with their children, as the schools are having their vacation."

The people at Khaleej Times are Genius

14 August, 2005 12:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa really?!

The oogling is really pathetic, a good option is to use some of the private beaches at DIMC or Oasis Beach Hotels (that's the 25 bucks a vit lot... the list is actually endless!) albeit theres way too much construction out there these days!

I dont really think they were after the 'Labour Class' as some dude (**Couple'a really rude comments avoided to keep this blog clean**)put it.

With summer holidays in most of the public schools here, some of these 'not-so-young' dis-illusioned and mis-guided youth are out to resurrect 2-Pac and gives our friend Peeping-Tom a bad name!

During the summer months, I've had it if I leave the garage door open or if my neighbour leaves his gleaming 7-series out by the road! My housekeeper gets pelted with stones on his way down the alley and my ol' trusty american gas guzzler's side mirror's will be broken.

A wise man said that society pays for society's wrong-doings... there are some who wonder if doobaai is anything like what it was - sign of the times i guess!

Peace and all that good stuff,

14 August, 2005 13:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are the bunch of deprived many who can't afford loitering in their SUVs and don't have previlage of having their family with them.Solution?(Gulf style) make them work on Fridays too.

14 August, 2005 15:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As much as I feel sorry for those who cant afford anyting better to do on a week-end, I have been subject to oogling even in a decent swim suit! that too when your fat like me its no flattery. Yes it can get frustrating when the Afghanis train their sights on the lower half of your body for hours together! I guess the (plain clothes) cops could walk around and spot these jack asses, not fair to round up all the single men!

14 August, 2005 15:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that the Dubai Police have caught the loitering young men at the beaches... now if they can all do us a favor and catch similar problem makers in the movie theatres too!

I was at the movies yesterday and it was full of the natives - who kept saying obscene things. Not that all of the natives were doing this but the fact that its always the locals here that just havent evolved yet to understand that they dont need to prove their machoness all the time or plain decency is unbeleivable.

If the CID is said to be all around why cant they be in the theatres too and send these idiots out when they start acting up... i think this is the only way they'll learn to behave in public cuz its obviously not taught at home!

I was there with my mom, dad and younger brother (it was meant to be a family movie and a family outing) and these idiots kept cussing (mothers and sisters - whose I dont know!) randomly.

Obviosly the philipino and indian security and ushers dont have the guts to tell these people... what I fail to understand is why cant other locals tell them to shut up - i am sure some decent locals also found this offensive.

This is not a one off incident - I had a similar problem at my previous movie outing when a group of local women kept talking amongst themselves and texting on their phones (imagine a bright ligth shining right in front of you in a dark theatre!).

If Dubai is going to claim its such a great place for tourists itll definitely have to do take responsibility because pretending that it doesnt happen wont solve anything!.

14 August, 2005 15:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous (14 August, 2005 15:28),

Just because there are people who have no respect for others in a theater doesn't mean Dubai is a good/bad tourist attraction. This whole movie thing is quite normal. It's the 'natives' here, the 'blacks' in America, the the the.. list goes on.

For example, when I was in Texas, we rarely went to see a black movie because the audience were usually loud and obnoxious depriving you of any chance to actually watch the movie. Tough luck. This is something the specific movie theater administration needs to deal with and not a 'Dubai' issue.

I am not sure why people are blaming Dubai for all those random issues, espcially when there are sufficient real complaints one can make.

As for those idiots in the beach, tough. If you're an idiot, you should be rounded up. If you're throwing out garbage, you should be rounded up. If you're too poor to go to the beach, go elsewhere. There is souk nayef, there is the courniche.. don't give me this whole poor/rich thing. I'm not poor, but you don't see me in the beach. I sure as hell am not rich either ;)

As for the fish heading to extinction.. too bad -- I used to eat it but I haven't tasted it in a year. I guess it's time to stock up and contribute to their extinction ;)

14 August, 2005 15:43  
Blogger Queen-M said...

I'm sorry, but I cannot help but feel that it's rather "petty" that so many of these comments depart from the rather singular experiences of individual women.

