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10 November, 2007

The rich man in his castle

Why is the Red Crescent having to help out Emiratis rather than the multi-trillion dollar rich-as-Croesus UAE government whose sheikhs and their multitude of wives and children must be bathing in liquid gold with oil prices currently close to $100 a barrel?

Dr Salah M. Al Ta'ei, Acting Secretary General said the nine branches in the country will identify the Emirati beneficiaries for the house renovation project.

"We concentrate in renovation or maintenance as the federal and local governments have been successfully providing new houses to the needy under various schemes."

Maybe rather than fitting out your next palaces with solid diamond windows and platinum taps, Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Khalifa, you'll instead consider putting a few fils the way of your needy population to buy blankets and curtains.

The Red Crescent can concentrate all its money on the needy in desperately poor, war-torn countries such as Palestine and Sudan.

It's a fucking disgrace that a charity is having to help out the Emirati population, rather than their own government.

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Blogger nzm said...

Secret Dubai: I'm confused by the GN article that you link to. It starts off by mentioning the aid that will be given to Emiratis for housing renovations and then wanders off into how the Red Crescent will be constructing housing developments in other places such as Darfur. Yet another classic example of poor journalism or bad editing.

It would seem that the UAE government cares more about their outwards appearance by raising money for overseas aid with projects such as Dubai Cares.

What happened to the Zayed Housing Project which according to the UAE Government website, has 640 million dirhams put into it each year to help Emiratis with housing requirements?

However - according to the UAE Embassy Washington's website, the UAE looks after its own with numerous organisations.

It mentions the UAE Red Crescent as a non-government charity "helping those in need, covering such areas as medical aid, student sponsorship, special care, prisoner care and lump-sum aid programmes. Financial support is given for the provision of services to families and the establishment of orphanages, clinics, special schools and homes for the elderly. Thirty humanitarian programmes were implemented throughout the country in 2004, including construction and maintenance of several mosques, the maintenance of a number of schools, and the building of Qur’an memorisation centres and houses in the Northern Emirates."

By being a non-government organisation, does this mean that the Red Crescent depends on donations from private companies and people to fund its work?

You'd think that with all the other run charities mentioned, there would be little need for the Red Crescent in the UAE.

Where are all the millions going when there are still so many Emiratis and UAE citizens in need of charitable assistance?

10 November, 2007 06:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually the Red Crescent is a government organization fully funded by Abu Dhabi government. Its a good idea for them to start helping people in the UAE first, there is nothing shameful in that I think. Poverty is everywhere, especially in the poor emirates of the trucial states which are basically all emirates except for Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

10 November, 2007 06:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And sadly that's why, in my entire decade or so in the UAE, I have never given a single fil to a local charity here. With the black stuff at $100 bucks a barrel charities shouldn't even need to exist in the UAE. Instead we get the fatuous flag waving PR stunt that is Dubai Cares.

Dubai Cares! What a hoot! Tell that to the families of the seven dead construction workers or the miserable conditions suffered by thousands throughout the UAE.

Morally, spiritually and culturally bankrupt. Rampant capitalistic greed embraced by egotistical tribesmen who wear reversed baseball hats and cleanse their soul at the Haj after raping French schoolboys.

Yep, you've learned a lot from the West, boys. Now get ready for something you've never, ever thought about before... The FUTURE.....

10 November, 2007 11:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Dead workers' families to get 10 years' salary" - Gulf News

500 x 12 x 10 = 60000/-

Lol! it's two months salary for the project manager in that construction site.

Next time let them say the amount rather than years.

Dubai Scares!

10 November, 2007 17:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow. This topic hit the nail right in the head. I agree a million and one percent with SD here.

The Royals are spending money like the world ends tomorrow. it is absolutely ridiculous.
Alot of people in western countries think Arabs are rich beyond avarice. Nothing could be further from the truth.

All they are seeing is Royals pillaging their country in the most obscene fashions imaginable. Even minor royals live in palaces. The problem is a single royal after a lifetime of copulation leaves behind countless descendants. Every one of those offspring wants to live the same way as daddy used to live. Multiply that by the amount of royals and literally you have the worlds largest crime syndicate. Words literally cannot describe it.

For some reason the local population thinks that as long as their lifestyle is better than Iraqis; then thats proof enough the royals are doing a good job. What utter bullshit.

If any one of you has been lucky enough to go to Saudi, then you will know the future of the UAE is not good at all.

There are some minor princes with private Jets now, aha, gulfstreams and bombardier jets.

I want to attach this link of the Royal yachts and aircrafts. I cant attach it now because the link is down, but I will later.

11 November, 2007 00:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem is a single royal after a lifetime of copulation leaves behind countless descendants. Every one of those offspring wants to live the same way as daddy used to live. Multiply that by the amount of royals and literally you have the worlds largest crime syndicate. Words literally cannot describe it.

Brilliant rhetoric, I was almost taken in there for a moment.

But surely

a) the larger vision of the UAE, which is really visionary by any standards, ensures that minor royalty will be taken care of; and

b) the UAE Red Crescent should look after local citizens before turning its attention to Africa>

11 November, 2007 03:26  
Blogger Imhotep said...

I guess DUBAICARES money ging in the same way !

11 November, 2007 03:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"and the building of Qur’an memorisation centres"

Oh boy .. you know wh*MADRASSAH*at this means *AL QAEDA*, right?

Like you need more Quran memorisation/brain washing centres.

11 November, 2007 12:18  
Blogger Ammaro said...

**All they are seeing is Royals pillaging their country in the most obscene fashions imaginable. Even minor royals live in palaces. The problem is a single royal after a lifetime of copulation leaves behind countless descendants. Every one of those offspring wants to live the same way as daddy used to live. Multiply that by the amount of royals and literally you have the worlds largest crime syndicate. Words literally cannot describe it.**

I think you described it pretty well. I think the shaikhs should be ashamed. WTF?!

11 November, 2007 13:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Secret Dubai since it’s your blog I’d like to address you first and tell you, ‘I would really watch my back if I were you’, you are in the UAE & if you have anything against the government or its rulers go ahead and spit it out right at them. (It doesn’t take much to knock on your door). Yet, I’m not surprised to see such attitude and aggression towards the UAE which for a laugh you are still living in for God’s sake. I guess it comes along with your culture back on that isolated island that for centuries and even today we see a lot of baloney in its so called ‘demo-crapic’ government!

The UAE government does support (in accordance to sufficient documentations, which many lack because they don’t hold the citizenship and act like they do, nor do they follow the regulations which for you, you don’t need to know – you are already confused/complicated) the local poor people and at the same time, they do help people around the world. I don’t understand this. When the government or establishments in the UAE help its poor people, others say why not poor people around the world. And, when they start helping people around the world, others say why not poor people in the UAE. When they help both, people start ramping about ridiculous things like SD has about why is the Red Crescent helping instead of the Sheikh’s………… Now, how about checking up on whose backing up (government, which is ruled by its Sheikhs) the Red Crescent before posting a typical aggressive post that we often see from you….. My Goodness!!!

