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22 February, 2008

Magic Mountains

The Musandam mountains are on the rise:

Abu Dhabi: The Masafi earthquake on March 10 last year might have caused the mountains of east Ras Al Khaimah to uplift by up to four centimetres, according to geoscientists.

Scientists may think that plate tectonics are the cause. But any wise sandlander knows better. These magic mushrooming mountains are a nothing but an attempt to get yet another World's Biggest Something in Dubai.

Today the Deathspire, tomorrow Al Everest. Just another 6,500 metres to go.

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Blogger rosh said...

"These magic mushrooming mountains are a nothing but an attempt to get yet another World's Biggest Something in Dubai."

Am not sure I catch it all - what are you talking about? Where is this coming from? - if true, am quite concerned.

22 February, 2008 19:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHAM/Agencies: Dubai, February 22

Today the Dubai Government, in association with the DSF Committee, officially launched the world's largest superlative.

The superlative known as "Freakinmassiveripoff JohnnyForeignercoswecan'tthinkofanoriginalideaanditssofuckinhugethatpeoplewillcomewhentheyseeit!" was launched at Global Village by official Saeed Al Gethafuk.

Commenting on the superlative Al Gethafuk said: "This again demonstrates the wise guidance of our leaders in protecting our heritage and enhancing the Islamic values of this wonderful nation. We sourced many ideas such as 'very big' and 'fuck off large' but the international consultants of Shaftem, Grabbit and Run, who rebranded Smarties in the UK, really excelled themselves on this one."

The superlative, which was created at a cost of $30 million, will form part of the marketing campaign currently underway by Dubai Inc.

Highlights include:

The Burj Dubai: "Ooh that's big!"
The Palm Island: "Sink...never!"
Abu Dhabi: "They're really nice...honest"
Road Safety: "Well, he was only a Yemeni copper wasn't he?"

The superlative is expected to be rolled out in a series of roadshows starting on April 1 in Mekkah, Saudi Arabia. Fifteen Thai ping pong girls have already been hired for the occasion to represent the unique demography of the UAE.

22 February, 2008 21:14  
Blogger Ghazala Khan said...

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22 February, 2008 21:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Tale of Twin Cities:

Nevada had an earthquake and people shouted Sodom and Gommorah

Dubai has an earthquake and people will be WTF?

22 February, 2008 22:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The dogs will keep barking while the caravn trudges on...

22 February, 2008 22:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

+971 = UAE , +972=Israel country codes. Israel just had an earthquake and blamed it on gays.

Could this be a coincidence?!

23 February, 2008 11:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that me or those mountain are not even in the emirate of Dubai but in RAK and Fujairah?
Not funny this time.

23 February, 2008 13:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

stupid post...

23 February, 2008 14:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quick question: if you are committed to taking a piss out of the UAE, why in the world do you live there?!
And this post was... downright stupid.

23 February, 2008 21:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you cant take criticism or jokes, wtf do you visit blog sites. For your kind reassurance and happiness, we recommend a healthy dose of gulf news for breakfast, and khaleej times for lunch. in case there is still time left, you could read the offical press releases on vice wision.

24 February, 2008 18:31  
Blogger Kyle said...

Hey Flatus:

You're gettin' incoherent, Man. What's on your mind?

28 February, 2008 23:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pet Lion Escapes massacre of 70 goates in a farm in Dibba Fujairah. Any one fancy camping around?
it is strange how vital new in Arabic newpapers esacpes English ones (the same happens the other way around with English papers reporting important local news thet does not show elswhere.
The lion attach in Dibba should make authoriitis issue warnings to people there, some are camping around near that farm? and for god sake those bringing wild animals as pets, may yu rot in hell.

29 February, 2008 09:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 29 February, 2008 09:54:

When did that happen?? Got any link or information on that?

03 March, 2008 13:42  

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