This really is an issue related to legal practices - the nuissance and discomfort that may be sensed by unwanted gazes seem rather pathetic in this context.

14 August, 2005 16:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, it is not a singular experience and they are not isolated incidents. This is a _serious_ problem. I find this attitude of 'oh it's just an isolated experience' rather offensive and ignorant of the reality here.

I am a man. I see this _ALL_ the time and it never fails to happen. Try this for an exercise:

1. Dress modestly (and no, a full ninja dress does not qualify for modest, that would be extreme in my book).

2. Let a friend walk about 10 feet away behind you (I'm assuming you're a woman obviously).

3. Let your friend observe the glances and stares you receive. Count then, in ratio to the men you pass.

Now, try this at an area like Dubai Media City, DIC, etc. You will find this quite normal. Nothing out of the ordinary. A few glances maybe, but most are respectable.

Now, take a walk in Rigga road. Ah, a bit more eh? No, try and do that in Al Baraha.

The reason this is happening is the high rate of prostitutes here that people (men) forget the fact that not all women are hookers.

Now try the same thing in Bahrain. Nothing. Anywhere in Bahrain and you will get the same treatment you would get at DMC/DIC.

After you have completed your exercise, you can come back and tell us all about how those incidents are isolated. Until then, please don't make assumptions.

And yes, by the way, I have done this exercise myself (seriously). Of course I was the observer, not the poor female walking 20 feet ahead.

14 August, 2005 17:18  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Fantastic to see a man acknowledging this. I think I have learned to "tune out" to the stares, which is why I'm almost surprised when a friend comes to stay, and gets really freaked out by the attention as we're walking along.

1. Dress modestly

And this is the critical part that many don't recognise: it makes no difference if you are in a miniskirt or dressed like Maria in the Sound of Music.

Even in trousers, long, loose sleeves and no make-up the attention continues. Even if to a more educated eye you are clearly a businesswoman, or mother-of-four, or having a bad hair day, or covered with spots and wearing your spectacles.

14 August, 2005 17:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an excellent blog - just came across it today!

The fact remains that there a lot of locals who believe that law, order and simple decency does not apply to them.

They've got so much money that speeding tickets (remember the time that all black land cruiser almost rammed you off the fast lane at 200+kph?), parking fines (remember the time the land cruiser guy used 2 spots to park?), decency fines (remember the time the guy got out of his land cruiser and beat the living daylights out of a poor cabbie?) dont really help! Ever tried calling the hotline they'd set up for traffic violations?!

Another problem with 'em is the 'colour' problem - ever observed how a white (no disrespect whatsoever folks!) person's treated over an asian? I remember stories about the late ruler Sh. Rashid visiting the common man along the dubai creek - Have they forgotten how their fore-fathers behaved with the common man? Dont asians pay the dewas, the etisalats, the labour depts, the economic depts, the immigration depts? etc. just like the rest? Are they to be treated differently if they're only earning 10% of the ret of the population? Ever seen a cop talk to a non-western person? Its shameful! The moment they confront a westerner, they purr like cats!

"Doobayy is a lot better than the rest of the Gulf"... thats what Im told every time - I agree, the local population here is far more cultured, traveled, and most importantly - educated than the rest of the region (I'd dread having to live in a place like Q8 or KSA) but its not the answer - there's no such thing as a 'second class or a labour class etc.' Some of us old-timers like thi place the way it used to be...

(Im know im gonna get flamed for this...) I dont need any special rights... c1t1-zen-sh1p... pr0perty... etc.... just keep it simple - behave

just my 2 cents.


14 August, 2005 17:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An Asian woman in a business suit with a briefcase walking down the street is even confronted by Pakistani men asking, "how much!"

SD, I don't know how you can tune this out. It makes my blood simmer when I see this and I'm not even on the receiving end. I am usually the company of a female who must endure this at shopping malls and elsewhere.

I'm already angry just thinking about it!