Dubai Cares! What a hoot! Tell that to the families of the seven dead construction workers or the miserable conditions suffered by thousands throughout the UAE.

Stick to the subject will you! It was an ACCIDENT and accidents do happen, especially in construction sites. Dubai Scares? Really..? Well I know my way to the airport, I’d leave but I don’t want to since I’m quite happy living here for a change for many years.

Morally, spiritually and culturally bankrupt. Rampant capitalistic greed embraced by egotistical tribesmen who wear reversed baseball hats and cleanse their soul at the Haj after raping French schoolboys.

Again, what’s that got to do with this? Clearly shows that people here can’t wait for something bad about locals and their rulers so that they go and start gossiping about, when in reality they can’t wait to see them in order to shake their hands and greet them. Ludicrous!! Rape incidents in the UAE are witnessed and not as bad as those in “first world” countries that many morons look up to! Look up to for what, their ‘demo-crapic’ lifestyles and governments?!?!?!

For some reason the local population thinks that as long as their lifestyle is better than Iraqis; then thats proof enough the royals are doing a good job. What utter bullshit.

Are you a local? Do you know what they think? I don’t! (What utter bullshit – from you that is)…

All they are seeing is Royals pillaging their country in the most obscene fashions imaginable. Even minor royals live in palaces.

What a load of crap. Its royalty. Those palaces will last or years and years to come. If you don’t know royalty, don’t talk about it. Talking about minor royals? No, many don’t live in your idea of palaces. Besides I would really like to see a “first world” country or any other country that doesn’t have hundreds of palaces worth billions of dollars. I know for sure I wouldn’t. What a load of crap to say!!

11 November, 2007 15:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous above who wrote:

"Clearly shows that people here can’t wait for something bad about locals and their rulers so that they go and start gossiping about, when in reality they can’t wait to see them in order to shake their hands and greet them."

If the accused on trial for the raping of a child are found guilty, I for one would be shaking them - though not by the hand.

Thank you for lobbing two different coloured balls back over the fence. Oh, and the menacing threat was a nice touch too.

11 November, 2007 17:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually... (and let's note here that I'm a professional Western expat), I've noticed that SD's posts have moved steadily from tart to raging ... And you might remember what happened to, say, the "Dubai Sucks" blog several years ago. I'd suggest, SD, either you tone down your posts (yes, it sucks), or you begin looking for work elsewhere. It's just a matter of time if you continue this way before they come for you, too.

[note that I do not approve of this message!]

11 November, 2007 19:42  
Blogger Kyle said...

Lots of hostility here today, and threats too!


I wonder why?

Can't be the weather, it's so cool outside.

Pseudo-machoism maybe?!?

11 November, 2007 20:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow the truth hurts dont it? What's up cant handle it. What's so controversial about the current topic? Seems about time personally, given the amount of times people have been beating about the bushes discussing trivial and esoteric matters that wont make much difference to anything here.

There was a figure of 640 million dirhams here mentioned before for housing for the poor. Thats not even the yeary fuel costs of a couple of his toys. Trust me

You can blame many things here, but best cut the chase and concentrate on the meaty issues.

Does the Royal families of the Gulf steal with impunity? Yes

Are they pillaging their countries resources? Yes

Are they the nexus of nepotism? Yes

Its true Sheokh Mohammad has a billion dollar yacht? Aha

Are the other Royal families of the Gulf doing the same? Yes. If Yes does that mitigate it, as long as hes not the only one stealing? No
Does he have countless wide bodied Jets for his and his families pleasure alone? Yes

Now I ask this, what is the shame of someone mentioning that what is happening here is out of order?

Such things are inconcievable to happen in western countries for example. Its just impossible, its like anti gravity.

So lay of on the personal attacks, and keep to the topic. I have seen no one refute SD's comments.

11 November, 2007 21:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As Voltaire wrote: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

It would seem that this has yet to filter to some people on this blog.

And the curious thing is, is that most people on this blog actually do care and laud and respect the 'values' that once made the region unique.

Threats, bullying, intlolerance and a desire to eradicate all dissenting opinions....



Nazi Germany

Talk everyone. Hurls insults, by all means but just keep talking. Nobody was ever killed by a word.

11 November, 2007 22:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how people can insult the UAE in this way.

11 November, 2007 22:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it utterly ridiculous that you would slander Sheikh Falah bin Zayed Al Nahyan. I find this story to be nothing more than another attempt to slander Muslims and Arabs. His Highness comes from a very religious family and his late father is one of the most revered leaders in the world. His father raised him morally correct, not as you project falsely him.

The story seems to be false. When will this mud slinging stop?

11 November, 2007 22:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anonymous above.

Yep, you are right, no muslim does anything bad. They are done by the evil joos, west or the scumbag subcons.

Muslims are not violent either. All those suicide bombers are actually buddhists.


11 November, 2007 23:54  
Blogger secretdubai said...

No one's mentioned any Sheikh Falah so I don't know why someone has leapt to his defence. Quite apart from the fact that a blog comment would constitute libel, being written and published, rather than slander which is oral.

But hey, don't let a little accuracy get in the way of your outrage.

11 November, 2007 23:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I please beg the fox news brigade to keep to the topic. This topic is interesting, so please do not distract it by making it a local or muslim issue.

There is one particluar person here who likes to do that, I believe he enjoys it. Since SD has kind of given her blessing to this individual to continually hijack the blog, I can only beg this person not to do the usual.

12 November, 2007 00:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't live in Dubai but just around the corner in Saudi. The concept of the country's money as private money is so alien to us Westerners, you just can't get your head around it. I have some statistics about KSA that are a few years old but go something like: minor princes get around USD1,000,000 annually to maintain their lavish lifestyles. Princesses are also supported, but less lavishly. The royal family reproduces at around 45 new male princes per month (remember this is a few years old and probably much worse now) and probably an equal number of princesses being added to the family tree. Thank goodness oil is now around USD100 per barrel because they would probably be having trouble keeping up otherwise. The concept of public money as private goes on down the line, through the public service. A popular local story is of an Air Force General given money to build a new airbase, which he did, but only after he built himself a new lavish, seaside residence first. What Western public servant wouldn't be strung up by some body part for that?! What I don't get is that the King is still revered as benevolent father by the majority of the population in this country with its decreasing salaries, increasing prices, crumbling infrastructure and inadequate public services. When are they going to stand up and demand that the money that belongs to them all be administered responsibly and fairly?

12 November, 2007 09:31  
Blogger hut said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12 November, 2007 10:00  
Blogger hut said...


As always, spot on and poignant posts. Chapeau!

Keep the finger on the pulse and the good work up!!

12 November, 2007 10:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the guy who posted the threat says it all...about the country, its rulers, and its outlook of the world : We will do what we want to do, you work here as slaves if you are willing to be a slave. We will make our own rules, we are not part of any global community. Why should we be, the west is corrupt, girls are prostitutes, men are weak, they actually have democracy, and protects the rights of the individual and not the poweful. They even give equal rights to religions. Why the fuck would anyone want to live there eh? One wonders. so does anon @ 11th nov 15:18.
Now you know why DUBAI SCARES! Fit in or we will fuck you.

