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26 February, 2006

Continuous curves

Winding through the jagged shale-strewn crags around Hatta, a deceptively main-looking metalled road suddenly crumbles away into a dirt track.

Hugging the base of the mountains on the right hand side is a rigid concrete and green wire barrier, topped with an endless, glittering coil of razor wire. It is the border between the UAE and Oman: modern life is sadly anti-nomadic.

The road and the barrier run alongside for mile after mile. They inspire just one thought: what would be the easiest way to get through? Ladders? Wire clippers?

But the answer is even easier than that. Whenever the barrier passes over a dry wadi bed, there are three large storm drain pipes underneath - wide enough for the fattest fugitive to scramble through.

The real challenge comes on the other side: miles from anywhere, harsh rocks, harsher heat and no shelter, with nothing but a few small donkeys chewing the wiry desert shrubs.

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Blogger Balushi said...

these wires are not enough to keep crooks awaya. If i was them i would place landmines and not even inform anyone

26 February, 2006 09:27  
Blogger Dubai Paddy said...

Hello secret diary

I was under the impression that this was your blog. It seems to have been taken over by some twat called Balushi. This guy is really taking away from your blog SD, in that you are being associated with this guy in a public forum. This is not good for you....

I have always enjoyed what you have to say and I have always read the comments with interest. Now though, all readers are distraced from the topics by this us all a favour SD block this guy, block him hard and send him scurrying back under his rock...........twattttttt.

keep up the good work SD

26 February, 2006 10:35  
Blogger Balushi said...

Secy is the chairwoman of the world Freedom of speach association! I have the right to my opinion as you have.

If you dont like it then just dont read it!

26 February, 2006 11:01  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Balushi I would appreciate it if you could post less often. I don't mind once or twice, but if it becomes excessive, I will have to delete some of your comments.

26 February, 2006 11:35  
Blogger piratecoast said...


Your ideas are intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

26 February, 2006 12:13  
Blogger Balushi said...

oK I have started with my own useless and pointless blog.

I am getting tired of ppl deleting my comments.

This is a great news i have covered it in my blog:

26 February, 2006 13:02  
Blogger MuFi101 said...

Ahh finally a site dedicated to balushis pearls of wisdom...

sounds good, timepass!


26 February, 2006 16:08  
Blogger Axonsax said...

great site Secret Dubai, keep up the good work, hope you have time to check out my new offering at

where I aim to pass irreverent comment on all things Dubai.

The first post today sets the tone...........

26 February, 2006 16:12  
Blogger Minkey Chief said...

While I'm quite happy to have Balushi post less often, it was with a big grin of glee that I went across to his blog. Undiluted Balushi - what a treat. And he did not disappoint. An HIV cure using mosquitoes - go see, go see!

26 February, 2006 19:56  

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