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02 December, 2005

Three lost friends

1. Lail
Lail was a tiny black alley-kitten, tamed slowly with food to become astoundingly responsive and affectionate. She appeared instantly when whistled for, and fled from strangers unless introduced. Lail slipped away to bear her second litter of kittens in February 2003, days before the migration to the Gulag. She, or her offspring, may inhabit those dusty alleyways still.

2. Moon-Cat
Moon-Cat was a dainty, black-and-white Pierrot-faced feline who lived in the bushes around Cell Block G. Already tame, perhaps someone's rejected pet, she bore several litters of kittens, suffering at least one terrible tragedy:

"Moon-Cat stands over the lifeless fur, nudging it and yowling, trying to make it move. Eventually a neighbour removes it from her and gives it as dignified a dustbin-burial as possible. Moon-Cat spends the rest of the day searching for her dead cub, confused and distressed."

Moon-Cat disappeared in early 2005, at the same time Gulag authorities announced a plan to "deal with the problem" of feral cats. A couple of her wild children, now grown, are occasionally seen flitting through the undergrowth.

3. Cloud
Visitors to Jebel Ali Cloob will remember Cloud. She was a shy but affectionate, fluff-haired animal, the colour of dark wood and smoke, who wandered around the restaurant terrace. Beloved by many, she was a clean and quiet animal that children loved to pet. Cloud vanished in 2005, after alleged complaints - "the local people, they don't like cats" one waiter confided. He claimed the municipality rounds up cats and "releases" (=dumps) them somewhere around Al Quoz, rather than euthanases them.

A shy, sweet animal such as Cloud would die a thousands deaths in an arid, friendless wilderness: it is unlikely she lives still.



Blogger One Nine Seven One said...

I love cats and if i never get married i will proberly die an old man in a house full of them.

Hmm. By that time the house will proberly stink of cat piss and if i die in the UK or US then i'll hav no relatives to come visit me and so no one will know that i am dead and then all those cats will proberly start eating my body coz there would be no one to come and feed them.

Yuk. What a horrible vision of the future. You know what? F*ck it and dump them all in the desert ;)

02 December, 2005 12:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog!
Happy birthday from Milan, Italy!

02 December, 2005 13:11  
Blogger John B. Chilton said...

Rip - Catblogging
: The Emirates Economist

02 December, 2005 13:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is cell block g, is it prison in dubai?

02 December, 2005 17:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off topic - my apologies. But oh dear, oh dear.

02 December, 2005 19:52  
Blogger CG said...

anon @19.52 stale news i think. check uae community was there a few days ago

02 December, 2005 21:16  
Blogger BrainSyke said...

Nomaadic: I would not touch your cats then :-)

02 December, 2005 23:59  
Blogger _sublime_ said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

03 December, 2005 02:46  
Blogger _sublime_ said...

I wanted to do an amatuer docunentary from the perspective of the average street cat in the UAE but, alas, all of them were too skittish to appear on camera.

03 December, 2005 02:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can see a "cat city" coming up soon.

i knew intl media would pounce on it once the hormone injections were announced.

interestingly the next day they said they wouldnt.

03 December, 2005 12:50  
Blogger sarah said...

just noticed that you started blogging around the same time in december three years back. so i guess its your bloggiversary!

or something like that...

03 December, 2005 20:06  
Blogger desertblog said...

Being a pussy must be awful in Dubai.

04 December, 2005 22:04  

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