12 November, 2007 12:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a question for all the Westerners here: Are you guys seriously defending rights and fair play or is all this bashing a manifestation of your hate and jealousy (don't be ashamed to be admit it now)?

The way most of you speak, it really gets one thinking if this is all with good and sincere intentions...

12 November, 2007 13:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charity begins at home.

Ah the generosity to his people...

12 November, 2007 14:00  
Blogger secretdubai said...

I saw an archive clip of Sheikh Zayed once, on YouTube or somewhere. It was in Arabic, but a good friend gave me a rough translation.

Basically Sheikh Zayed was expressing astonishment at the fact that there were people in the West who didn't own their own homes, and how this should never be the case in the UAE. In fairness, he probably didn't quite understand the concept of renting, any more than the difference between a (possibly temporarily) government-granted UAE house and a freehold, independently owned property.

But that aside, the gist of it was that Zayed was horrified that people in the UAE might be too poor/needy to have their own homes.

So I shudder to think what his reaction would be if he learnt they were having to furnish those home through charity, not through government help. Particularly with government ministers driving around in brand new prestige cars, their wives dripping with jewels and designer clothes.

If the government of a country such as the UAE - outstandingly cash-rich with a comparatively tiny population to support - can't provide proper welfare for its most needy, then that basically astonishes and disgusts me.

12 November, 2007 15:01  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Oh and anon that I have now deleted three times: do fuck off. I'm not Hindu as it happens, but I will not tolerate hate speak against Indians or Arabs or anyone else.

12 November, 2007 15:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon says "I have a question for all the Westerners here: Are you guys seriously defending rights and fair ...if this is all with good and sincere intentions..."

Now we are getting hot. I can see guys here cant take criticism. Why dont you make a new ruling saying webblogs are banned eh? Will save you the trouble of reading all that is wrong with your society.

Dubai and Good and sincere intentions....god dont make me puke...
employees treated as slaves...
rape victim being told he will be made victim if he does not keep quiet...complete lies and fabrication of anything into a PR opportunity ...Gulf news report on the bridge distaster started with how helicopters were at the site, before even saying some seven indians died there. some people are really stupid, and then they go and think money makes them Einsteins. Nobody is jealous of your society, just deep pity at the lack of values,and understanding. Culture village? Anyone?

12 November, 2007 15:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re my comments of Nov 11 at 22.00

"Talk everyone. Hurls insults, by all means but just keep talking. Nobody was ever killed by a word."

I think I'm regretting posting that after seeing the level of threats, abuse, insults and malevolence targetted at this blog's host. People have revealed their true colours and it's not a pretty picture in Dubai 2007.

12 November, 2007 16:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

now i take objection to this one..and is someone saying hindus should go back and live in caves? are you for real :-) some 5000 years back they were already living in houses, cultivating crops, writing literature that you still cant understand, educating their people, and into arts and paintings and music that is still way beyond your depth.

And let us talk about what you and your sandmen had 40 years back...running around without dress on camel back( if the dress did not come by dhow from india)..eating dates if it grows, sleeping in dust, having bath once a year if it rains...and copulating with whatever you get in the open, on the sand while swatting away flies... now talk to me about caves...

and all this i can send from my $ 3 keyboard...u see i have type on $ 100 keyboard made by my people. I can stop making it anytime I want

12 November, 2007 16:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the crazy off topic douchebags. Will someone please go back to the topic that SD mentioned.

Going back to Sheikh Zayed, I attach a website with a link to the website that is sometimes used to transport minor VIP royalty who dont have access to Personal wide bodied jets. Ofcourse the Royals travel at govt expense.

Admit it people, all rulers in the arab world suck. Some of them try to be better than others by throwing crumbs to their people, but thats all they are, crumbs.

Of all the off topic criticisms here,I have yet to see anyone refute SD's main argument.

Cammon all you royal apologists, you can do better cant you?
And dont try to link this issue with locals or Islam and get all defensive. This issue is about the Royals, and not about the average UAE dude.

So chill.

12 November, 2007 16:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What did Tony Blair do for us ?

12 November, 2007 16:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The concept of the country's money as private money is so alien to us Westerners, you just can't get your head around it.

My, how quickly you Westerners forget where you come from.

But I'm thankful you've finally got your head around the concept of another country's money and resources is not your money.

Oh wait...

12 November, 2007 20:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What Western public servant wouldn't be strung up by some body part for that?!

Theres your problem mate. Royals (especially Eastern Royals) are not public servants.

Your modern Western conditioning doesn't allow for concepts such as dynasty, entitlement, rigid social structure, or even karma and fate (moving away from the Middle East there).

I'm not judging which system is right or wrong, but since you are in the Middle East its time you accepted the system for what it is. You aren't being paid to foment revolution, simply keep the economy (and status quo) going.


12 November, 2007 20:43  
Blogger Kyle said...

Does any one have a clue why the Red Crescent is sending out case reports of Emirati patients to local medical distributors?

A reliable source tells me, a majority of these case reports pertain to children and adults born with neuro disorders, hearing disorders, deficiencies, disabilities etc.

Shouldn’t the Red Crescent approach the Government here or is it pride that’s preventing them from doing so?

Or, wait!

Maybe the Government just doesn’t give a two-bit for these disabled adults and children, whom they have written off feeling they’re beyond treatment.

Now that is a fucking disgrace and shameful of any Government especially Royal with a capital R, no?

That's what I thought, as well!

12 November, 2007 21:32  
Blogger Human said...

Peace to you and yours Secret. I'll come by again and read your archives in an effort to learn more about Dubai.

13 November, 2007 08:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone here justify the royal family's expenditure. Because I certainly cant, and I personally think they didnt do a bad job on Dubai. but I also certify that they are thieves, for that there is no doubt either.

How much would you like to bet that Another thieving royal family, perhaps from here too will try to out do that other thief Waleed bin talal in ordering a private jumbo. How much will you bet?

have you seen a more comical place on earth than this place? its sad isnt it?

13 November, 2007 17:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wasn't going to comment... serious subject, controversial, etc

i'm a western ex-pat-- here for the $ pure and simple. it's the Gulf Arabs' sandbox and their rules-- that's fair enough.

...until I read the suggestion that another poster was "jealous" with regard to them.

A Westerner being jealous of our Gulf hosts! That one cracked me up. Thanks for brightening my day!

14 November, 2007 08:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are jealous because you dont have leaders, and their entire extended families having private jets, and mega yachts.

Go back to you poverty leaders. How could you be a leader of a country, with poor people and inadequate schooling and medical care not spend over two billion dollars in horses and buy a Jumbo jet just for his horses.

Westerners are so stupid.

14 November, 2007 15:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I opened my DEWA bill and within the envelope there was a 'Dubai Cares' flyer in it to encourage you to make a donation for the betterment of the world.

It was a few days after the Dubai Marina bridge collapse and the 'Dubai Cares' flyer pushed me over the edge. I wrote some letters to the local media (yes I am leaving soon) - surprise, surprise I have yet to see even an edited version published. I did get a reply from the colourful Express - in defence of their journalistic integrity they said they ran the story on their website on the Friday.