14 August, 2005 18:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So far I have been a silent reader, thank you Diabolo and Mohamed Elzubeir, I agree wholeheartedly with you, having been the subject of stares and hassles on the beach.. in fact, I never go to the beach on my own anymore, its just not worth ruining your day...

14 August, 2005 18:25  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Diabolo: the issue here is (almost certainly) expat labourers on the beach, not local men.

Mohamed: I'm not sure how I tune it out 100%. It does irritate me (though it doesn't intimidate me, like it would in the West, because I know the police will instantly act on my testimony as a woman if I complain about an expat man).

I deal with it partly by being sorry for these guys: monks apart, it is not natural for human males (or females) to be segregated from the opposite sex, their families and loved ones, for years at a time, like these labourers are.

Then I get irritated as to why they can't stare more subtly, rather than like dumb, gawping animals. Then I remember that many of them are pretty much illiterate, they come from desperately poor backgrounds with zero education, and they literally are dumb, with no social education or appreciation of appropriate behaviour, at least outside their own (very restrictive) culture.

So I feel as much compassion as infuriation towards them.

14 August, 2005 19:08  
Blogger phirang said...

You need a legion of free sluts, subsidized by the government or some charity, to calm these guys down. That'll actually solve a lot of problems. In all seriousness, sexually dissatissfied men, in large numbers, are quite destabilizing, and a prophylactic for social injury would be to give them sluts for free.

You could put the hoes and johns on a boat and have it go into international waters so the gov can wash their hands of the whole thing. It'd also allow the gov to monitor and control things completely.

14 August, 2005 22:18  
Blogger secretdubai said...

*uneagerly awaits a huge new slew of search engine referrals to "sl*ts Dubai"*


14 August, 2005 22:40  
Blogger phirang said...

If real human sluts are too costly, then perhaps a comely donkey or goat would work.

A friend of mine from karachi told me about a time when his chauffeur bragged to him about losing his virginity to a donkey. You cant make this shit up.

14 August, 2005 22:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I've done some research on this. I am a bit weird that way -- I get off on making research on strange things like that.

Prostitutes range from Dhs. 20-Dhs. 5000+.. so I am sure some of them fit within the budget. Of course, you get what you pay for.

But that's a whole other story.

14 August, 2005 23:36  
Blogger phirang said...

Yeah, but the awesome gestalt(individually, theyre not so tuff) of their cheapskate nature with their consciences forestalls their indulgence in the hos, and in the end they just shuffle their feet and grumble in agony.

If you made it 100% free, they'd only have to contend with their conscience, which without its frugal ally will put up a perfunctory defense.

15 August, 2005 01:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're witnessing the classic clash of cultures here: in one culture, a woman without an obvious male protector is automatically of questionable virtue; in another, after a century or so of relative freedom, the right to walk alone unmolested has been hammered into the male consciousness. Neither side is right, neither wrong. However, if Dubai is to retain its status as a tourist resort, it needs to make sure that tourists are not subjected to being too closely or intensely harassed by the indigenous culture. It's easy enough to demand modest clothing, but to do so would risk losing that tourist market Dubai has so successfully sought. Therefore, in the long scheme of things, the police did a logical and correct step in the effort to create that necessary separation of cultures: to wit, the removal of men not so thoroughly trained (as most western men have) to ogle surreptitously.

15 August, 2005 02:16  
Blogger secretdubai said...

in one culture, a woman without an obvious male protector is automatically of questionable virtue; in another, after a century or so of relative freedom, the right to walk alone unmolested has been hammered into the male consciousness. Neither side is right, neither wrong.

By your phrasing somewhat apples and pears - "of questionable virtue" is not the equivalent of having no right to be unmolested.

Besides, I think it is utterly, universally right that a human being of either gender should be have the right to walk alone unmolested. That said, rightthinking people from even the most conservative Islamic cultures would agree with this, regardless of how they viewed a woman who walked alone. Men are still punished for raping or abusing even prostitutes.