Yesterday I emailed The Times the below letter. It was not published today but perhaps it is too soon and too parochial for them.


'Dubai Cares' – but does it really?

Last Thursday evening 7 workers were killed in a 'accident' when a bridge under construction in the up-market Dubai Marina area collapsed. Most local residents only found out about the incident via foreign websites, or somewhat bizarrely, in the next days edition of the international edition of the 'The Times' which is printed locally. This was quite a major story, but was received with stark silence from the local media in the UAE.

A few days later the story did surface in a local newspaper. It seemed incongruous to me that the front-page lead story of the day was that of a Saudi singer receiving an award at a MTV music ceremony. Buried in page 4 or 5 a few brief details of the 'accident' were reported. It was allegedly caused by ‘poor supervision’ and the actions of the crane driver (now in jail)......... Rather coldly a spokesman for the employer confirmed within the first few sentences, that the deceased next of kin would receive the equivalent of 10 years salary (about 12,000 pounds). The callousness and lack of journalistic integrity of the reporting was regrettable, but only to be expected in countries that do not have a free press.

'Dubai Cares' – a recent Dubai government ‘charity’ initiative – is aimed at helping to improve education standards in poor countries by encouraging the corporate world, and individuals, to contribute in order to help make the world a better place. Seems like philanthropy at its best and the objectives of the scheme are indeed laudable. The media savvy people behind 'Dubai Cares' have done a commendable job, as the results of their marketing, can be seen everywhere in the media; and it is of course useful PR hype for Dubai Inc.

But with incidents such as the bridge deaths, is it not time for Dubai to think about the health and welfare of the many thousands of construction workers who are building the much-hyped New Dubai? With few legal rights, sleeping 8-10 in a room, working 24/7, in arduous and often dangerous conditions - all for about the monthly equivalent of one night's stay in a modest 3 or 4 star hotel in Dubai.

If Dubai truly did care it would take steps to ensure that these construction workers were treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

14 November, 2007 15:56  
Blogger Ian said...

I wish to apologise for the previous post(the DEWA bill/Dubai Cares/Marina bridge collapse)and me writing letters to the papers.

I just read some of the previous posts and I think I may have made a posting which is not relevant to the previous posts about big jets, public/private money and so on.

I'm sorry - its my first post and I really did not know the set-up/how things are done.

So SD please feel free to delete my post or move it to somewhere that it would be relevant. This will free up the debate about the Royal family, jets and big bags of cash.

14 November, 2007 16:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon above says "You aren't being paid to foment revolution, simply keep the economy (and status quo) going.(AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, LEAVE!!) lol"

I know people like you will do things only for money. But in our case, we make an exception . We will do this for free. Like this place ? No. And Leave it, we will. Of course. You think anyone would want to be here in this traffic and plastic shit and 50 degrees temp and zero life one day more than necessary. Ah. Necessity. The mother of all fuck-ups.Including the dubai jaunt. Took some time to realise you dont make the money, you just make money for the economy and pay it back to live in this very expensive city with zero quality of life.

14 November, 2007 18:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dubai's rulers are not greedy, and not lazy. Quite the opposite, I would characterize Dubai's rulers as generous and hard-working. I am sure they will address the issue discussed here very soon.

I doubt Sheikh Zayed misunderstood the concept of rent. I think it is the Western masses who misunderstand the danger of letting a bank be the real owner of their property. Should an inflation hit, the banks will not hesitate to confiscate these homes and kick out their owners. That is a better example of greed and laziness, I think, than the issue presented in this thread.

As for those who think the Western mortgage system is stable I suggest to google "property meltdown" and settle comfortably in your chair with a cup of coffee for a good read.


14 November, 2007 21:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does that got to do with the fact he lives at the government expense.

So the Mortgage system is bad, so sheikh whatever his name is will spend billions of govt money for his own pleasure and his extended families. Dont bother justifying the system, its rotten.

just thieves to me to be honest. him and his cabal. I once met an extremely high ranking Sheikh. All the other suckers started fawning and started kissing his hand. I took his hand, shaked it firmly and looked him straight in the eye. I'd be damned if I kissed a thief's hand. My momma wont like that.

14 November, 2007 23:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

please post something about how they are now spreading lies in the Western media about hollywood stars moving to Dubai's artifical land masses... they are desperate... the reclamation projects are failing financially, but it is taboo to question "the vision"

15 November, 2007 03:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

real esate is not tradable globally (it is affixed to land) and the market supply is manipulated so economics of mortgages are not applicable... it's a mess once liquidity is stunted... UAE's only real export are dates

15 November, 2007 03:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

British students caught with hashish

Clap Clap Clap

15 November, 2007 07:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah anyone who comes here with drugs thinking dubai is the paragon of freedom, fun, nightlife and parties deserve to get fucked. read up before you land in this shithole. stay in your own country if you want rights that make sense.

as for hollywood moving to dubai, as well as sports superstars and everyone else and their mothers, we have discussed this before. Pure marketing PR bullshit of Dubai. Many have been given free houses in Dubai, so that the builders can claim the star is now living in dubai. I am sure brad pitt, ayrton senna, al pacino,beckham and all other dead and living stars now live in dubai, if you ask the PR machine. In reality, none of these stars, and i repeat, not one of these stars stay in DUbai, probably not even 2 weeks in december, when weather is sufferable. They just hold titles to a place they dont know what to do with.

In fact if there is any star of any consequence who stays in Dubai for more than 6 months at a stretch, I would like to know.( unless it is soem golfer who has been paid billions to build a golf course here under his name, or some tennis star who wants to train in the killing 50 degree heat here so that playing anywhere else is like heaven.

15 November, 2007 13:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont be too hard on Dubai. I think its a good functioning place. The people are good and life liveable.

Shame about the thieving sheikhs though.

15 November, 2007 15:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'd love to see anyone here smoke weed in any country and come out without getting punished.

Please people get educated and stop living this losers life and getting drunk on the weekends running away from reality.

On the other hand, why haven't I read anything about the RTA Bus Crash ? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Did the bitch skip this weeks talk of the town ?

15 November, 2007 18:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i left dubai a few months ago after 5 long sweaty oppressive years, i am in greystones now, wicklow, ireland, i am looking out on the main street, the doors are open, the weather is very mild and dry, lovely fresh crisp winter weather.
Christmas is on the way and the first signs are starting to appear. A few trees are popping up here and there, in the windows of restaurants and the deli’s (full of lovely pork and alcohol goodies).

There are people walking up and down the streets (remember them, streets, with people), they ramble into and out of shops, or just walk their dogs, chat, and basically enjoy living in a countrty where they have rights.

Every time I go for a ramble in a real town like this and experience real life I am amazed I lasted in dubai for as long as I did. It is fund to read SD every now an dthen and see the same ole threads, it has not changed.

Dubai really really is a shitty place to live.

15 November, 2007 18:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon says above "Dont be too hard on Dubai". Yeah sure. That is what the whole world media, which sucks upto gulf money, and local media which sucks up for survival do. Do open your eyes, look around, and talk to people around. Have you not seen the racism and slavery around? In fact Dubai could easily run for the most racially discriminating place of all.


these kind fo things happen in many parts of the world, but nowhere does it happen with the full knowledge, and approval of the goverment. When it does blow up occasionally, they will just make some noise to make it go away.

15 November, 2007 19:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon above says "I'd love to see anyone here smoke weed in any country and come out without getting punished"

Obviously our friend here is not very well travelled. Try Holland.Legal, Mate.

15 November, 2007 19:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we pleae concentrate at the topic at hand which is about the thieving royals and lack of accountability in their spending.

Good for you ireland is wonderfull, but what if you had to live here, and your future is here.

I say let the royals explain their extravagance. You might have seen your fathers doing it, and their saw their fathers do it, but its not right. This place needs a revolution

15 November, 2007 19:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we pleae concentrate at the topic at hand which is about the thieving royals and lack of accountability in their spending.

Good for you ireland is wonderfull, but what if you had to live here, and your future is here.

I say let the royals explain their extravagance. You might have seen your fathers doing it, and their saw their fathers do it, but its not right. This place needs a revolution

15 November, 2007 19:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally, a loser shows up and tells us that weed is legal.

So you're saying a person that smokes weed in Holland deserves all the respect ?

I feel sorry for you and those who think like you.

15 November, 2007 21:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"In fact Dubai could easily run for the most racially discriminating place of all."

Yeah, totally in character for Dubai. It probably wouldn't want to belch unless it was the world's biggest and smelliest belch, either.

16 November, 2007 00:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of all the 50+ replies to this factually-skewed post, only one or two are positive when it comes to the UAE and the rulers.

FACT: to everybody who says this or that about the "sandlands" UAE in particular and the Gulf in general, did you know that the Gulf FUNDS western insitutions like IBM, Intel, the Aerospace industry, telecom, finance and other important think-tanks back in the west?
Without the Gulf's generosity of the past 75 years or so a lot of significant idustries and technologies would simply not have happend and floursihed becaue YOUR governments back home would not be interested in funding them, it is simply too busy taxing your asses off back to the middle ages. And speaking of Medieval times, the Gulf Royalty nowadays is very much identical to its western counterpart up until few centuries back (America is out the equation as it didn't exist then). With one difference, Gulf Royalty OWNS the land now as the Westerners did then, but without the inhumane shit the Europeans went through in those "good 'ole days" in social injustice and class-division that has trickled till this "modern" day in America and it's social proxy, Europe. Moreover, whereas Royalty of Eruope have morphed into an international laughing stock, the Royalty of Arabia continues to invest lots of money in the infratructure of their land and national human resources to the positive. Good adn shining example: Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Some readers would jump at this and say "oh but they are doing it at the expense of the poor indian worker. It is against humanity."
What a bunch of hypocritical shit and babble. You turn a blind eye to the positive things and YOU are a time-bomb, ready to explode at the tiniest thing whether it is true or wrong it doesn't matter. Delusions and frustrations, my dear readers.That's your case. So Sad.

"People feel sorry for labors working at 2 PM on the street and criticize construction companies for being so inhuman and cruel !, but don't mind them working outdoor at their homes, at the same time of the day !"
I cut-and-paste the above quote from a UAE blogger's post somewhere (no need for you to know the page URL as the blog is above the intellect of the average reader of SD's blog. And yes, I am being condescending.
The poor Indian worker here works hard to send peanuts back home to feed his family, and the UAE's government is working hard to improve his rights, and rightly so.
But we didn't suck him dry as others did (nationality withheld to protect the "now-oh-so-guilty" from embarrasment).

To the critics: KISS MY ASS. Don't give me this bullshit about your tainted modern-view on human rights being abused by the UAE. Since when did westerners feel or care about human rights of the third world? You only began to take this tone when you became poor and have no money as you used to.
WW1 and WW2 bankrupted Europe and made America your bully. He he he. Serves you right.
I am not generalising, there are some really nice Europeans 'back home and here in the UAE.' My post is aimed at those ones who seem to know one thing only: the crack of their asses.
What a bundle of damaged and detrimented puke. I and others, here and there, vomit on you.

17 November, 2007 07:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Mr. FACT above.

Can you share with us the proof that the gulf funds these think tanks.

Buying shares in companies is not the same as funding research.

And lets not forget about the amount of funding these very same people give to extremist, cultish organisations.


17 November, 2007 10:35  
Blogger SevenSummits said...

some highly respectable, intelligent and hard working Saudis are actually partly sponsoring serious research initiatives on a global scale. However we are talking about a totally different development level. Please don't even try to explain to someone in the UAE that there is a difference between research, knowledge and business – only the $$$ thing will eventually be comprehended and you will be going on forever.

17 November, 2007 15:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

didnt anyone read about the poor Saudi woman who was gang-raped and is now sentenced to 200 lashes and more as punishment!! Speaks volumes on the justice system....need one say more?

17 November, 2007 20:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much for Media Freedom something for your next Post!

UAE admits stopping Geo, ARY broadcast§ion=theuae

Media council clarifies closure of Geo, ARY

If you can make more people aware of this curbing of media the UAE goverment may change it's decision.

18 November, 2007 09:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to ms factfile at 17 nov 07:00

Fantastic bunch of puerile shit you have thrown up. With no numbers to back anything, lots of emotions though.:-) what else do you expect from this region. Do you write to Dubai PR?

1. Middle east supporting World businesses over last 75 years? None of your countries even existed 40 years back except for camels.

2. None of your brothers have done anything for any reason other than their own good. They invest, so they can make even more money, thich they can use to fly in their own a 380's. Give it to poor..fuck me.

3. They bloody well support other parts of the world, everything you use from morning to night, from your toothpaste to potty you shit in to toilet paper to food to technolgy to they keyboard you type in comes from other countries. You survive because of them You bloody well fund them.

3. Nobody is denying about other parts of world having royalty who used to abuse citizens. Everyone including their own citizens criticise them. Now what is your excuse for still having them, stealing and plundering, and intimidating and exterminating anyone who dares to question in this year 2007? we are not living in the dark ages, or are we? i think in dubai probably still yes.
Even a poor africa or asia seems to have moved on to giving its citizens rights.

4. And dont you fucking take up for indian laborers with your lies and shit. They have enough trouble. There are just 2 million in UAE, with one swish of his right hand your emperor can change their life. It does not take minutes. Your giovt working hard to make their life better? in your fucking dreams. Anything they do they do when they are forced to, and people are no longer willing to come to work there. Not becuase they want to help the laborers.

18 November, 2007 13:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of frustration speaks out of the words of many, anger and hatred - usually a sign for one not feeling happy - so I guess we have to admit that the UAE is not heaven on earth for everybody. And here we come to the point, given humans diversity and nature and until otherwise proven by history one stands rather safe ground by saying that the world will never be heaven on earth for everybody.