15 August, 2005 02:24  
Blogger monkey16667 said...

To me this whole reeks of hypoicrisy and intolerence.

"Just cos you are poor you arent allowed into public places. So stay in your rat hole labour camps you scum of the earth"

This goes against the very basic freedoms of a human being. How can you say that just for your comfort (of avoiding stares) people who meet a certain profile are to be restricted from that area.

There seems to be a total lack of respect for human rights.

Instead of locking away these poor people we should instead be making them understand that its rude and uncomfortable to stare.

I have one question for all. How would you liked to barred from certain places just cos you meet a certain profile???? How would it be if the UK bans all arabs from public places cos they make others uncomfortable (its the same basic principle as what we do to the poor labourers)??

Lets see a govt in the west do this to a whole strata of society and get away with it.

The thing is I have visited India on occasion and have seen that men (regardless of social class) do not stare at women there.

This staring thing is the result of keeping guys away from their wives and families for years at a time. And since they are paid a pittance (about a $100 per month) you cant even expect them to work out their frustrations with a prostitute.

This round up just seems like another step in turning the UAE into a version of a "Brave New World". Sickening.

15 August, 2005 03:41  
Blogger phirang said...

You know, I'm sure the women are just making it up, because obviously they've so much to gain by doing so... like... ummm, hrmm...

15 August, 2005 04:02  
Blogger Hurricane_ said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

15 August, 2005 06:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lotsa interesting stuff since my last login!

SD, Though I agree about the expat labour, the kids they rounded up (in teh KT article) were'nt all expat-workers. Besides, its not just expat workers who oogle at women here! Try taking your date/wife/sibling of the fairer $ex to the cinema on Wednesday night and you'll see what I mean!

Besides, as you've correctly put it, the expat-workers are uneducated, un-'western'-cultured and from a different income bracket... but the l0cal's aren't now are they?! With such a large expat-worker population in this country and with so many enterprises relying on their existnce (Western Union, Generic Electronic Brands, Carrefoure Bur Dubai, etc.) it is high time they (both private and non-private) developed something for their entertainment - eg. subsidised cinemas in Al Qouz, public parks near the bus-stands, shopping communities near their camps, exercise facilities, worship facilities etc.

Yes, staring/oogling is a ridiculous thing but I dont really believe any of the expat-population have it in them to actually hassle a lady and drive up and ask "How much" - that's another lot! As for the expat workers - why dont they hold the employers responsible? Employers could easily control (and train) their workers who're already under a lot of pressure to stay away from trouble due to fear of loosing their job and being deported. The employers could probably benefit by investing in facilities for their employees! As for the 'why dont they go to a ho' idea - Umm... any need for comment?

I believe that if the locals are asked to and more importantly 'Penalised' for mis-behaviour toward the fairer $ex, the rest will follow! Its time they got some systems in place for a change.


15 August, 2005 12:26  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Diabolo: I agree. But I can say from experience that on the beach I have been harrassed by expats - trying to film and take pictures, standing right over us - but never locals.

15 August, 2005 15:49  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Hurricane, because I don't want to get any locals who read this overly inflamed/upset, can you please avoid using that particular phrase (and anything similar)? Because of recent events I am anxious not to get a blocking campaign again. I do welcome your comments but some caution is needed. Here's your post edited with just that phrase removed:

Hurricane_ said...
Instead of arresting these frustrated men maybe a better approach would be to provide these labor camps with TVs, DVD players and some adult videos and I am sure this would keep them busy on holidays.
Now coming to the point that these people are a nuisance to women and families and should not be allowed on the BEACH, I am all for that only if they stop the f*kin nuisance at the movies, arrested all the DIP shits that are a nuisance on DIYAFAH.

15 August, 2005 15:54  
Blogger Hurricane_ said...

I can respect your request.

15 August, 2005 18:46  
Blogger Emirati said...

A Pakistani or an Indian Labourer should be viewed on the same level as the richest of the rich here. Any attempt to cast them into their ghettos like a bunch of polish jews is just plainly wrong.