The temptation of exploiting ones superiority - be it given by talent, strength or birth status - and elevate one self socially and materially above others, as strong and naturally as it is, needs to be tamed by a set of limits which are fed by moral and philosophical standards and be executed and implemented by ... whom?, that is a legitimate question.

For many Europeans only the people them self can morally and efficiently be entitled to overlook such system of limited power. If on the other hand you see how easily public opinion even in democracies can be controlled and influenced by a few powerful, you might be tempted to ask the question again.

However, absolute monarchies, and we have to remind ourself that in the UAE we live in an absolute monarchy, are a concept that was well established in Europe with its peak in the 17th century but started to cease beginning with the beheading of Charles I, King of England, already in 1649 and entirely latest with the October Revolution in Russia in 1918 and the sacking and later murdering of the Tsar family. Absolute monarchies have a tendency at times to produce some "absolute" unfit ruler personalities - because their ruling and position is absolute they don't need to fit into anything - which by being as nasty, cruel, greedy, unpredictable, obsessive or anything else as they might be lead them self tragically to fall over their own hubris and thereby not only digging their own grave, as the poor fellows mentioned above, but ironically setting the time clocks for the entire system of absolute rule which has produced them, because the people they have abused got rallied over their anger and called for their share in the power. We have seen it many times in history.

On the other hand there have been absolute monarchs who have been able to achieve a lot for their people and obviously for them self. Sheikh Zayed, from all I know, must be counted as one of them. Of course the verdict usually varies according to the angle of the viewer - any successful absolute ruler has never been an angel to everybody. Their first and utmost task is to maintain their own power. And the best way to do so is to keep their people happy. It seems to me that the Rulers in the Emirates have made a pretty good job in keeping their own people happy - albeit backed by a happy coincidence of an astonishing concentration of oil reserves and on the backs of cheap foreign labour.

Just a small remark on that issue: why not blaming the governments of countries that have such poor systems that their people still contemplate going to Dubai working for AED 600 a month. Or why not blaming the West who from the time of colonisation on has continuously profited from these countries and not done much to better the fate of their people.

back to the topic. I am not concerned to much about greedy Rulers. The more greedy they become the more they will contribute to their own fall and eventually to the fall of the system of absolute rule. Give it time, these things need generations. But with the speed of economical and socio-cultural development currently witnessed in the gulf it might happen earlier than expected - what needed 300 years in Europe was done here in 30, with a lot of contribution form the expat world, I might say. As for Asian minorities, I believe it is up to them and their respective governments to stand up for their rights. As for the Europeans in Dubai, I think many of us struggle to put things into perspective, and I do think that a lot of the anger and hatred expressed actually is motivated by envy.

As a wise Greek philosopher once put it: No one shall be envied, for the good ones don't deserve envy, and the bad ones will only ruin them self even more the more material wealth they accumulate.

Good night and Good Buy!

18 November, 2007 21:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the comment above:

- I don't think I am envious of this country or its people. I actually feel bad for some of them since they don't realise how much better it could be. You see dubai could have been great. Seriously great. When I came here a few years ago, I saw so much potential.

- Secondly, I don't believe most workers come here thinking they will earn Dhs 600 per month. They are told that they will earn much more. But from what I hear (from well placed sources), it is getting tougher and tougher to recruit new ones.

A bit off topic:

But here is the link for a few sites I believe everyone should visit.

First: The Saudi Woman who recieved 200 lashes for being Gang Raped

(of course this is to be expected since she most probably tempted them in the first place.)

Another interesting link about Saudi Arabia (in this case one person) and how they are using western courts to shut up their critics. English Version Arabic Version


18 November, 2007 22:57  
Blogger Eccentric M said...

when will your next article come out?

19 November, 2007 22:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people here are being misleading;

I find that white people have a mental meltdown when they see rich brown people, and they start searching for reasons to hate them. White people also get very unsettled when some brown country does things differently, but there are so many different ways of doing things and white people should remember that, just because africa and india take 99% of the west's 'advice', doesn't mean the gulf should or will do.

As for the cheap labour, they deserve safety-at-work and no abuse, but why do you expect the uae to pay more for them than what they are worth economically? The problem isn't their salary in the uae, but the fact that they are very very poor in the first place.

Many third world countries are changing their old contracts that used to be with western companies, but I find that india is stuborn to do what's in its own best interest.

20 November, 2007 19:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dollar to be dismissed from global oil market:

21 November, 2007 00:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I find that white people have a mental meltdown when they see rich brown people, and they start searching for reasons to hate them."

Really? Speaking on behalf of the entire white race, I strenuously disagree. we have no issues with rich brown people-- as long as they have earned their wealth honestly. I don't rate the ones who haven't (or the white ones for that matter).

But I find far less meritocratic basis for wealth in the "less developed" or browner (if you prefer) parts of the world than I do in the West.

Maybe what you take for hate is merely disdain?

21 November, 2007 12:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But I find far less meritocratic basis for wealth in the "less developed" or browner (if you prefer) parts of the world than I do in the West."

I just want to agree with the comment above. Absolutely true, as true as gravity.

21 November, 2007 15:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as they earned their wealth honestly?? Motherfucker, Europe and US earned their wealth through genocide of Indians, slavery of Africans and exploitation of Middle East! Ha!

22 November, 2007 03:37  
Blogger Eccentric M said...

As long as they earned their wealth honestly?? Motherfucker, Europe and US earned their wealth through genocide of Indians, slavery of Africans and exploitation of Middle East! Ha!

but UAE gains it's money from exploitation of below-minimum wage paid workers, if they come over here (Canada), they can get what they earn each day in an hour.

22 November, 2007 05:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To "M-Fkr"

i normally don't respond to trolls...

but, yes, of course we made gazillions off the Indians and Africans-- all part of the Big Plan-- but recently we've had our eyes on you.

we reckon once we hold of you, we can all retire by the age of 3 because we can tell you're such a money spinner!

22 November, 2007 05:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a 100% pure UAE local who live in dubai,,, and i reallly hate dubai it suks, i have no rights at all in my own country ,dubai is not for locals its for brittish people they live here like kings while we live in a disaster, i am leaving dubai for ever to sattle in usa i am getting my usa passport and will stay there for ever, atleast America will give me more than i get in dubai like FREEDOM.....

22 November, 2007 11:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

some idiot above was referring to how india is not managing itself well. How come Dubai, with its miniscule 2 mil population, with more than enough money, cannot manage its affairs, give people some freedom, share tis wealth better,stop abuse of labor, solve the terrible traffic jams, and atleast introduce more than 5000 taxis, and some public transport worth talking about.

Those who live in glass houses shouldnt shit. India tries to take care of some 500 times your population, in a land area you cannot even start to imagine, with some level of competence. Yeah, dont write about the downsides there, we ourselves do enough of that. Unlike your eternal praise of your faultless heaven on earth.

22 November, 2007 14:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Secret Dubai: Hpe you are fine :-)

You are really a genius. You really have this extra-ordinary skill of portraying a positive story as a negative one. I have been following your blog for almost 4 years now & I can't remember a single post where you have praised the country.

Come on, don't be so unfair. Constructive criticizm please. No criticizm just for the sake of criticizm :-)

22 November, 2007 19:22  
Blogger rosh said...

DG: I think that's unfair. From reading most of her posts, she does try and post something for constructive criticism - unfortunately some vile folks show up to trash whatever positive was intended.

For instance, the following phrase - "The Red Crescent can concentrate all its money on the needy in desperately poor, war-torn countries such as Palestine and Sudan."

Haven't read a single comment on how this can be better achieved - instead we hear white skin v/s brown skin superiority, gang rape verdict in KSA and oh us v/s them!

SD: all said, the GCC nations do put forth a lot towards the less fortunate. Sheikh Zayed, always gave away lot of his funds to those less fortunate, not just in the UAE, but elsewhere as well.

23 November, 2007 07:48  
Blogger fadi said...

I think the government of the UAE channels funds through the Red Crescent to create publicity and appear credible. The UAE doesn't understand the notion that an NGO should be empowered to seek funds other than government grants. The Red Crescent maybe an NGO is most of the world, but in the UAE, it is definitely a government run agency.

24 November, 2007 00:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

everyone is just talking and leaving comments, just because they want 2 show up or even want to criticize anything, no matter what it is..

just stop it ...

i am doubting that most of you even don't know UAE very well, or even don't know it's location in the map. and you r here to through your rubbish words ONLY

so plzzzzzzzzz leave this for the people who understand and know UAE not 4 malevolent people.

and finally GOD bless u UAE ^.^

24 November, 2007 01:03  
Blogger SevenSummits said...

I also believe that your statement towards SD was really unfair. She has not only displayed in-depth knowledge about the UAE in general and their special subculture, but also managed to approach extremely serious topics in a "sarcastic" way to reach the general audience and induce a vivid discussion.

Certainly I also don't agree with level of the debate on this post, but that is not SD's fault, but merely a virtual display of the general situation in your home country. It is scary to say the least and I am somewhat glad that she did not censor these comments.

How in your opinion do you want her to praise the country? What exactly can she say??? That some Emiratis are really, really nice or that there happens to be a lot of sunshine? The majority of us are aware of these simple facts and it is not sufficient to make a post out of it … (well at least not at SD's level!) Besides, I have noticed numerous little positive statements from her along the way, maybe you just missed them or choose not to see them???

PS: My apologies for not responding to your question on your post yet, but I was on a mission and will send you an email with the response, when I have the time :-).
Just pls remember:

إصلاح الموجود خير من انتظار المفقود

24 November, 2007 01:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"but UAE gains it's money from exploitation of below-minimum wage paid workers, if they come over here (Canada), they can get what they earn each day in an hour."

What about Canada using cheap Mexican labour during summers, then deporting them? Or the treatment of Portuguese workers who've lived in the country for 10-20 years whose kids get kidnapped from school by police?

Dont talk shit, please. Just sip your Tim Hortons, warm up your hut and hope your balls don't freeze tomorrow on the way to work.


24 November, 2007 20:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SD you are one hell of a brave woman, it seems you are on a suicide mission to have your blog closed down.

I personally think that you are sailing too close to the wind.

24 November, 2007 23:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much for the non corrupt answerable western people who judiciously spend money

And these guys aint even the big shots... LOL!

Not that i approve of the Sheikhs an iota more than this... As someone mentioned Shaikh Mo has the power to alleivate the suffering of all this labourers on whom this dubai pyramid is being built with the wave of a finer.. But Hell no, i rather spend on Boeings and Horses..

Corruption is rampant everywhere.. The only country exempt from this is India :P

25 November, 2007 15:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I and my forefathers have lived/work/sailed around GCC since the last 350 years. I hail from west India. These GCC “countries” lived in abject poverty since time immemorial. Nations surrounding them looked down upon this bunch of wild beggars. They had absolutely no luxury and terrible existence. Just for one minute imagine no agriculture, wild unruly camels for transportation, same rough food every day, harsh weather, looting and banditry etc etc. What could they trade? Camels? Dates? Little pearls? NOTHING. There are so many cases where Arab youths have volunteered to serve in West Indian princely states free of charge for life in exchange of one time measly sum of cash……….

There only hope was faithful prayer to God.

Since the last 40 years, say it damn luck, God’s wish, they have hit on success for the first time in their life. They started experiencing real life what British, Iranian, Indian and infact all other nation experienced for thousands of years. They now ofcourse have complete right on what they do.

Speaking of poor Emarati, high tide raises all boats; they are living way better than their corresponding past. Free elec/water/school/hospital/marriage cash/house/easy loan/etc/free outside education for talented students!

Only jealous people speak bad of others and what people cannot get, they critize their desires. There is no use in criticism, it affects your own health, I request you to never read this site again as it is only of hate and vice and you could in fact think of ideas to develop this country and develop your own wealth, which cannot be done so easily in our own home countries.

28 November, 2007 21:05  
Blogger Inspired said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

29 November, 2007 16:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting, and I thought their suffering was already much alleviated by having a job in Dubai...?

30 November, 2007 00:34  
Blogger Eccentric M said...

"What about Canada using cheap Mexican labour during summers, then deporting them? Or the treatment of Portuguese workers who've lived in the country for 10-20 years whose kids get kidnapped from school by police?"

don't confuse USA with Canada son.

I'd rather freeze my ass off over here, than to melt my ass off in the UAE. The audacity of some people who compare elitist UAE to Canada.

30 November, 2007 01:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the post above....
I am no defender of sheikhs, but but, but ad infinitum

Isnt Canada an exterminated continent. Wasnt Canada at one time a big open Auschwitz? The same can be said of any other place where Europeans have conquered and settled.

I just thought I'd introduce some perspective.

01 December, 2007 01:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a pity to see the current state of this blog. I grew up in Dubai and I know its not perfect. SD you initially had right idea when you started this blog. You used to take the high road and point the problems in a subtle manner where you had us all engaged and on your side. I think after all the criticism you have received you have perhaps succumbed to bitterness and no longer adhere to those high ideals. You do still take the high road from time but not nearly as much as you used to. You will read this and initially get understandably frustrated; please take a step back and maybe read a blog entry of yours from 2 years ago. With your readership you have a unique opportunity to initiate a constructive dialog between the East and the West.
Unfortunately even this has become one of the many centers for hate mongering between Muslims and the West. I am admittedly going off the topic but lets for a moment think of the underlying currents of this blog. All of you come in criticize each other and then the vicious cycle continues. Don't you see you just the perpetrators of 9/11 wanted this very situation to occur and we need to rise above it. Its easy to stereotype all Muslims are terrorists just as easy as it is to paint Europeans as heartless exploiters. We all know that the majority of us from both sides are decent human beings that have a lot in common. We need to work together and build trust in blogs like these.

Herbert Simon a Nobel laureate who once said at a commencement speech "Don't mire yourself in a game where you lose whenever others win and win only when others lose. The
unfortunate people in these zero-sum games think they are well off only when they are better off then the other guy or gal"

This is the game we play by criticizing each other. Nobody ever wins because the other side will just come back with a counter citicism.
I look forward to your response SD and hope to engage you in a constructive debate. Please don't give me the John Stewart satirist defense.