16 August, 2005 02:41  
Blogger monkey16667 said...

Interesting piece of news in KT (for once, but since its KT you never know if its true or not):

Emiratis are responsible for 62% of juvenile crime in the UAE.

Makes one wonder.

Another fact: over 60% of fatal/near fatal accidents involve emiratis.

Makes one wonder..........

16 August, 2005 11:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an expat (white) woman, let me clarify some points here. Yes, locals and expats alike will drive up to a woman like me walking to the store in my own neighborhood and ask 'how much.' I know this because it happens to me every day, REGARDLESS of what I am wearing. It happened once when I came home from football practice muddy and smelly.
Mohamed ElZubeir: I think it's very sweet for you to get so worked up over the staring, but really I have to agree with SD. It is annoying, but my overall reaction is closer to pity. Also, just getting angry and frustrated about it does no good. I recommend light violence. A good slap in the face, a kick in the knee or a rock throw is useful in embarassing or shaming these men. It worked for me in Cairo where the stares always lead to groping, which I must say, is far worse that some Emirati asking how much you cost.

16 August, 2005 11:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See what our dishdashes are upto, conning young girls from poor families into marriage and then dumping them once they are through.,curpg-1.cms

16 August, 2005 16:15  
Blogger black feline said...

oogling is quite ok...but the worst is ignorant exhibitionists..I was at the open beach last week...many construction workers were swimming in their underwears!..and horror of white underwears..after the dip they came on full glory!what a sight! They should ban white undies on the beach!

16 August, 2005 17:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can we just have a day where we can oogle and grope all we want? Like an annual groping day? Get it out of our system that way and the rest of the year behave propertly.


17 August, 2005 13:48  
Blogger black feline said...

good idea...i think for a start..let those construction workers..all of them...grope u..alone..we will be the audience...if the response is will always be u..just u

17 August, 2005 16:53  
Blogger ike said...

I've seen firsthand how some expats (go)ogle women on the beach, and found it really funny, because instead of swimming, they just stand around and stare in a semicircle.

I'm a Filipino, and personally, I also stare a lot, but in a less obvious way. A lot of my 'kababayans' are also guilty of ogling whites, but like me, Filipinos can be naturally shy, and wouldn't really stare very long or hover around waving a videocam.

I do find it disturbing that 'lower class' people are being rounded up because of, well, can we call it a social syndrome? That doesn't seem right. Oh well, I also believe that decency crosses the borders of education and status. it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor; if you've got your head screwed right, then it's right.

which leads to the concept of mob mentality. a guy who notices an attractive female usually multiplies himself by calling on his herd.

i also sympathize with women who, instead of having a passably good time alone in this hot weather, suddenly get undue harassment and unflattering(?) attention from men.

notice how i'm sitting on a comfortable fence? ;-)

17 August, 2005 16:58  
Blogger phirang said...

I'm curious: why are asians obsessed with white women? Is it a status symbol to be seen with one or something?

18 August, 2005 00:10  
Blogger secretdubai said...

I don't think they are, so much as they're perhaps seen as more "accessible" - less likely to be from a more conservative culture, and therefore somehow fair game.

I know for example European guys who will never dare to look/smile/gawp at an obviously "muslim" woman.

18 August, 2005 00:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting comments...i think it's high time the authorities in Dubai crack down on nuisance behaviour in public like ogling women (a judgement call but most people can tell mild staring from i-can-see-the-tattoos-on-your-ass-without-u-stripping stare). On the other hand, given the predominantly male environment here , and from cultures where showing a bit of ankle is thought risque behaviour, both sides must be re-educated: beachgoers to learn that this is not South Beach, Miami and the oglers should learn that their behaviour is inappropriate to say the least.

However, let's not just stop there. It can be easily observed, even by people only recently in the country, that the behaviour of native men, especially the younger ones, verges on hooliganism. In England, they are called yobs, so I guess u can call these guys dobs. They are loud, crude and intimidating, the more so behind their superbly decked out 4-wheel drives, with their high beams on, giving chase to smaller cars as if possessed (Dubai police where are u when we need u?) or tailing any female in sight, in vehicles or on foot, with their mobiles beeping or else they are yapping loudly into their headphones in theatres (some kind of fetish?)..