05 December, 2007 07:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, If you have anything against the leaders or the country and your aiming for freedom ; I can see any strings attached to you guys, your FREE to leave the UAE at anytime.. No one is forcing you to stay .. this is not a threat or something, it's just a point of view.

gossip girl

11 December, 2007 01:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do not even start talking about the sheikhs in this country ok? thank god they are much much better than most rulers.. what do u want ? a goverment like the US goverment which takes your money to KILL PEOPLE ? our sheikhs give us all we need and if anyone asked for anything i can bet you anything they would never say no :) they are good hearted people but you are self-centered your not thinking about anyone here but yourself, instead of being greatful you attack our rulers when you dont know the first thing about them. Last but not least if you are in our country and you DONT like it and will attack people who have done nothing but good then leave, and if you dont live here and have nothing to do with our country then dont interfere in our countries affairs, it is simply none of your business, and you should know that EVERYWHERE in this world there are good and bad things nobody said the UAE was paradise. How about the US goverment the poverty rate is much higher there why arent they helping the poor instead of killing people in Iraq and Afghanistan. What about the United Kingdom who pay taxes to their queen, in the UAE our rulers dont even take a tax they provide us with everything and we are very grateful and thank god for rulers like them :) and in everyones replies they talk about Saudi Arabia and the things that happen there .. do not compare the Saudi goverment to ours :) if bad things happen in our neighbouring country doesnt mean we are the same.

11 December, 2007 14:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u idiots

talking crap about my country

if u hate it so much

why are u staying in it

and why are all of u annonamous

if u were not scared u would write ur real names

why are u hiding behind ur computor screens

im not scared


i like in Ajman

who ever wants me can find

and especially

dont talk crap about our shiekhs

the are our fathers

all seven of the

and every 1 else from the uae

u can go to hell if you dont like this country

this country
was created by the 7 smartest and most intellegent people in the world

dont ever talk about my president and father like that again

stupied retards

11 December, 2007 22:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


u made me laugh

the money from Shiekh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nhayan
was spread

where do u think all the youth in the uae built the houses

12 December, 2007 14:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


u made me laugh

the money from Shiekh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nhayan
was spread

where do u think all the youth in the uae built the houses

dont open ur mouth when u dont know anything

12 December, 2007 14:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear SD,
well im a 25 emarati, born and raised in emirates yet with western values. most of my friends are either americans or europeans, shockingly ive never heard any of them complain and weep as much as you do. very sad, i suppose you must be supressed or underappreciated by your own country; hint hint maybe thats why you abandoned your own country and moved to dubai instead.


let me give you a small insight about sheikh zayed (god rest his soul in peace) and our royal family. as locals, we do acknowledge that we have been provided with the best education, housing, and health care; THANKS TO OUR ROYAL FAMILY. our royal family do look after our best welfare. and we ARE PROUD!!! do you get that from your county or royalties? hmmm let me guess NO!!

dubai-care program was organized to help fund projects for uae people in need first and then other countries. like any other country, it will look after the best welfare of its own people then others. since you spend your time either watching english media, or maybe discussing such topics in a pub Drunk, YOU CLEARLY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE RED CRESCENT IS DOING TO HELP OTHERS. the gulf country sends out regular funds to other countries, and participate effectively in reducing poverty. i believe we participate in the issue of poverty more than any 1st wold country.

it is very sad to see such hate coming from expats living in dubai. if you guys are not happy here why dont you just leave? you think we need your help in building the country? we did, and we paid you for your efforts, but trust me we dont need you guys anymore!!!

the worst thing a person can ever do is generalise! and thats what you are doing!!! and about the comment about quran school, im sorry quran never promoted killing others!! those terrorist groups do not represent muslims. in order for us to be muslims, we are obliged to believe in other faiths and religions like jewish, christianity, buddahisim and so on. we have never been taught to hate others. and no learning quran does not encourage us to become terrorists. we despise terrorists as much as you guys do!

before judging and critisizing, may i just ask if you have factual information about what you are saying? let me suggest this, sheikh mohammed bin zayed opens his majlis everyday for the people to walk and talk to him. why dont you once take the initative and see how he helps people? have you ever called the red crescent and asked them to send you valid information about how much money they spend on poor countries? did you, did you, did you...NO
you dont have the right to judge others!

again if you guys are not happy, you are more than welcome to leave!!!
about the post warning you to leave and watch your back; i do urge you to do that cause a lot of people are aware of the stupid things you are posting.

besides, lets see arent you the same person trying to make money from writing papers for students in universities? arent you missy? i guess you are, people before reading her blog you should meet her...she is a twisted person who locks herself in her apartment and hardly goes out! she spends all her day and night in the apartment writting papers for students in universities. in other words, she knows about the outside world only from media!!! you cant jusge others unliess you mingle with them and understand them!

if you guys wanna read factual opinions please do read for Gertrude Dyck, she lived in the uae for more than 50 years. worked as a nurse in the canadian hospital in alain. people in alain call her dr. latifa, which means sweet..cause she was. dont read the bullshit "missy and thats her name" is writting.

missy get a life, seriously as a local guy it upsets me to read such a comment, cause it is simply not true. forwarding your blog to the authority attached along with it your address.

seriously its just sad!

15 December, 2007 03:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Sure you heard enough criticisms from people in this place but you speak as if the Sheikh's have never given any money to the people of the country. They do as much as they can to provide the locals and may I say more than any other government would do for their country!
so stop your bitching and whining

I have nothing against your freedom of speech when its practiced in the right context with facts that you can back up. I Dont think i need to teach you the basics of searching the net, you seem like u know how to manage yourself around, so do yourself a favor and search before you start some gossip like you have the sheikhs on your speed dial and your their best of friends. If you dont like this country so much and the way it functions I don't see any reason for you to stay, the only reason your here is because your country treats you no better.

17 December, 2007 01:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a qustion SD: are you mentally ill? (and no, this is not a slight against the mentally ill in case anyone is dying for a fight). As an Emirati, I'm quite baffled by the sheer rage that your 'blog' appears to spout. Yes, our country does have its problems just like any other country around the world. But honestly, if you are living in Dubai and you hate it so much, why are you still living here? I presume you are a western expat so you should be living in some sort of relative luxury (unlike the majority of people working in the UAE such as the poor labourers) so forgive me if I'm wrong but surely are not living in Dubai/UAE out of necessity?? I hate to be a sheep and follow the whole 'if you don't like it, leave!' brigade, but I just don't understand you. I've lived in the UK for 10 years and in France for a year (in case you think I'm a uneducated bedouin idiot with no concept of anything or anyone outside the Gulf). Have you ever met an Emirati before?? Or are you like the countless of other expats in Dubai who live in the city for years without ever bothering to venture outside their comfort zone? I should be grateful if you would answer my question in a reasonably sane manner (i.e. no tirade of abuse please).

26 December, 2007 18:57  

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