18 August, 2005 01:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha...let's quit the exageration here ladies.

Beach - no one really stands up close and ogles your ass the way u pple describe it here. You may want to believe that..but it really isn't true. Now if you're well endowed..well which hunk cudn't resist a quick peek ? Visit Copacabana, Brazil and check out the ogling goin' on

Price quotes - again please let's eat humble pie. Anonymous (expat white woman). You get asked how much..EVERY DAY ? what's goin on gal ?

Peace out...dont be hating...

18 August, 2005 01:42  
Blogger phirang said...

I dunno, I once found myself with my hand up the leg the a demure hijabi, with her purring sweet nothings into my ear... but then again, it must have been my je ne sais quoi at work :p

18 August, 2005 07:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hedonist: I am the anon white expat who made that comment.

There's a number of ways it works.
1. They walk behind you and made this little 'ststst' sound.
2. They come up to you and say 'Hi, Can we be friends.'?
3. They trail you in the car and ask if you want to get in.
4. They trail you in a car and ask for your mobile.
5. They trail you in a car and flash their lights and then pull over and wait.
6. They follow you in the car, pull out and show you their wallet.

And yes, it happens every single time I leave my flat on foot, which is probably 6 days a week. On Fridays I like to stay in and veg.

18 August, 2005 12:39  
Blogger black feline said...

lucky u..who's complaining? meow! (showing my claws)

18 August, 2005 17:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever stop to think WHY those Afghani / Pakistani blokes ever ogled ? Here's my take on it :

1. They arent married or possibly dont have their wives with them, so they're obviously deprived of sex.

2. I dont want to make this a religious issue..but cant help it. They obviously have been oppressed in terms of their women having a very rigid dress codes and code of moral conduct. And so when they come across women who are even modestly dressed the hormones go into over-drive...bear in mind that they are indeed MEN !

Solution ? Suggestions welcome !

19 August, 2005 17:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phirang, a majority of the asian males seem to be "obsessed with white women" because they are seen as "loose". Its as simple as that.

In asian societies fair skin is considered more desirable. It has always been this way. So much so that whitening/bleeching products are very very popular. This goes back to the geishas who used to paint their faces WHITE ! Quite ironic, when the whites worship the sun to achieve a tan that comes almost naturally to the asians !

White females are considered loose because they wear skimpy and figure-hugging outfits. They come from societies which have very liberal views of sex, which is quite amusing since the Kama Sutra came from the East...I guess somewhere down the line, self-righteousness seems to have crept into the asian societies and oppressed its people.

As for white females being a status symbol. It could be. Bear in mind that until recently, the whites were the "masters" in the asian sub-continent. Back then, one could not even imagine sharing a relationship / marriage with a white female. Its only recently that such social barriers have been overcome and mixed-race couples are commonplace.

Please bear in mind that this is the mind-set of the average (not all) semi-educated asian male. The well-educated and well-travelled asian male would not give a white female a second look....unless she was TRULY beautiful !

19 August, 2005 18:22  
Blogger phirang said...

Hehe, my desi crew in NYC is OBSESSED with blondes. lol...

then again, i lose it around persian babes, so go figure.

20 August, 2005 02:07  
Blogger black feline said...

talked to a pakistani taxi driver last night...if what he said is the truth...good looking...possible early 30s..told me he had many encounters with fellow pakitani drivers and even men passengers from all over the world...they kissed and indulged in heavy his taxi! i guess they know how to reduce the heat..just like us feline..when on heat..anything drivers are the best source to know the juicy stories here..

20 August, 2005 16:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Women, next time please send over phone camera footage of these oogling incidents. This would be nice for a tabliod dubai blog. License plate numbers and names would be great to get. Use the same technology they use to harass you.

22 August, 2005 12:34  

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